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    1. Point Leo's Oversized Creatures, I Could Have Been Your Brother In Law (15.7.15)

      by , 07-14-2015 at 11:42 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Point Leo's Oversized Creatures
      I'm at a beach surfing and I think it's similar to point Leo. There's quite a few people at the spot. I don't feel very comfortable surfing. I see one guy catch a smallish wave in an odd way. He's board is flipped side ways and he's locked his legs on both sides of his board. It was a blue board and pretty big.
      As I get out I can see that the waves have gotten bigger and more disfigured. The water looks pretty clear to the point where I can see a huge dolphin coming towards the surface. I think Toledo was surfing and someone fully dropped in on him. In a way it was lucky because there was a huge shark that popped it's head out. The shark and dolphin were unrealistic in size. They were the size of a few whales combined.

      Someone tells me that the Sharks come around this time for a feed.

      Later on I come back down to the water and notice another area for surfing. It's extremely flat with people out there. It's in a area that has a man made entry point made of concrete. It's not the biggest gap either. I see the tide moving back in because there's a lot of white wash coming through with surfers on it. On either side of the water was food restaurants, it looks pretty crazy.
      As the water gets closer, I start to think I should move due to getting washed away. I think I had something in my hands also.

      Could Have Been Your Brother In Law
      I'm in Daryl's old house, sitting in the lounge. A younger guy that I'm friends with in the dream is on the computer. I see some photos that he's flicking through. One of the photos was of his sister Natasha. I tell him that I could have been his brother in law. I had to corrected myself, because I was going to say brother. He doesn't know what I'm talking about. I tell him I used to date his sister. He calls her up and tells his sister something about me. By the sounds of things, she seems a bit keen and is willing to give me a chance. She tells him that I could get a job at a certain place. He hands me phone but I feel put on the spot and don't know what to say. I'm silent and hand the phone back, whispering quietly, hoping Natasha would think maybe I wasn't around. The guy finds this humorous.

      I'm now in a place that is like a nursing home. At some point something happens where I tell my wife I'm not getting my health checked today. I think we're an old couple. I have a bit of poo on a spoon. I think it was going to be tested to see if I still have cancer. I flush it down the toilet. I don't have cancer anymore.

      I'm myself again and I'm with someone. The guy I'm with walks up to a closed door that had Jon Jones inside. The guy jokes and says it's Chael Sonnen to Jon Jones. Jon doesn't answer the door, but I think I could hear movement inside. Not too long I do the same thing. I accidentally say it's Chael Sonnon, instead of my own name. I hear movement again and quickly get away before he answers it. I wouldn't have felt too good explaining why I said it was Chael at the door.

      I'm in my street and I walk up to a car with people I know. The car is like olden style. Maybe 80's. The driver was the Asian from Harold and Kumor the movie, and one of the passengers was Gunnar Nelson.
    2. There My Thongs Ya Wanker, Huntsman, Holiday Surf (14.7.15)

      by , 07-14-2015 at 12:41 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      There My Thongs Ya Wanker
      I'm at the shops and I'm coming down some stairs to leave. I see some Asian looking guy slip my thongs on. I ask him what the hell is he doing and have a go at him. He walks off in shame. I call him a wanker as he leaves. I see that he wasn't too happy with the comment and doesn't want to leave the situation. As I get down the stairs I'm confronted by his brothers. They're all similar looking, maybe even twins. I'm standing my ground but starting to feel a bit intimidated. I tell them I was angry which made me abuse him. Everything eventually gets sort out. I walk passed them moments later and it feels we have all moved on with what happened.

      I'm in another area of the shopping centre. I see my brother, he's hiding from a friend of his. I walk close to where his hiding. I hear a song, maybe a mjay song. I begin bobbing around having a bit of fun. Some guy in the distance is having a bit of a laugh. While still dancing, I try and limbo a sign but can't do it. A lady in her shop sees me and comes over and tries to sell me stuff. There's a game in there that has limbo in it. Brooke Alford comes over and I tell her about the lady coming over when I started doing limbo. I try the limbo again and succeed this time.

