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    Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind

    The Real Matrix

    by , 03-21-2012 at 05:20 PM (756 Views)
    Since I started listening to Thomas Campbell I have learned many valuable things.

    I realise now that my brain is full of f*ck. But I have to warn you, that the following text will change your view of your reality.

    Thomas Campbell opened my eyes to what the world really is. To see the real Matrix.

    All the great physicist were going in the same direction, but they hit a wall and couldn't figure out what the final solution would be.

    It all started with the double slit experiment.

    You can either read my description which I will write now or you can watch this video: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu57B1v0SzI[/url]

    The result of this experiment questions the reality's existence. And this was the beginning of quantum physics.
    The experiment is really simple. It consists of one laser | |----------------------
    and two small slits which is two small stripes that the light can travel though | || || |
    and we have one observation screen |____|.
    In order for this experiment to work we have to be able to control the laser so it shots a light particle even called photons, through the slits one at the time.

    Let's start with just one slit.

    By doing this a pattern will show up that looks like a single stripe | formed by each dots that was hit by the photons.

    Now let's try with two slits. It's expected to be formed just like two stripes or the same shape as the slits.

    But the pattern that is shown makes no sense at all...

    | | | | | | | | | <--- Wave pattern!

    This is called an interference pattern. Since the photons was shot on at the time, they can not have interfered with each other. And there is only one conclusion:

    The fired photon stops being a particle and becomes a way of potentials and go through both slits and interferes with itself. But when we try to calculate how this is possible. It's impossible, because it goes through both slits and at the same time it goes through neither and it also goes through just one and just the other.

    We want to know how this is possible right? Ok let's put a measuring device to see which slit it actually goes through.
    Now the logical pattern of two stripes | | is shown on the board.

    which means that the photon went back to behave like a little marble only when we OBSERVED it.
    How can our awareness affect how light behaves? This is called the measurement problem.

    Thomas Campbell the author of the book "My Big TOE "Theory of Everything"" explains how.

    And other physicists have come to the same conclusion, but got stuck to the question "How?".

    Edward Fredkin - "Reality is a computed simulation our reality is digital, time is and space is. Our reality
    is just information."

    Albert Einstein - "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"

    Letter from Einstein to David Bohm:

    "One has to find a possibility to avoid the continuum (together with space and time) altogether. But I have not the slightest idea what elementary concepts could be used in such a theory."

    Einstein struggled with finding an answer, but digital physics did not existed during that time.

    Thomas Campbell solved this mystery, by using the digital physics that already had been discovered.

    The answer is that we are inside a matrix, a matrix created by our minds.

    The physics is the rules of how this world works and that's what makes it consistent.

    The best explanation is Morpheus:"If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

    And that's exactly what happens when we dream as well! So why is the reality more real than the dream?

    The point is that our consciousness is best modeled as a digital information system.

    This might sound like a big leap of faith, but remember that it's not a big leap from what some of the brightest physicists concluded.

    I just had to share this information with you, and if you want to learn more you can either watch some of Thomas Campbells seminars or read his book: [url]http://books.google.se/books?id=YxMf-lyn0qoC&printsec=frontcover&hl=sv&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false[/url]

    The Gateway Experience by the Monroe Institute

    By reading his books and watching his seminars I got interested in the Monroe Institute.
    And now I am listening to the Hemi Sync guided lesson by Bob Monroe himself.

    In order to learn to get out of body! In other words, be aware of the consciousness itself.
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