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    1. Kicking Footy With Elite Movement, Party With Kokinarkis (2.8.15)

      by , 08-02-2015 at 03:57 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Kicking Footy With Elite Movement
      I was in narrow park kicking a footy. I booted the ball pretty far for my ability. I see some people now and then. I boot the ball and it goes through into someone's property. They had broken fence, which allowed the ball the go in. I go into the property and see that it's a car mechanics. Some of the workers come out to see what came into their yard. I tell them it was an accident and they're cool with that. They fetch my ball and I'm on my way. I use 2 trees as goals, and I'm on quite the angle. I kick and miss the goals. I start using my agility which is at an elite level. I'm moving quickly and very responsive. I even do the spin that would break a tackle.

      Party With Kokinarkis
      I'm at a shopping market where I see a vision of a prank someone was using. They would throw an item just In front of them which would make them fumble and fall over. I do the same thing, and throw some items. Someone looks to have knocked themselves out. I have something in my hand that I want to discard. I reach the checkout and security has put out cinema strapping to keep the line together. I duck under it. I tell them I don't want my items.

      I at house which looks familiar, maybe old house. There's a bit of party going on. I see kokinarkis with that Hayley Fits. He's looking to hook up with her. Kok is given a present from one of the tennis greats. Kok tries guessing, thinking maybe it's similar to what myself and Kyrios got. I can see a inventory menu come up at the bottom of the vision. It has the item that was given to me and Ky. I check out Kok's present which ended up being a cooler for beverages. It was a bit bigger then a microwave. I put my hand in and feel the coolness. Kok is kissing Hayley at this point and I leave them be on the bed. The cooler looks bigger in the pic, and different looking. I hear someone say if u leave the party, u can't get back in.

      Dream Fragments
      I've reached a dead end. I'm looking over a cliff basically
    2. UT CHiLLEN vs Rousey (1.8.15)

      by , 08-01-2015 at 08:40 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      UT CHiLLEN vs Rousey
      I was versing Ronda Rousey at unreal tournament. She is an elite player with great accuracy. I'm leading the game but she is clawing her way back in. I begin to crack under the pressure and make silly decisions. The winning kill comes down to a sniper shoot out down a corridor. The range is pretty close, shooting non zoomed at one another. I hit her with some shots and eventually finish her off. My connections kicks me out of game just as it finishes. I really want to get back into the game as i don't want Rousey to think I beat her and ran from the game. I hear dad yell out something. I think it has to do with resetting the Internet. I tell him to hold on a moment as I try to reconnect to the game. I get back into the game and notice that Rousey enters also. I say gg and goodnight Rousey.

      Dream Fragments
      Abraham was talking to me through a females body. I think I was a bit skeptical or felt a bit awkward.
      Tags: family, gaming, loa, ufc
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Old Mate Robot (31.7.15)

      by , 08-01-2015 at 08:35 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Old Mate Robot
      At a Shopping centre. I see Dennis, and try to avoid him. I see Brodie, and seem to be talking to him from a distance.

      Im standing around in a car park. I'm at my old house, laying down on my front lawn. I see Roberts sis walk over to dons, with one of her friends. Someone tells me robot is coming. He greets us with weird hand shake. He Pretends to root dads hand.

      I'm in a car park and I'm spying on robot playing on computer. I thought he may be wanking. He's playing game that's soccer as I see reflection. He's playing against another guy. I got confused, as I thought robot was the other guy. Other guy has a girl with him. I tell robot about seeing his sis and that I jokingly liked her. I sense he's not happy with it. I cOntinue to stir him up. Dave thinks I'm gay. I try to prove to him that I am straight. I wipe ass with toilet paper then put in bag, then wipe it onto clothes.

      Dream Fragments
      1. Flashing dick in front of girl. Is bigger then normal or just looks it from my view

      2. I let my dog sleep under my blankets

      3. Some of my walls on coc are pink.
    4. Chris Betrays Ronda (29.7.15)

      by , 07-29-2015 at 08:06 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Chris Betrays Ronda
      Ronda Rousey is getting interviewed in an octagon ring by Chris Weidman. Ronda flips out and tries to slap him. She's very angry and emotional. It's as if Chris betrayed her in some way. She continues trying to attack Chris by throwing head kicks etc at him. Chris is blocking majority of strikes and is looking a bit befuddled or guilty in the situation. Ronda is grappling with him against the fence and is using her head to try and control him. Eventually Chris gets away and has a bit of a smirk on his face.