      The Huntsman
      I'm in a room with some people and someone lets a huntsman spider out into the room. I watch the spider paralyze a more deadlier spider. It walks over towards
      It and towers over it. The other spider must go into intense fear and paralyzed it. The other people shrivels up as it's taken by the huntsman.
      There's a bed in the middle of the room and it's been put on the extra folded up blanket that's laying on the bed. I'm feeling a little uneasy with knowing a spider is roaming around the room. Someone is moving something towards the spider to try and get a reaction from it. The spider pounces to give out a warning. I can now see the spider close up. It's fangs are lighting up with an orange/red glow. At one point it seemed to be shooting light out of it.

      I'm near the wall doing something.

      Holiday Park Surf
      With Josh at a holiday park. I see some surf in the distance. It looks pretty choppy as if it's in the middle of the ocean. Drew decides to go out into the water with a few others. I think about going out but feel it's too cold.

      I'm in a room with Josh and There's some girls there also. We're talking to them about something. Inspiring them some how.

      Dream Fragments
      1. A guy tells me about his acting gig he got in the states. I see a scene of him acting. He's talking with an accent in the scene. I don't rate his acting ability too good.

      2. I got some fresh dates out of the fridge.

      3. Having a play around wrestling match on the street. There's a few teams doing it.
    3. Marleigh's Birthday (10.7.15)

      by , 07-09-2015 at 11:37 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Marleigh's Birthday
      I'm at a party and its being held at Rita's. A lot of the people I can recognize, including Marleigh and her mother. We're in the kitchen, sitting at the table and There's a lot of food on the table because it's Marleigh's birthday. There's some strange looking cakes. One of the cakes looks extremely detailed and life like. I walk over to that certain cake and observe it. The cake has props on it, where I thought everything was made from ingredients. No one is willing to be the first to eat. I look in an compartment in the cake itself and I see a lot of Mini solid Easter eggs. I grab a golden one and notice that it has 2 layers of wrapped around it. I eat it and it taste like it should. I sit back at the table and people are now eating. I see a glass with thick chocolate in it. Im eyeing it off but not willing to try it just yet. I think I eyed it off before I checked on the detailed cake, because I noticed that majority of it was gone when I sat down. I see that Jessie has it, except it more looks like Coco Pops and milk in a cup. I think about all the crap I'm crap I'm eating and think about completing another Fast to clean my body out. Either way I try to limit myself on how much I eat.

      We have now left he house and are in my street. We're all fucking around having a bit of fun. At some people I put my arm around a few people and run towards others to make them join. We decide to begin walking towards my house. I didn't realize that everyone was going to come into my house. As I enter, It's not my house, it's Rita's house. Dad is sitting at the computer eating. I tell him straight away that we're going into another room because I knew he wouldn't feel comfortable. I try and find a room to chill in. The first room feels too small and has a tiny TV. I settle with a room that looks to have open space and is a kitchen? I ask if anyone wants a drink and try to hand them out because I feel they may be a bit hesitant to accept. I try giving something to lesbian Kym, but she doesn't drink what I offered. I try again and she settles for a coke. The coke was an odd shape. I see a Carlton Draft beer and that looked different too. I offer it to Daniel and he is also hesitant at first but couldn't help himself in the end and has it. Now that I've done drinks, I look around for some food. The pantry is a weird set up. I can see the herbs and spices on the outside of the doors, nothing supporting them. Someone yells out that Kym will be happy with just Doritos. I try to find some chips but I can't.
    4. Padded Platform (9.7.15)

      by , 07-09-2015 at 02:17 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Padded Platform
      I'm in a room with Connor McGregor and others. I see a beautiful girl. She looks like Connors girlfriend, but I don't think they're together in the dream. I'm running and jumping up onto a padded platform. It's a bit of a challenge but my fitness is great. I'm trying to impress this girl. The platform is now harder to get up onto. It's as if it's been deflated, which is making it a lot softer. We're all sitting up on the platform. Theres a table up there with chairs. I'm seated next to the girl and I'm a little nervous. I think she's keen on me.

