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    1. Attempt 21: Exploration Sleep

      by , 03-26-2012 at 10:13 AM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      I thought Mind Awake/ Body Asleep meant sleep paralysis, but I misunderstood the whole thing.

      I thought I was struggling with reaching Focus 10 when I actually have reached it several times.

      I have experienced that I could no longer feel my body and I could actually imagine the sensation of feeling my body parts in another position that it really was in. For example last night I could feel my right hand scratching my left arm, but then I opened my physical eyes and saw that it was resting on the right side of my body.

      So I was in the state where I could imagine my body feeling different sensations. And here I could actually have done what most of the guided OBE meditations suggest, imagining my body float up and levitate or even just get out of bed.
      By the sensation that also Michael Raduga talked about. Now I finally understand what they meant.

      I am about to master the Discovery CD which taught me to achieve Focus 10.

      Then I am going to listen to Treshold which will teach me to enter Focus 12 which is is expanded awareness. The awareness is expanded beyond the physical body. In other words an OBE. (AP, lucid dream and so on).

      See you!
    2. Attempt 20: Advanced Focus 10

      by , 03-24-2012 at 07:57 PM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Attempt 20:

      Now I have done a lot of progress, I no longer have the problem of falling asleep unconsciously, because I have something to focus on. It feels like I kind of rush through the exercises, but when I have finished all of them, I have actually been laying there for about 50 minutes. So it's still better than what I used to do.

      I have not yet experienced a strong focus 10 which means that I am in the Mind Awake Body Asleep state.
      And I am still aware of my body when I reached the end of all the mind work. But I think the reason is that I rush it, so I am going to practice some more with the Monroe Institute CD, just to make sure that I do everything right, then I am going to do it on my own and see if I can enter Focus 10.

      I have experienced Focus 10 before, and that's the state my friend Fredrik enters before he chose to fall asleep.
      And he even feels the next stage, floating sensation, but he never choose to continue hmm...

      I'll see you guys soon!
    3. Attempt 19: Focus 3 And Focus 10

      by , 03-22-2012 at 07:19 AM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Attempt 19:

      I have just started listening to Bob Monroes guided Hemi Sync meditations and I am already seeing some results!
      It might just depend on the fact that I have practised relaxation and other WILD techniques for 3 years already.

      Bob Monroe talks about different Focuses that we enter with our consciousness, and he use these to describe what state we are in.

      The first Focus is attained by relaxing and by the use of resonant tuning.

      I start out with affirmations in order to make the exercise more effective.

      "I am more than my physical body. Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world. Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience;to Know, to Understand; to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me. Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development,and experience are equal to or greater than my own. I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires."

      Then I use a breathing exercise called "Resonant Tuning"

      It is basically a breathing exercise to help you vitalize and charge your entire system. It promotes an accelerated gathering of your vibrational energy while reducing your internal dialogue.

      Focus 3: When the body starts to get relaxed and when the brain and mind are more coherent, synchronized and balanced.
      This state is easily achieved by just entrain yourself by listening to the Hemi Sync.

      The first Focus was easy, I just listened to the first exercise and felt the Hemi Sync making me more relaxed and my mind clear. But the next Focus I expected to be much harder to attain since I have been trying to do this ever since I started with lucid dreaming!

      Focus 10: Mind Awake / Body Asleep State

      When I have attained Focus 3 I start to gradually relax every part of my body, by listening to Monroes voice and last day when I tried this I fell asleep... So I did one more attempt before I went to bed and this time I almost remained awake.
      I felt my body vibrating heavily and getting heavy and I were on the treshold of sleep. I felt my body completely shut down.
      But then my mind fell asleep again unconsciously.

      But I noticed my body fall asleep! And this attempt was 30 minutes and was done before normal sleep.

      These exercises really seems promising, so I will keep doing them.

      Next Focus happens when I am out of body! But there is more exercises I have to complete before I am ready to go there.

      See you!
    4. The Real Matrix

      by , 03-21-2012 at 05:20 PM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Since I started listening to Thomas Campbell I have learned many valuable things.

      I realise now that my brain is full of f*ck. But I have to warn you, that the following text will change your view of your reality.

      Thomas Campbell opened my eyes to what the world really is. To see the real Matrix.

