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    The Warlock Meets the First Ones

    by , 08-26-2012 at 07:22 PM (489 Views)
    08-24-2012 -- [Recently I have been concentrating on and working on my dreams. I am remembering more, writing more down, and having a few more lucid dreams. I have also noticed a marked increase in waking up, writing down long dreams, having a hard time getting back to sleep, and then finding my next dream connects to the one before. This dream was dreamed a couple of hours after The Life and Times of Harry Potter, Warlock, above, and was kind of a continuation, of sorts.]

    I am still a massively powerful Harry Potter, and still living in the Hickory house, but this time I am also myself. (Last dream I was Harry Potter ... this dream it is myself as Harry Potter, if you get what I mean.) There are still hints of the sexuality and passion of the last dream, but this time without any actual touching involved.

    I keep finding myself looking out the sliding glass door to the patio, sometimes even going out there, and perhaps bits of adventure, though that part I cannot remember. Suddenly, Don Dunn is there, making some kind of arrangements with me in regards to a vehicle. He isn't giving me a car, but it is still quite important, and I am quite pleased with it. Some kind of paperwork or something. Anyway, we are almost finished when he wanders off to check with somebody else about something. I wait a few seconds, then try to follow him through the house.

    As I reach the living room, I glance out the sliding glass door to see a huge face appear in the sky in front of Ivanova. This thing is huge, massive, and almost psychedelically colorful, kind of a cross between the real First One this scene was reminiscent of and Galactus. It is massive, powerful, and almost entirely a psychic/mental being, rather than physical. I am wondering if this thing might be powerful enough that even I couldn't take it out.

    It is warning us to get out of the area, not being pushy, but trying to protect us. An enemy First One is also here, and it is trying to keep us apart. The enemy First One attacks the friendly one, and it is also almost entirely mental/psychic, but it is shaped like a Trek shuttlecraft. The friendly being keeps the enemy drawn to itself, so we can get away.

    I am still staring out the same sliding glass door, but it is now on a space ship in deep space, and I am not only myself and Harry Potter, but also Captain Sheridan, and I am wondering if Garibaldi has gotten around to betraying me yet, before I suddenly wake up in a tilting bed because one of the supports has broken again. Then I really wake up.

    [Real life influences my dreams again as I just was given a car by a friend because mine broke down, but I picked it up from Don Dunn's shop. Also, the supports on my bed have broken a couple of times in the past, leaving the bed tilting with one or two corners on the ground, but when I really woke up, the bed was still holding together ... for the moment.]

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