      I can't figure out what caused the reaction from Ronda, so I think about digging deeper to figure out what happened. I see some of the UFC fighters warming up or exercising. I was thinking that maybe I could see what happened between Ronda and Chris in this scene. It looks like Ronda is arching her back over someone else's back.

      Dream Fragment
      I've come from around near my primary school, and now waiting at the crossing. I see Bruce. He's wearing a suit that looks odd on him, being that he's a skinny tall guy. As we walk across the crossing, I think I fall over. Myself, Bruce and the crossing guy have a chat. I joke around saying Bruce is a shit bloke or something.
    5. Dug Out The Bear, Triggers Surgery (28.7.15)

      by , 07-28-2015 at 01:52 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dug Out The Bear
      I'm near a tree where a bear had been dug up. It's happy towards the policemen for saving it. I stay overnight in a tent and my dogs are there. I lose trigger due to it raining and was probably scared. Stressing out. Walk to shop. Dave gets pizza or something. Walking down blaxland and trying to find trig. I see another dog at entrance. Dads walking REX at night.

      Triggers Surgery
      I'm outside in the backyard of my old house. Trigger is about to get operated on by a female surgeon. She inserts the long needle into his neck which will soon put him asleep. I pat trigger as he gets drowsy and drowsier. The surgeon slices trigger down the stomach. It sicks me out and I expect to smell something rotten, but I don't. The surgeon slices me from the armpit down to the bottom of my rib cage. I don't feel any pain as I walk around a little. I worry that maybe an organ will fall out if I'm not careful. I start to think that maybe trigger will die in surgery, due to his age.
    6. Back To School (27.7.15)

      by , 07-27-2015 at 01:26 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Back To School
      I arrive at my home town football oval. I can see my brother in the distance kicking to the football. It's pretty packed and the cricket nets are full also. I see dad is here in his car. He may have dropped me off. I walk into the club rooms where there's quite a few people. It looks to be the first day of school because they're sorting out who goes it what class. I hear my name called out and I try to get their attention. Eventually they hear me and I walk over to the table where they called my name. It's a lady I'm talking to, and I ask her a serious but stupid question. I ask what year I completed last year. I think it was either 10 or 11. I feel lucky to be completing school as I know how important it is to work hard at it. I feel mature and willing to do so.

      I get a phone call from someone that works for welfare. I explain a bit of my situation to her and she tells me that she may be able to get me on some sort of help. I break down, as I don't expect to hear that someone is willing to help. I explain how hard it is for me.

      I'm back at the footy ground and I'm surfing behind the goals. There's a few levels where people sit, which have turned into sets of waves. I'm with a few people I know. I struggle to get onto some of the waves, as I can't find the right one to ride.

      I'm in a mix of Daryl's old house and the top of where the waves were. Ronda Rousey offers me some cake that's been shaped into a picture of her. I say I only want a small piece and cut her head off the cake. She finds this ballsy and a sign of someone that really backs themselves.
    7. Part Business Owner (25.7.15)

      by , 07-25-2015 at 01:29 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Part Business Owner
      I'm part owner in a new business. It's a aquatic centre/swimming pools/store/restaurant. Once it opens, people start flocking in. Im part owner with Trev Renson. My family and relatives have rocked up and are having dinner. I try to wave my brother over to me but I can't get his attention. I go over there and have dinner, as I don't want to be rude. I eat some meat. I hear someone say something about eating. I tell Lois and someone else that I have to go back to work. I go back to the area that is like office works. Im making sure stock is placed correctly in its spot. I see Trev and he ignores me. Eventually he talks to me and his not happy after I explain what happened about dinner.
      Tags: friends
    8. Irish TV Coverage On Conor McGregor, Surprising Brothel Visit (24.7.15)

      by , 07-24-2015 at 01:48 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Irish TV coverage on Conor McGregor
      Im watching TV in lounge room at my old house. I see my mum who's with me also. I walk over to dad, where he's sitting at a computer. He's watching the news, and it's of an Irish news program. They're talking about Conor McGregor. I sit down and notice a picture of the news reporters smoking with those old school pop eye pipes. I comment on them asking where I could get one from. They respond quickly. I figure they had the intonation hot keyed.
      Dad goes to respond also. I'm not sure if he saw what I did. We have an argument over him doing a weird thing with the keyboard. He does an alt ctrl del type of move. I try telling him it's not needed. He tells me it gets a quicker response time. A scene flashes by of a car accident.
      Something has smashed through the car window and Impaled the driver.