      Side Notes: I remembered another dream but i deleted it by accident.
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    5. (8.7.15) That's A lot of Cake, Big Ben Bucks Headache, That's Not My Car, My 2 Second KO of Shonnie

      by , 07-07-2015 at 11:38 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      That's A lot of Cake
      I'm lining up somewhere with a couple guys. One of them is Andrew gaze. We're intending to buy 2 cakes, and will eat a quarter each. It's our turn to be served and one of us orders. I laugh as he orders, cause it's going to look odd walking off eating a quarter of cake. The lady hands us the plate and its a pretty big slice. Not only is a got a lot of width, it's got height too. We take the cake into another room to taste it. One of the guys is having a hard time eating it. He is trying the sauce, mixing one with the other. It seems sour or acidic to him. I reckon eating the cake itself would be more ideal. It would mix all the flavors together and could compliment each other.

      Big Ben Bucks Headache
      I'm with Ben and I ask him how the engagement went, but correct myself and say bucks. He says he fucked up a bit with the pool cleaners. He explains that he had them going in the wrong direction. He points out a ventilation system for the shower fan. He says this is the most simple and less effective system. I explain its use to him. I walk inside with him but have dirty feet. He offers me his thongs, so I slip them on. They're dirty too, so I have to walk in them funny, like on my soles. I picture Ben being a big black guy for a moment.
      I'm back at blaxland and I see Kayley at the door. I hug her and kiss her on the cheek a few times. I think she is with Ben.

      I'm looking at someone with a small growth hanging from their nostril. They're able to hide it if they please. A dr is having a look at it and says there's some good news about it. He's getting at that he will be able to burn it off. He also checks another of the persons issues, which is a long latex looking material that's stuck down their throat.

      That's Not My Car
      I'm out the front of a house. I may have driven there because I'm looking around for stuff in 2 of he guys. It's night so it's hard to tell. I mistaken one car for the another. I see a man walk towards me and soon realize it's Gary Craig, founder of EFT. I say "Hi Gary, how are ya?". I feel a little odd saying that because he doesn't know me from a bar of soap. He mentions a few things to me. Eventually he leaves and I say bye. I felt great that I met Gary. I begin looking through one of the cars thinking it's mine. I soon realize it's not the right car. It looks like an expensive car. It has a nice look to it, and long. I quickly get out of the car in case the owner sees me going through it. I would find it hard to explain what I was doing. Shortly after getting out of the car, I see it beginning to roll. I don't think quickly enough to jump in and stop it. It rolls into a house at slow pace. I don't think it damages anything, but would have got the attention of who was inside. I walk up to the house to see if I can see anyone. I see a person move off their chair which makes me a bit nervous. I realize that the car has disappeared, finding this odd I decide to do a RC. I count 6 fingers, instantly knowing I'm dreaming. I walk up to the door of the house to see if I can find someone. I see A girl walk towards me and I grab her. She is all for being man handled. First off I do some EFF on myself but seem to be just rushing it and not putting any thought into it. I'm too distracted by this girl. I hold onto her and do as I please. I feel her body and move her next to the wall where I pull down her pants. She has a nice Ass, which promotes me to eat her pussy from behind. It tastes like I remember it. The dream begins to fade due to body clock.

      I have this girl in the bed with me and I'm treating her a helpless innocent girl. I think she likes this. I'm sitting on top of her and move closer to her face. I begin slapping my dick on her face, teasing her and getting her worked up. This may be the girl from lucid dream.