      All the great physicist were going in the same direction, but they hit a wall and couldn't figure out what the final solution would be.

      It all started with the double slit experiment.

      You can either read my description which I will write now or you can watch this video: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu57B1v0SzI[/url]

      The result of this experiment questions the reality's existence. And this was the beginning of quantum physics.
      The experiment is really simple. It consists of one laser | |----------------------
      and two small slits which is two small stripes that the light can travel though | || || |
      and we have one observation screen |____|.
      In order for this experiment to work we have to be able to control the laser so it shots a light particle even called photons, through the slits one at the time.

      Let's start with just one slit.

      By doing this a pattern will show up that looks like a single stripe | formed by each dots that was hit by the photons.

      Now let's try with two slits. It's expected to be formed just like two stripes or the same shape as the slits.

      But the pattern that is shown makes no sense at all...

      | | | | | | | | | <--- Wave pattern!

      This is called an interference pattern. Since the photons was shot on at the time, they can not have interfered with each other. And there is only one conclusion:

      The fired photon stops being a particle and becomes a way of potentials and go through both slits and interferes with itself. But when we try to calculate how this is possible. It's impossible, because it goes through both slits and at the same time it goes through neither and it also goes through just one and just the other.

      We want to know how this is possible right? Ok let's put a measuring device to see which slit it actually goes through.
      Now the logical pattern of two stripes | | is shown on the board.

      which means that the photon went back to behave like a little marble only when we OBSERVED it.
      How can our awareness affect how light behaves? This is called the measurement problem.

      Thomas Campbell the author of the book "My Big TOE "Theory of Everything"" explains how.

      And other physicists have come to the same conclusion, but got stuck to the question "How?".

      Edward Fredkin - "Reality is a computed simulation our reality is digital, time is and space is. Our reality
      is just information."

      Albert Einstein - "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"

      Letter from Einstein to David Bohm:

      "One has to find a possibility to avoid the continuum (together with space and time) altogether. But I have not the slightest idea what elementary concepts could be used in such a theory."

      Einstein struggled with finding an answer, but digital physics did not existed during that time.

      Thomas Campbell solved this mystery, by using the digital physics that already had been discovered.

      The answer is that we are inside a matrix, a matrix created by our minds.

      The physics is the rules of how this world works and that's what makes it consistent.

      The best explanation is Morpheus:"If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

      And that's exactly what happens when we dream as well! So why is the reality more real than the dream?

      The point is that our consciousness is best modeled as a digital information system.

      This might sound like a big leap of faith, but remember that it's not a big leap from what some of the brightest physicists concluded.

      I just had to share this information with you, and if you want to learn more you can either watch some of Thomas Campbells seminars or read his book: [url]http://books.google.se/books?id=YxMf-lyn0qoC&printsec=frontcover&hl=sv&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false[/url]

      The Gateway Experience by the Monroe Institute

      By reading his books and watching his seminars I got interested in the Monroe Institute.
      And now I am listening to the Hemi Sync guided lesson by Bob Monroe himself.

      In order to learn to get out of body! In other words, be aware of the consciousness itself.

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    5. Attempt 18: Occupy The Mind

      by , 03-18-2012 at 08:22 PM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Last night I fell asleep unconscious fairly fast. But when I woke up in the morning again I started meditating immediately.
      And I ended up dreaming unaware, but I remembered when I woke up that it was only withing seconds after starting meditating. I did one more attempt and after each mantra I counted a number. I reached the number 100 which means that I lay there for approximately 10 minutes before I gave up. I am always obsessed by timing my attempts. But it only makes me bored and makes me stressed. So I am going to stop doing that.

      I have read about 60 pages of Thomas Campbell's "My Big TOE" and I just read about the time he learned to meditate.

      He went to a Transcendental Meditation lesson for 20 $ and was told to repeat a "secret" mantra to occupy the mind.
      He was skeptical but he wanted it to reduce stress, so he tried it out. In his first attempt he was supposed to sit for 20 minutes, but when the teacher yelled that the time was up, he had actually been sitting there for 40 minutes.
      He practiced regularly with two 20 minute attempts per day, and he sometimes found himself being thoughtless in a dark void of nothingness and he was jolt awake. When he tried to move he had trouble moving.