      Surprising Brothel Visit
      We're driving a guy to brothel as a surprise. We reach the sign which looks to be still winched. We ask the guy if he knows where he is. He does. He's looking around having a laugh. We ask if he is keen to go in. He says Fuck no. He pulls out his phone and begins taking photos and video footage of the entrance and building. We hear someone near by and tell everyone to remain quite and not run. It ends up being the wrong decision as an employer sees us. He looks to be dressed up as a women. He chances back into a man once he begins talking to me. He tells me that we have to leave, and not to tell anyone about the place.mI respect his decision and take it. One of the guys with me says that we should have questioned him asking if we're legally in wrong, and that maybe he would invite us in.

      Dream Fragment
      My Grandmother feels forced to have sex with her partner. Her back is sore in the process. I see waves.
    9. Friendly Fire, A More Confident Trev (23.7.15)

      by , 07-23-2015 at 02:44 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Friendly Fire
      I'm outside and in the army. I'm hiding in the Drench with some others. There has been some shootings by the enemy close by, which really shakes us up. I can see the sniper in the distance looking our way. I'm very hesitant to peak and have a look, cause I'm wearing a cap. I think that my cap could be a blessing, as it may blend in with the terrain. The sniper looks over the ledge and is looking at us. I make a run for it and get out of the area. I end up walking into them shortly after and l begin looking at them. I'm using a pistol which has a silencer. They don't die, which means they're most likely not the enemy. I feel a little silly now knowing that it was friendlies the whole time.

      I'm in a city and I open a fish and chip shop 10 mins earlier. I think that it may improve business opening at 8.35am.

      A More Confident Trev
      I'm drinking with Daryl and others at some place. It may be Rita's house. I'm starting to feel drunk and want to slow it down because I'm looking to go out later. Im out the front of the house and it's getting dark. It's definitely Rita's front yard. I see what looks to be Nat's car. I move it somehow a few meters into the next door neighbors driveway, just enough for the neighbors to squeeze their car by if needed. Im worried Nat's car will roll onto the road, but it seems to be ok. There's another car in the driveway of Rita's. It's Daryl's car I think. I'm doing something inside the car. I'm about to lock the car, and it dawns on me that I bette check if I got the keys. Luckily I checked because I didn't have the keys. I get a phone call, and it's Trev Kenson. He sounds more confident in himself since coming back from Europe. He leaves the convocation saying that he might come out later if he gives me his number. He must have expected me to hang up because I can still hear from his end. I listen in to hear what he's saying. I can hear him talking to someone. I try to put my phone on hold so I can do something without him hearing. Daryl calls and says he won't be coming out tonight.
    10. Ol Mate Kyle, Free Hugs (22.7.15)

      by , 07-22-2015 at 11:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Ol Mate Kyle
      Im at some kind of function and I see Kyle Potter and others. We're all having a laugh. I ask him what he's dad is doing. He tells me that he's in Thailand 1 week on 1 week off with his girlfriend to see her family. I tell him that my dad needs to do something similar, and that he's a hermit. I add that I'm kinda similar so I can't really talk. Kyle says that his dad made some kinda layered pancake for this function years ago and failed. But he was awarded for his effort. I tell him that I have an idea, and should make some vegemite toast and cut them into small triangles. I'm joking. A waiter brings food over to us, which ends up being cake. I grab a small piece and begin to eat it. I jump the gun a little, as they have plates that they hand u moments after u pick your cake. There's moose and other similar things on the plate. The cake was chocolate mud cake, with chocolate icing. Kyle seems very welcoming and likes me.

      Free Hugs
      I'm in a house, in the kitchen. I see Ash Kendon. I'm being jokingly mean to her in a flirtatious way. I think she starts getting offended. I could tell she wanted some attention off of me. I think of writing a sign that says free hugs, or get something that says that on my phone and hold it up In Front of her.
    11. From Cricketer To Fighter, A Kick With Dave (21.7.15)

      by , 07-21-2015 at 01:03 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      From Cricketer To Fighter
      I was fighting a man on the street. He looked like Josh Hazelwood. I was lighting Josh up on the feet. I must stop fighting for a few moments. Josh is now fighting another guy. I run over and land some cheap shots on the new guy. He's pretty rocked, I would say he would be done if the ref was here. I try get the refs attention that's refereeing another fight in the distance. The other guy that I'm hitting looks like Brandon Thatch. My punches don't have much power and are not overly hurting him. Herb Dean the ref comes over and Josh lands a few massive shots on Brandon. Brandon falls down and looks as if he's gone limp. He comes to quickly as the ref comes close to stopping the fight

      A Kick With Dave
      I'm on a football ground, having a kick with my brother. I see the collingwood members seating, which is empty.

