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    Pages to Dimensions

    by , 09-19-2010 at 05:08 PM (462 Views)
    Well don't remember much at all, here goes. All I remember is that it was myself and some friends, we were hiding from some enemy that was trying to kill us that I don't really remember. (Nor do I remember why) My friends weren't people I know in real life, but they were good friends in the dream.

    Each of us had a piece of paper half full with text. I don't know what any of it said, but apparently it was a page written of someones tragedy and was full of emotion. (Apparently it had to have someone feeling strong emotions at the time to write it for it to work?) We could put them on the ground and jump into them which would bring us to some hideout in another dimension, where we could escape from the guys after us.

    I don't remember what goes on, but the dream morphs into the police chasing us, I am at my home and it is now winter (Still all of us trying to escape) and now we would have to place the pages on the ice of our pond where it would bring us underneath where we wouldn't feel cold and wouldn't need oxygen.

    We get a new member to the group, bigger guy with shoulder-length brown hair, he seems nice enough, but ends up selling us out to the police and destroying my page after he has received one. After this the police arrive and I wake up.

    Wow, cheesiest dream once I read it. Meh who cares, I just hope this starts boosting my recall a little more.

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