      Now I am going to read about his first meeting with Bob Monroe. (He talks about shared non-physical experience! Not so weird since the non-physical world is as real as this one. But I have to experience it myself to believe it though.)

      So now I am going to start my journey and start meditating regularly as well.

      I will write here if I experience something special, but not necessarily each day.

      Take care and good luck to you!

      I'll be back :D

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    6. Attempt 17: Better Mantra

      by , 03-17-2012 at 04:30 PM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      I had to go to sleep early last day because I had a English test. Yupp on the weekend dafuq?
      I did not meditated last night, I just went to sleep.

      Today I read my old post about Thomas Campbell's mantras and I realised that I forgot the second part.

      I am supposed to say "ah-lum-bar-dee-dum - ah-lum-baa-dee-dum" and not just "ah-lum-bar-dee-dum".
      Haha yeah I know it makes no sense, but that's the point anyway I am going to do exactly as it was instructed.

      The important thing though is to not compare the attempts, see every new attempt as a new experience.

      See ya!
    7. Attempt 16: Ah-lum-baa-dee-dum

      by , 03-16-2012 at 07:35 AM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Attempt 16:

      I now understand what Don Juan ment with intending and why Thomas Campbell stress to not have hope, fear or expectations while meditating.

      I wen to bed last night and started to think or chant of the sound "ah-lum-baa-dee-dum" over and over since I don't have any intellectual association to it, it was easy to return to even if I started to think random thoughts.

      Suddenly I where inside a dream and dreamt that I were in my school blabla. Then I woke up and remembered to chant my mantra, and then I were inside a dream chanting the mantra! For some reason I started to hum my favourites song, but by singing my mantra as the lyrics. Muse - Uprising with ah-lum-baa-dee-dum lyrics ^^

      I was definitelly more aware, but I never got lucid. Although I was aware of falling asleep!

      Then I had some random dreams, still vivid but not interesting.


      Ok what did Don Juan ment by intending then? It means to want it, but not wanting it (while pracctising). You are intending the correcy way when you realise how to do this. And that was what Don Juan couldn't explan how to do, and neither can I. Just trust that it will take care of itself and by just being aware of this, you will succeed.
      That explains most of my spontanious lucid dreams I have got while I wasn't trying.

      Thomas Campbell also talked about this. We have to approach without the ego so without hope, fear and expectations.
      Just try to be conscious by focusing on the mantra. Don't try to be rational.

      The energy body understand the intent not the mind. And you don't have to be rational the energy body exist and Don Juan was right, it's now proven with physics and metaphysics thanks to Thomas Campbell!

      Although it can only be proven to YOU by EXPERIENCING it.

      See you!

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    8. Attemp 15: Thomas Campbell Meditation

      by , 03-15-2012 at 08:15 AM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Attempt 15:

      Last night I tried it my way by focusing the awareness of my location. I fell asleep in one minute or something like that...

      I had some vivid ehrm sex dreams this night, and not a few of them either.. So I am not going to write them down :lol:

      I am going to read some pages of his book and hopefully I learn something new.

      He say that the most important thing is that you learn by yourself. But that either way meditation is the first step, because that's the way to tune into he consciousness, by not blocking it. Even though he can almost define anything as meditation.

      From his book

      "Those who seriously want to get started on their spiritual journey, but find them-selves caught in the headlights of physical action-reaction causality, will now havesomething to do. It may or may not help you improve the quality of your consciousness- that depends on you - but it will give the committed doers a place to start. Often thatis what is needed - a place to start - a doable approach to the problem of how to mod-ify the quality of your being."

      To do this all you have to do is to be conscious of yourself. But the western man is not used to be that, so it can be a good idea for starters to learn to be conscious of something to still the mind and then learn to be conscious of youself.

      He talks about different mantras such as: "sehr-ring",uda-room", "ra-zing", "ca-ouhn", "sah-roon", and "sher-loom." For a simple multi-syllable repetitive string (chant), try: "ah-lum-bar-dee-dum - ah-lum-baa-dee-dum.
      And the improtance of not carry any intellectual meaning with them. You can use any sound you like the important thing is that it can't make any sense to you, so you can associate it with something intellectual.