      I'm on a wooden obstacle. Pretty similar to what I would see in a playground. I'm climbing down and there's lizards on it. I'm trying to avoid touching them as I get down. That Jaw chick off Facebook is helping me down. She seems to know what she is doing.

      Im in a dark area indoors with Josh. I can see light coming through the cracks of the walls. There's a big gap which leads to the football ground.
    12. High School Reunion, A Different Looking YCW (19.7.15)

      by , 07-19-2015 at 02:36 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      High School Reunion
      I'm watching some massive waves coming through. I'm unsure if I'm in the water or just a spectator.

      I'm at a shopping centre and I see a few people from my school. I think there's meant to be a high school reunion.

      I'm at a water slide and there's a lot of people waiting. I feel as if it's going to be a while before I get to go down. I see my brother. He goes down with 6 others in short breaks between sliders. There's a baby that goes down. He grips to the slide a bit, but eventually gets going down the slide. I'm in the slide somehow, maybe to help the baby go down the slide. I try to climb back up the slide and struggle doing so, but get to the top eventually. I sit back in line for my shot.

      Im at a pub drinking with some of the guys from high school.

      A Different Looking YCW
      I'm at YCW surf beach but it looks different. Everyone is instructed to get out of water and move to the other beach which is only about 20 meters away on the opposite side of the sand. The waves are big and thick. They're breaking instantly. The waves are are forming from a man made wall that's keeping the water in. The water is rebounded off of it and instantly forming a big wave and breaking. I see a lot of young kids sitting under the wave, letting it break on top of them. I find this crazy. I figure it out after a few waves that it's fake. The whole wave is like a hologram, and the scene changes still has the wave and kids. I see the waves in the distance, they're coming from different angles then normal.

      Dave and maybe Josh are have found a frisbee and are throwing it to one another. We're not the best at throwing. We can't seem to find the right amount of power in our throws. The scene changes to my house. They're in my bedroom throwing the frisbee. Dave throws it and it goes into the laundry. I struggle finding it and eventually find that it went under the door and is outside. I bring it back in and throw the frisbee to Dave, who is on the bed.

      I'm in the water with Josh and Daryl, and it looks to be getting dark. I see a guy in the distance swimming.

      I'm on dry land now and Daryl wants to buy some weed. I tell him that it's a silly idea considering that he hasn't smoked in over a month due to having to get a medical for work soon. He tells me he has passed it before and will pass it again. I tell him it's not worth the risk because of the situation his in with money, and really needs the job. Daryl seems to be getting a bit pissed off, but I continue giving him the tough love. Also it surprised me that Josh wasn't backing me up and he was almost giving him suggestions on how to get some weed.

      We're now walking in a strange area, which looks similar to terminator 2 scene where they're getting chased by the truck through the sewer. I'm walking up top on a small ledge and the others are on down below. They seem to be thinking the way I'm going will be blocked by something. I
      noticed that it's a clear path for me, and that it had been removed. I get to a end and look down. There's a way of getting down but it's tricky. I see lines appear, showing me the way. It feels like I'm in a video game. Without any logical thinking, I jump and try and land on one of the safe spots. As I'm floating down, it feels like gravity isn't normal, as I seem to have more time to try land correctly.
      I'm now a video character, a small red looking creature I think. I land in a good spot, but the danger isn't over. I've got to continue find safe spots which confuses me, as I feel rushed and don't exactly know where to jump to. I feel as if I'm getting close to end but get stuck. My health starts depleting and I'm not looking too good. I still feel I'm able to make it, but end up dying.