      My 2 Second KO of Shonnie Carter
      I'm in the UFC as one of the fighters. I think I'm Ricardo Lamas. I'm standing across from UFC vet Shonnie Carter. The fight starts and I knock Shonnie out within a couple seconds of the fight. I decide to perform a RC and realize I'm dreaming. I notice that the fight is about to replay itself again. I try to rush the process and knock Shonnie out before the fight even starts. I do this and rock Shonnie. It doesn't feel right so I let the dream run its course. As soon as the bell goes I run towards Shonnie and KO him in the same fashion. I couldn't really feel the punch connect. I jump up onto the octogen and look into the crowd. It's not the biggest of venues. It is only a single level seating. In my view I could see around 200 people. I decide to jump off the octogen and fly, but the dream fades. I brace myself for a DEILD. I wait in the blackness and try and bring on another scene. Now that I think of it, I felt like I was laying in bed at my old house in blaxland. Possible FA.

      Side Notes: EFT doing it's work for me. Reality checking upon awakening without an issue.

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    6. (7.7.15) Connor McStrange, Unsteady Distiller, Weedy Mistake, Those Are Not Tennis Balls, Beep Beep

      by , 07-07-2015 at 04:27 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Connor McStrange
      I'm outside where all the press media are. I can see Connor, Aldo and the Asian ring card girl. Asian looks odd, and so does Connor. He's wearing a Flared up white shirt and goofy sun glasses. He's acting diff. He's resting his head on Aldo and even shook his hand. Connor was moving around in an odd way.

      Unsteady Distiller
      I turned on Distilled and I went to check on it and the carpet was wet in the bath room. The glass catcher kept rising up. I couldn't figure it out. Dad was cracking it cause of what I was doing. I used wooden board thinking it was the carpet that was the problem. Saw 2 dogs on couch, A big timid one and a smaller one with its back turned. The smaller seemed like the alpha.

      Weedy Mistake
      I'm looking at a screen of videos and photos. The guy is in the gym doing odd and funny things in the vids and photos . He has a wheel chair strapped to a exercise machine. On the other side of machine he has a cooked chicken strapped to it. Another photo is of him with crazy hair going to the side of him, comparing himself to a character that was next to him.I'm on top of a garage and some dude is ripping a bong. He decides to get down because a police officer is there. He tells the cop that his just gonna finish ripping the bong. Cop is ok with that. I have some weed near me and put it on top of the shed, hoping that he wouldn't see it. The cop inspects on the shed and notices the weed near me. He first thinks it may only be leaf but reckons there's about a gram of bud. He says he'll charge us with that also. One of the guys I was with gives me a glare because I could have at least hid it in a better place.

      Those Are Not Tennis Balls
      I'm at my house and I order myself tennis balls. I think i I order a lot of them. Some guys arrive, including my brother and maybe a couple others. I see that my tennis balls have arrived. They're not all just normal tennis balls. There are oranges as well. Some big ones and small ones. I'm bummed out a bit cause i couldn't see any normal sized tennis balls. Eventually I see them arrive. There's a truck out the front and black trolleys that are carrying all the stuff. I look on the bright side and realize I can eat some of the fruit. I try one of the mandarins, and it doesn't taste very

      I'm looking in the fridge in the garage I think, and I hear Jamie Lenden. I look up and have a chat to him. He misheard me and thought I said I was tired, because he said "well that sucks cause you won't be able to root bitches". At first I thought he was saying i lost weight instead of being tired. Jamie looks a bit different, maybe a bit thiner and stranger looking in the face.

      The company that bought me the tennis balls must have laid for concrete near the drain near the back garage door. I thought it wasn't the best of ideas due to it raining a little.

      Im back outside and am about to come back inside. I catch a reflection of myself and style my hair a little, which seems longer then normal. This is me being self conscious.

      I'm in Robs lounge room and I see REX. He's struggling a little and I fear that it may be his heart. A few odd sensations happen in this scene. I think about if there's tablets and if I could get them easily one a Sunday, also of Rob would crack it for letting tablets run out.

