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    BloodSand's Dream Journal

    1. 5/11/2019

      by , 05-11-2019 at 08:02 AM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm on a snow covered mountain with an old man teaching me to track. There is a man up hunting with his boy but they didn't manage to catch much. They seem to be getting ready to move to a different area in their Van. I ask if they'd like to pull our resources and the 4 of us track and hunt together. The man ask how good the old man is. "Supposedly he's pretty good" I say. "How good would you say you are old man?" I ask. "Oh about 70,80,90 years" He answers. I say "Well he's answering in years, I don't know what that's supposed to mean. He says 70,80, or 90. Experience maybe, some years counting double depending on the area?"

      It is a bit darker than it was at the start of this conversation. The man starts looking for his boy and shines a flashlight or something that emits light around. We think we see the boy for a moment but he disappears the moment the light hits him. Unsure of what we just saw the man says "what the hell was that?". There is some commotion at the bottom of the mountain which is my home that is not at the bottom of a mountain in real life. The man and I go to investigate and we see up in a tree in my front lawn is a vulture tied to the tree trying to fly away.

      I seem to understand that this bird tied to the tree is a curse placed there by someone. The man goes to cut the vulture free.