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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    i can haz kitten

    by , 09-09-2010 at 08:33 PM (1059 Views)
    I'm walking kind of by the wharf in Santa Cruz. I make my way up west cliff, although, as dreamscapes often are - things were quite different than the actual place. There were several restaurants where lighthouse field should have been.

    I saw someone I knew from a long time ago walking towards the ocean. I started to follow after them and maybe say hello, but they turned and looked at me, the look on their face said that they wanted to be left alone.

    Instead, I turned and went into the nearest restaurant that i could find. It was a tiny little taqueria. I saw Donald who was sitting by himself at a table. I went and sat with him. At the table next to us was an old woman. Honestly, the only words I can think of using to describe her are "old hag." Well, I suppose there are others but those fit her best.

    I noticed that she had a box full of kittens. "Ten dollars for a kitten," her voice rasped loudly.
    Donald turned to me and asked if I wanted a kitten. I looked at the kittens and saw a completely white one that was staring at me. I went over and scooped up the kitten. I'm not sure if I exchanged money with the woman, but she seemed to think that me having the kitten was a good idea.

    I was very happy to have the kitten. I went to the ocean and sat, watching huge beautiful multi-colored waves crash along the cliffs, the kitten sitting calmly in my lap and sometimes on my shoulder.

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    1. daeryk's Avatar
      The white cat represents an illusion you just created in your life. It's self-deception, and something you think that makes you feel better. Cats are symbols for feelings of needing to feel loved or feel safe. So when you dream of a cat you are thinking something that isn't true and just gives you comfort.

      A white cat represents a balanced illusion. It means you think something that is really positive, but isn't true and just makes you feel better. An example is fantasizing about marrying someone you are so attracted to you dream of marrying them. It makes you feel good, but it isn't true and doesn't do anything except make you feel good.