      I wake up in a small room. There's a radio in the room with someone talking. Im imprisioned. A man comes into the room but unsure what he said or did. I look outside and notice there is a path of water drops on the balcony. One of the other characters must have reached the Safe zone and left the evidence behind.
      Tags: surfing
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Body Surfing In Thailand (18.7.15)

      by , 07-18-2015 at 11:19 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Body Surfing In Thailand
      I'm with Daryl in Thailand. We're on a beach and its night time. I see a car in the parking lot and some dude is fucking some Asian girl. He is having sex with her while standing up. I walk towards the water and see Shonnie and his partner. It's not his real partner. This girl is a pretty Asian. I hear her say that the water is a bit cold as she goes deeper. I get in and check for myself. I'm surprised she thought it was cold because I was loving it. We decide to go out deeper. Daryl is with us as we swim out. Daryl says there's a bit set coming through. I swim towards the shore to try and catch one of the waves. I begin body surfing the wave with Daryl. It feels awesome. It has a different feel to it, so smooth. I thought I was going to collide with Daryl but I Maneuvered out of his way. The wave takes me all the way onto the shore. I eject off the wave onto the sand in a standing position. I tell Daryl that I body surfed it all the way to shore, but he doesn't believe me.

      I have a small Asian girl with me and we're standing at a deli looking for some food to buy. The girl starts touching the glass, which the girl behind the counter didn't like. I put the Asian girl on my shoulders. I feel a bit uncomfortable due to this girls age. I feel that they're thinking I'm a pedophile or something. I order quite a bit of food, which all looks good. I think at some point I feel as if I'm dreaming and it didn't matter what I ate, but don't take advantage of the thought, and continue the dream as normal. I order a few things multiple times.

      Im in a room just off the beach. A competition just finished, which was of women's surfing. There were 2 rival girls who were not too fond on each other. I see Germain and I have a chat with him. I ask how footy is going. He says that his teams not playing the best. I say that he's team won the flag last year right? He replies with a yes. I have a feeling Germain doesn't really want to talk much.

      Scores from the women's competition are being read out and it's very tight. It looks as if the girl I'm not wanting to win is going to win. To my surprise the last judge gave a great score to the one I wanted to win, which got her the victory. The loser is upset and has sour grapes. I see 2 posters on the wall and the loser writes her thoughts on he decision down on the poster. I feel like it's bad sportsmanship. I feel like writing something under her text.
    14. Casey's Here, Off To A Bad Start (17.7.15)

      by , 07-17-2015 at 01:16 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Casey's Here
      I'm in my bedroom at my house, but it's my old bedroom. I think I was sleeping when Megan came in. Megan says I should get up or something. It felt rude. She says that her old friend was over. Megan leaves the room. I take a massive drink from my water jug, finishing about 80% of it. I'm disappointed that I finished that much, as that needed to last my the whole day. I begin getting ready and try some clothes on. I try a heavy brown jumper on. I quite like it, but it's a tad big maybe. I go through a lot of clothes, with a lot being ugly or too big etc. I think one of them is dads. Daryl comes Into the room with a massive plastic water container, which he places on my bed. I hear Casey's voice in the house. I anticipate Jane or someone coming in to get me to come out and socialize. As I come out, the guests have left. I sit on the couch eating a small tub of coleslaw. Jane walks in and asks if I'm ready for a bike ride. I'm not sure if I'm keen at first, but decide I probably should. Jane shows us some food that we can have, which was a sourdough roll. I get up and walk over to the bench. Daryl is telling me that this place really brings out his beautiful eyes. I examine them closely and see that they're light blue mostly. They seem to be still changing as its a bit patchy.

      Off To A Bad Start
      I'm at a house and there seems to be a bit of a gathering going on. I'm on the toilet which is in a bedroom. I have the runs. It doesn't have a pleasant smell to it. I wipe my ass and get shit on my jumper or something. It drips onto the floor and leaves a stain. I'm not feeling too good about that, and try to see if I can rub it out, or blend it in with the carpet somehow. I try to find some more toilet paper, eventually finding some near the toilet itself. My brother is now using the toilet, and he realizes I still need to use it. He grabs the toilet bowl and moves it closer to him. Im a bit shocked with what I just saw. He is pissing into the bowl and almost filling it to the top. The toilet bowl falls over and piss goes everywhere. I feel a little better about myself that I'm not the only one that made a mess in the bedroom. A bit of piss gets onto the side of the bed. I smell the sheets to see if it reeks of piss. It doesn't.

