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    Rhema Prize, And Madison Drive Intersection ..

    by , 07-03-2021 at 12:28 PM (61 Views)
    Dream From Oct 12 '14:
    Despite not entering a comp, or even knowing what the comp is, i have won a CD from Rhema Newcastle.
    Although i can or am due to collect the prize from the station, the CD seems to be in the right leg pocket of my cargo shorts already.
    That's before or after i see the CD my hands.
    It looks like the Killing Heidi ep cover, which is blue.
    And, i see that im in Adamstown Heights along the Pacific Highway, because Ocean View Street is to my left, during the day (?)
    Next, and daytime.
    Am at the Nioke Place and Madison Drive intersection, there in Adamstown Heights.
    Im on the south side of that intersection, being at Nioke Place.
    Im standing on the corner of Nioke, looking at the road of the Pacific Highway, with Nioke to my right.
    Im standing on that corner, ready to cross the road, over to Madison Drive.
    In the path or kerb where i am, there is a dip, to use for a traffic light pedestrian crossing.
    To my left, is the pole and button, to press, for pedestrians to use the crossing.
    There are people over on the north side, at the Madison Drive corner, so i don't press the button to cross.
    As for the Pacific Highway, there are two Newcastle bound lanes, of cars.
    The cars have stopped at the traffic light, which i see on the west side, and are Newcastle bound.
    One lead car, is a white sedan, which i see the driver side of.
    Although the pedestrian crossing light is red, i see my former TAFE teacher, for carpentary, cross the road to halfway, from north to south, while its a red pedestrian light.
    He is a Christian, with a moustache.
    His car rego when he was my teacher, was his personalised number plate.
    His name is David, but his surname starting with M, escapes me.
    His car was a brown Volvo station wagon.
    I step to my right, into the kerb gutter.
    I would cross on the red, but i wait for the green, so i can cross "legally".
    In my hands are one or two pages of a4 paper.
    Its folded, with the paper edge in my hands and the fold part away from hands.
    As i cross, i try to unfold it, but i either refrain, or simply can't unfold it.
    Looking at the paper, there is some text typed on it.
    One word near the fold is upside down and i can't quite read what it says.
    Is it a prescription for headache tablets or other medication.
    Is it a typed referral letter ?
    I look at it as i cross and don't see Mr DM or other people.
    The dream ends, when my alarm for church wakes me.

    here is a link for the video.


    any comments or questions ?

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