      Beep Beep Kayley
      I'm in the car with Kayley and it feels like we're in springvale. Someone horns at her in the distance and she knows who it was. She says she's going to turn back and see her, and I'm cool with it. I tell her jokingly that she's an odd one for knowing the sound of her friends horns. I see a photo of the girl we're seeing. We arrive at a car park to meet her. Kayley walks over to her and I'm not too far behind jogging. I feel like I'm wearing hipster clothes. The plain t-shirt feels like it's moving over my chin as a jog. I feel confident in myself atm. Kayleys friend greets me, I'm surprised she knew my name. I was thinking of shacking her hand as this was the first time meeting her.
    7. The Movie Maker, Caved Road (6.7.15)

      by , 07-06-2015 at 01:08 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Movie Maker
      I'm at a club and I'm a successful film I created. I'm at a club or function, and I see some people from school, which included Amy and Jade. Jade is keen on me and I'm a little shy. I'm laying down and I think Jade is a bit confused why I haven't made much intention towards her. A few of us a laying down and I throw my hand over towards Jade to make my move.

      Im about to watch my movie with everyone in a room. Someone is setting up some plastic chairs at the front of the screen. They're for myself and a couple others. One being a pregnant lady. Someone says movie was good, except it had a bit of confusion I think. I get mixed reviews. I think I'm in a new room, watching the movie. It's huge. The screen is like a cinema. There's a fake back drop behind and around the screen. Looks pretty cool.

      Caved Road
      I was with Ali and we began being friends again. He starts trying to pick away at me and act alpha or something. I stand up for myself and tell him how it is. I continue the convocation as we walk through the muddy grass near the shop rivers in marinda. We reach the road, and it's blocked by a cave. The cave still allows cars through but they have to go slow due to the uneven surface. It was as if the cave had been hit by an earthquake, because the road was up lifted mostly. I have a Dog with me, maybe a German Shepard. Im keeping it close to me due to traffic if it was to come through cave. Other people are in the cave with myself and Ali. I think I was still talking about how I'm not taking any shit off him at all. Also I think we were headed for his parents house but were still in cave. I thought I could hear some cars closing up to the cave and quickly got the dog near me incase.

      At a footy club with Josh. For some reason it feels as if I'm at Kitty Miller Surf spot. I walk to a canteen and see Christy from school. Josh is a bit shy and tells me to go to canteen without him. I walk passed Christy, I'm unsure if she recognizes or sees me as I pass her. I felt a bit shy also and hoped she wouldn't see me either. As I reach canteen, I see Ben dressed up in a suit. He's looks pretty good, but there's something off with his face. I notice there's a line up. Ben sees me and I greet him by saying "Bennnno".

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    8. The Slaughtering Factory, Dance Like No Ones Watching (5.7.15)

      by , 07-05-2015 at 12:42 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Slaughtering Factory
      I'm at a slaughtering factory and I'm watching the process of how it works. They're using chickens and cats, it's fucken sickening. I love animals so much, I can't understand how someone could do this job for a living. There's 2 guys on a production line, where the Animals come from. There's holes where they throw the Animals down to there death I'm guessing.

      There's a live cat and they pore petrol over it and then let it roam. This starts to effects the cat and makes it weak and looking as if it's eventually going to die. Someone tells me that it's had a tablet and it'll die.

      Dance Like No Ones Watching
      I'm outside a house and I'm with 2 others. I see some of my close family on other side of road. I stand with a lite kid about 30 meters away from my family, and we communicate that way. The kid talks for a while and I compliment him saying that he speaks better then I do. I remember seeing the ground look like burned rubber. I'm inside the house now and someone said they laughed at what we said around the side of house.

