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    Hissing Can ..

    by , 06-11-2021 at 10:03 AM (64 Views)
    Dream From June 1 '14:
    apparently the location is Levi's living room.
    i'm looking in the direction of his backyard.
    the driveway windows would be to my left.
    there is a spray can on the floor on the living room.
    not sure that i physically remove it myself or whether i see it get removed.
    well, the can is "hissing" like that of a flat tyre.
    the can hasnt been used to spray anything, so i don't know what the go is with the hissing.
    thats rather odd.
    the can is taken, by someone, or so it appears, from inside, to the backyard.
    and the can being taken outside, is repeated more than once.
    the can is upright, on the floor, and then positioned upright outside.
    the blinds in the living room could be open, and the light could be on.
    unless there is sunlight coming in, through the blinds.
    as for outside, when the can is out there, the time could be dusk.
    and i can see the sunset, through the trees in the backyard.
    or, over the roof, of the house behind Levi's.
    the hiss inside, is either one long one, or its some short hisses.
    upon outside, the hissing stops.
    and then it appears inside again, before being taken out, as a repeat.

    any comments or questions ?

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