      I'm in the kitchen and there are people at the table. I decide to play a game where I have to sell product to them. I see 3 vita biscuits on a plate. I pick up the plate and tell them my pitch, which goes a bit like this.
      "Ok I have these rare biscuits here. The reason they're rare is due to the ingredients and the culture of them. You know how normal flour is used for making biscuits? Well this isn't normal flour. This is MOON DUST Aka Moon Flour. Also If you look at the 3 biscuits, they have a different color to them. I call this the multicultural biscuits. One is dark, other is medium and last is lightest of the colors."
      I had a black hooded jacket on, with the hood over my head when doing the pitch. I really put some professionalism into the pitch, even put on the goofy fake voice they do. As I finished, I continued my act and walked out like I was overly cocky with what I had achieved. I feel a bit embarrassed with what had just happened.

      I'm outside and there's an announcement of a man performing a triple backflip on a BMX and eventually landed it after many tries in practice. I think to myself that someone recently performed a quadruple backflip on BMX and that this may have been the one he was talking about. It's night time and I see the set up for the show. It looks like nitro circus which is sponsored by red bull. I see a man go down a big ramp, he's connected to a metal chariot. The horse is made out of metal also. He's flying around the track and notice that he's in a wheel chair. He disconnects from the chariot and flys across what looks to be water. He doesn't make it all the wave and falls off the side of the narrow path.

      The scene changes and I'm seeing Daryl run from a girl. Everyone is playing hide and seek. I decide to join in and hide behind these thick trees. There are a lot of trees near one another. Daryl climbs the tree and is hesitant to go any higher. I think that's the right option as there isn't much to hold onto, apart from the trunk. I keep an eye on Daryl incase he falls onto me. I imagine if I was up there and fell, would anyone catch me? And if they did, would it work out ok. I see the girl coming my way. I decide to run to the side of her, hoping to be covered by the trees. She spots me and I run quickly towards a safe zone. I reach the safe zone, but the hole to enter it is too small. I think I try another hut which allows me in. The roof is cut off the hut. Me and the other guy in there are poking our heads out. We're talking about Julian Wilson the pro surfer.

      I meet up with some people from the gathering. I don't feel too comfortable due to drinking the night before. I see my cousin Trev. He's sitting in a covered area. There's a lot of cars on top of the small hill. I see Trev's dad, and give him a wave. My dad is walking towards me also. I'm a bit shocked to see him come to something like this.
    15. He Found His Darkness In Me, Golf Ball Retriever (16.7.15)

      by , 07-16-2015 at 12:20 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      He Found His Darkness In Me
      I take something out of microwave and notice that something has exploded. There's shit everywhere inside it, sticking to the roof and sides of microwave. I let Kayley know what has happened.

      I'm at my old house in the backyard. Theres a snake on the ground. Some guy climbs the tree and kills a snake, and then hangs it from a branch. I thought the food that exploded was up in the tree. I see a Komodo Dragon inside a bag up in the tree. It breaks through the bag and attacks a snake that's lurking around in the tree. The Dragon comes down after me. I try and scare it away by hitting it. I quickly get to higher ground by climbing half way up the fence. I tell Kayley who is in the distance, near the gate, to get away somehow. I think I suggest to her to climb the fence. The fences are broken, there not in good shape. The dragon turns into a large ferret looking thing. I start patting it and being friendly to it. It seems to be changing its way towards. It's being nice towards me now. I put my hands in its mouth and let it bite me in a friendly way. I'm a bit wary doing so, just incase it turns on me. I see a scene of the ferret evolve from light/energy into a ferret. I have a feeling come to me, that the ferret was trying to find its darkness, which is me. It loves me, I can feel it's love.

      I'm laying down in bed with a girl, that's supposedly my partner. She pats the ferret, but she's a little timid towards it. She tells me that I don't talk to her the way I talk to the ferret. I jokingly tell her that I was talking to her not the ferret. She puts my hand on my dick and it arouses me. I feel ashamed as my penis feels really small.

      Golf Ball Retriever
      I was In a narrow area and kids were hitting golf balls towards me. I was trying to catch them. They went over my head. I run to get them. They yell something. I put my hands up while running cause I feel they're mocking me. I come back with ball. I talking to them from a lil distance and they're ignoring me. They look like Taliban soldiers. I start to get angry and raise voice. They finally respond. I throw them the golf ball later.
      I'm up some stairs and Bryce Gibbs wants to know if he can show his mates in the kitchen. I go and ask the coach. He said give it 4 Mins. I go up to Bryce and tell him. I start getting ready to open the roller door for him.
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