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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    At the end of the tunnel there are only whale carcasses

    by , 09-10-2010 at 08:17 PM (697 Views)
    I'm at a family members house, and there are people who I used to know well running around and basically trashing the place. They're all angry with me because I've decided I'm going to move to Hawaii. There were some smelly, gross people I didn't know and I grabbed them and threw them out of the house. They did not like this.

    There was a girl, a dream character, who began yelling at me. She said that I wasn't going anywhere with my life and that I've never done anything real. She began putting makeup on her face and screaming. I stood there arguing with her about all the things I've accomplished in my life, telling her that I had done awesome things and that I was going to go places and do even more awesome things.

    They got in their car and I got in mine.

    The dream switched to me sitting in my old bedroom. There was nothing in the room except a bed, and two of my friends were sitting on it. They were drinking alcohol and kept offering it to me. I kept saying that I didn't want any, and they kept taunting me and teasing me. I said I wanted to make a pitcher of tea, and seconds later I was setting down a pitcher of tea. I turned around for a moment and when I turned back the girl sitting there said that she had put alcohol in the tea. "Don't worry," she said, "I diluted it with water so you won't taste it that much if you're worried." At this point I got really angry and yelled that they had tainted my tea. All I wanted was a cup of tea, and I had to drive soon to get to Hawaii.

    Next thing I know, I'm driving down a long, bleak highway. Soon I'm going under overpasses and swooping stealthily in and out of traffic. There were large gaps that looked like exits, but then they would lead to nowhere or go upside down and curve along bridges so if you were to take them you would have to drive upside down. I didn't. I remember thinking to myself that if there weren't cars driving on this highway that it would be an excellent place for skateboarding.

    I made it to Hawaii. I went to a cove that you had to swim through a large tunnel. I was scared to go in, it was dark and a long swim to the end where I could barely see light peeking out against the darkness. I swam across anyhow, and at the end there was a gigantic rotting yellow whale carcass. I knew that they smelled bad, because I'd encountered dead whales on the beach before. This one didn't smell bad but I plugged my nose anyhow, just in case the stench got to me.

    I remember a glimpse of a map. It seemed to be computerized and zoomed far into different places on an island. I remember seeing Salvador Dali's name and thinking how I should go to his world, but then I didn't. (note: visiting there should be a lucid goal).

    I remember watching a man swim far out into the ocean and find this woman... He traded bodies with her and was ecstatic to be a woman.

    I think that's all.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Cool. You should come here. We can drive on the crazy upside down freeways.
    2. Cacophony's Avatar
      Haha, I seriously want to go back. I haven't been to the big island but have spent some time in Maui and Kauai.