      I'm at a petrol station with Marleigh and a few others that I recognize. We all start dancing and looking like idiots, but we continue dancing. I begin thinking about how we look silly but don't want that to stop me, and that I shouldn't feel silly, I'm joking around having fun. I begin pretending to rap silently but move my mouth and hands as if I was really doing so.
    9. Back to Work (30.6.15)

      by , 06-29-2015 at 11:08 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Back to Work
      I'm working which is at the home town basketball center. I think it's hafele. I'm where the back of the old courts are, and there was an opening in the back left corner. Its coming to the end I think, cause there isn't much to do. I see a couple trolleys and collect them. The trolleys are miniature. A worker that's doing the same job jokes around and says "get ur own job". I leave the trolleys in his path to collect, but he says "well don't just leave them there, put em away". I put them into there bays. I try and put them in perfectly, but they move around. I check the other bay and notice that they are not neat either, so I just leave mine as is. I wanted it to be perfect for the worker as I wanted to do things right because I was new and nervous. I tell some of the workers about how I used to be on disability pension, and how it got cut due to getting 10 points instead of 20.
      I cranked some tunes off of my phone and left it on a ledge so people could hear it.

      Work must be over cause I'm in a car with people. In sitting in the back with a female, it's dark, so it's hard to tell who I'm with. I think it was Ashleigh Hunt. I soon realize that I have left my phone at work and tell them they have to turn back. I can tell some people are pissed off by the sighs. To my surprise, Ashleigh hands me my phone. It was near me the whole time. I think back and remember placing it next to me.

      I'm back at work, but it's changed to Bunnings Warehouse. I'm near the entrance to depot, looking at cloths. There's a lot of clothes. I think they're all donated clothing, because there isn't 2 of the same thing, and a lot of different sizes. I see a man near me browsing for clothes also. I mention about finding it hard to find the right size. He disagrees with me.
      I see something on the wall. Another worker shows me what it does. It has chicken inside it. He opens it and we start eating it. He told me Daryl paid for his. I'm holding a box with chicken in it. I grab some lemon and squeeze it on, over doing it in the process. I have a bite and its nice.
      I'm standing around and I see a guy that has a English accent. He calls a guy Joe Weller that passes him. It rings a bell that name. As Joe comes over, I recognize him. I say "I know you...."

      Dream Fragments
      I'm on the streets in a Arabian place. There's dirt roads, and Arabian people. I see a car that arrives with a man wanting to sell his fireworks. I imagine shooting a Firework into his car as he drives off, resulting in his death.

      I see a man with an erection. He's showing off his fat dick. The scene changes to him having some kind of strap around his dick. It looks like a bit of leather at the base of it, almost like a little collar.

      Side Notes: Day 1 of fast, felt OK. Bed early tomorrow. I RC upon awakening without reminding myself.

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    10. It's Tradition to Dress Like a Women, My First Pump at Shelly's (29.6.15)

      by , 06-29-2015 at 12:13 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      It's Tradition to Dress Like a Women
      I'm with Daryl and I think Ben. We're in South Africa and decide to visit a infamous spot. As we enter the restaurant, I wait for my turn to get given women's cloths to wear. She gives me a Red and Black flannelette and denim genes. I don't mind the outfit, it could have been a lot worse. I'm a bit hesitant to grab them off the counter because I didn't want to get in the way of the employer. I think I put them on. I see Daryl in the distance, sitting at a table with Ben. He is starting to look impatience, as he waits for his food. I think this place does homemade cookies or something.

      I'm now sitting down next to Luke Ray, and we're talking about the tradition of this place, of how you have to wear ur women's cloths for a whole day and night, sleeping with them on and all. That convocation moves onto me talking about how Kayley's pension got cut. Luke gets up and has to do something for the moment.

      I head over to Daryl and Ben, and I notice that Luke is still not back to his original spot where we were sitting. I get up and head over to the counter where you order your food. I felt I needed to order now because it's taking a long time to get it once served, so Everyone is going to have to wait for me now, which sucks. I double check Daryl and Bens order. The employer repeats it too me in a odd way. Talking slow and long. I struggle to remember what he is saying, and was hoping to relay it back to Daryl and Ben. As she's telling me, I'm pulling cards out of my wallet, it has symbols written on them, and the lady is telling me about them. It's pretty much explaining what they ordered. One of the cards was my pension card. I look over to what's cooking and notice all the food. I think I might have a chance of getting my food on time, as its a new batch that has just been cooked. I second guess myself.

      Luke and I are sitting back where we were earlier, talking about the fact that smoking is banned. Either myself or Luke sides with it being wrong, due to it being a tradition in this part of the world. Employers come to the table and they seem to be angry or threatening toward me. I feel as if I'm about to get robbed. I try to figure out if I have my wallet in my pockets, without checking. I replay the scene to see if they were coming off that way.
      I see a block of cheese in its wrapper. As if unwraps, I'm either saying or hearing someone say it's falling to the sky or something.

      My First Pump at Shelly's
      I was Shelly beach. I catch a nice size wave and surf it with ease. As I'm surfing the wave, I decide to do something I don't usually do, and that's to pump down the wave. I notice the wave beginning to close out, but squeeze every bit of surfing out of it. I was a little cautious about surfing it to the shore line, due to the shallow reef. As I paddle back out, I'm feeling pretty stoked with the wave and how I surfed it. I was excited to tell Josh what happened if he hadn't seen the wave. I see 2 surfers in front of me, kinda in my way, so I weave my way through them. I think I end up telling Josh and I think another guy about what happened.

      Dream Fragment
      I notice that Claire must have slept with Chris Brown. I was thinking about how she could take that dick.

      Side Notes: EFT seemed to work well. Will continue with same phrases.
    11. Rock Throwing (27.6.15)

      by , 06-27-2015 at 12:14 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Rock Throwing
      I'm at the DVA with Luke Ray and one or so other guys. I see Luke swinging on a tree, so I decide to run over and do the same. It's only a small tree that has no leafs on it. It's located towards near the road near the drains.

      The guys are throwing rocks to one another from a long distance away. I decide to pick up and rock or brick and throw it back to Luke. I'm impressed by the power I have when I threw it. I felt good about myself. I think I was also catching them as they were thrown my way, and was worried about the rocks hurting my hands as I caught them.

      Im in a shed with one of the guys I was with. I'm searching for rocks with him. I point out a few, which end up being bricks. He says it's too big, so I bang the rock on something which chips away at the rock. I hand it back and his happy with it now. The rock was actually a brick.

      Side Notes: EFT didn't seem as effective tonight. Trying to perfect the language
    12. Escaping The Theme Park (26.6.15)

      by , 06-25-2015 at 11:21 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Escaping The Theme Park
      I was at a theme park which has a water slide. I was going down it with friends and we would escape the guards often, Running through a lobby. It was like a cinema style lobby, with the same doors and all. It kept getting a lil harder each time, sometimes. I saw motivation guy. He was in character and was playing a hick looking bloke. He lost a tooth and would tap on his teeth and more would appear. He said if u tap too much you'll lose more, like he did. I think I noticed this at the back of cranny shops. Not long after I see a scene of Sam Newman getting flashed down a toilet. He was slowly getting plunged down. They were portable toilets, which turned into a water slide, which lead to the theme park.

      I was now Sam I think, as I was continuing going along the water slide. It was now just a rapid and would take u around the park. Others were on the slide too. I was trying to figure out how to get out of theme park, because they were more guarded and switched on to catch people like myself. I decided to go for another escape. I begin running through the hall but end up getting chased by a women. I lose track of where I'm going and end up in a public shower room. I hide up on top of showers, watching her every move. I feel I'm easily visible if she was to glance up, which she eventually does. Im unsure what happens after this. I think I outrun her.

      Im now walking around the park trying to figure out and remember which way I was meant to go, to get out into the safe zone, so I could be with the rest of my friends.

      I'm outside my house and it's night time. There's s device which is like a sling shot. U can get into it and play around with it. I start to shoot an apple into the sky and Daryl tries to catch it on the way down. I was making it hard for him by pulling the apple down in flight, which would make it come down a lot quicker. I could see Daryl getting frustrated. I see Gary Ablett Jr. He's in his Gold Coast Suns jersey. I get his attention, So I can get him to try and catch the apple. If anymore could get it, Gary could. I can't launch the apple near him cause of where i am standing. I signal him where to stand, but he eventually just leaves.
      I leave and end up in a room with a lot of people at my school? It's like an assembly. We're all sitting down. They announce that it's an awards night. I think to myself that I shouldn't be here because I won't be getting an award, but decide to stay anyways.

      Side Notes: Did some EFT with the proper approach imo. So good so far.

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    13. Aldo vs McGreggor (18.6.15)

      by , 06-17-2015 at 11:37 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Aldo vs McGreggor
      I can see Eddy Betts. He's just kicked a bag full of goals, maybe 8 or so.

      I'm at my home and I see Eddy and Connor McGregor outside, under the veranda. They're about to fight. A referee is also there, it's Yamasaki. As they're waiting for the fight to start, they are pretending to attack one another, by getting really close to each other, but not touching. I think Eddy is now Aldo. Aldo is the first one to crack, and actually begin fighting for real. They are both on the ground and grappling one another. Connor throws a reserve elbow from the ground and it brutally knocks Aldo unconscious. It's a sickening blow. I go over to Aldo to check if he's ok, but he's still unconscious. I think Aldo is my dog REX for a moment, before turning back to Aldo. I lay down next to Aldo and get him in a submission while he's still unconscious, by pulling his head a certain way which will cut off his ability to breath, causing him to pass out. He must wake up mid way through, as I feel a resistance. I feel this just as a wake up.
    14. The Glider (17.6.15)

      by , 06-16-2015 at 11:28 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Glider
      I'm in a backyard and I see a glider in the sky. It looks advanced. For a few moments it looks like a plane. I think that it might crash land due to the angle it's flying at. It lands in the backyard and I realize that it's my brother and Ron that has been flying it. If they ask me to have a fly, I'm going to tell them that I'm afraid of heights, which I am. Also due to cyst. They walk into a house which is just off the backyard. My brother decides to go for a fly, solo. I quickly run around the corner so I can get a good view of the take off. The glider now looks like a mini car. As the glider teachers speeds, I'm expecting it to launch into the air, but it doesn't, and is about to run straight into a front door of a house. It smashes into it, massive impact. He reverses the car out of the door, straight into a giant plastic toy car. I find the whole thing hilarious. I begin to think that he should flee. As my brother flees the scene, Ron follows the car to see if bro is OK.
      Bro is now back with us and he explains that he took a different approach to taking off, which is why he crashed. Ron let him know that it was a bad idea.

      I'm with Germain and others. Im sitting near encore pizza. As we leave, Germain fancy's one of the girls that was with us.

      I'm in a house and there are people in the lounge room. I walk in there and feel uncomfortable, as I don't know some people too well. They're throwing balls around. Balls are thrown at me and it hits my stomach and lands right in my hand. Myself and others are impressed at how it just fell straight into my hand. I think Daz is near a TV, over the back of a couch.

      I'm back at the backyard and I'm seeing a scene of a man that had been on trail for something serious. He has just been found not guilty. I get the sense that there's a lot of press here following the story. In celebration, the man jumps into the water which is off to the side of the backyard. He begins to swim.
    15. The Beat Up House (12.6.15)

      by , 06-11-2015 at 10:59 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Beat Up House
      I'm taken to a house that's been mistreated. Some of the house has been ripped off. I walk inside and see the family that's inside. The inside looks decent, definitely doesn't look like the outside. Majority of the people are female. I think a couple of them find me attractive.

      I'm now in an open area, and I think I'm trying to get the attention of one of the females.

      Dream Fragment
      I notice that my dog REX has pee'd on the end of my bed.

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