      You can also use other sensations to meditate like, kinesthetic, visual. Anything you like.

      But I am going to stick with a mantra, because that's what seems most appealing to me for the moment.

      "The point here is to learn to control your thoughts and your operative mind so thatyou can experience your consciousness. This is a first and necessary step. Later youcan learn how to direct that consciousness once you have freed it from a noisy, frantic,ego serving, perpetual tail chase. Do not try to direct it too soon - that will only delayyour progress - get in touch with, and follow, the source of your intuition. Do not pur-sue or chase after specific or general results. All results must come to you. If you goafter them, it will only delay your progress."

      I like his way of writing, because when you have watched his seminar, it all makes sense and is even logical and proven with theories from the quantum physics! And it's also a very good explaination of how to meditate ;)

      Although all his theories still goes hand in hand with what Carlos Castaneda wrote about, but it's explained with science!
      The paranormal is possible, it's just not understood by the western man yet.

      I will pracctise some meditation during the day, then I will meditate while going to sleep. See you!

      [COLOR="red"]Wait! I just have to tell you about a very cool game that is realised soon:

      Have you seen the movie Spirited Away? If you have haven't .. See it now! It's about a little girl who gets trapped in a city of spirits, very beautiful film. Anyway now there is a game called Journey, not the creators of Spirited Away but it reminds me of it. The game is like a simulated Out of body experience as an entity exploring another world.

      On the journey you explore different places and learn new things about yourself.[/COLOR]

      You should check it out! Here is a gameplay: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH5pnb_uotY&feature=related[/url]

      Ok now I go bye!

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    9. Going To Learn About The Big Toe!

      by , 03-14-2012 at 05:09 PM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      I am just so amazed by Thomas Campbell. He is a former NASA physicist and he explains the nature of everything!
      He explains the answer to the all, and he explains it with science! He even explains OBE with quantum physic! :shadewink:

      This is my new hero and I am going to read his book "Theory of Everything" ToE, and see what he has to say.
      And he also say what I like to say. It can't be explained, you have to experience it.

      The Matrix is real! Free your mind!

      I will share what I learn here as usual ;)


      I have read some pages in his book now and he talks about the things I have allways known:

      The belief in yourself is the important aspect. And these things can only be proven by your own experience.
      Intent is a helpful tool.
      And meditation help you learn to be conscious.

      Although he explains all this with physics! I have read about his view on meditaiton and have decided to stop using guided meditations, it was annyoing in the end anyway. Instead i am going to try my own awareness of the location techniques this night, just to see what I think about it. If that doesn't suit me I am going to use one of his recommended mantras and stick to it, until the day I die. Serriously it's the only way :shock: Haha no, but I will at least stick with it for some weeks.

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    10. Attempt 14: Vivid Dreams!

      by , 03-14-2012 at 07:43 AM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Attempt 14:

      This time I did listened to the guided meditations mp3:s but I did not listenened to what they said, instead I focused on the awareness of my location as I told you about yesterday. And I also focused on my heartbeat that I could feel in different parts of my body. The beats was even out of synchronization so it felt a little weird. When I was unable to feel the beat in any of the body parts: hands, feet, heart area and head I knew that, that part was getting more and more relaxed.

      When the mp3 stopped I was still aware and suddenly I started to get memory impressions. I saw images clearly infront of me for 3 seconds and then they just dissapeared.

      Normally I wouldn't write down my dreams, but this night they were so vivid and special.

      00:00 I wake up and have memory of experiencing a dream, can't remember it now though. - fell back to sleep
      [COLOR="blue"]I am walking not sure to where. But I see a celebrity it's Jim Carrey. I get shocked and I asked him if I could take a photo of him and I. Then suddenly I see Matt Damon and I ask him to join as well. But when I look at the Iphone screen it starts to behave weird. I ask the two celebrities to wait. And they seem to get more and more uncomfortable. And it ends with me taking a picture of them without me.. Then they walk into a store and I see another celebrity. It's Mila Kunis! So now I am walking in a store with Jim Carrey, Matt Damon and Mila Kunis, I feel a little embarrassed because I had very ugly clothes on me. Mila Kunis asked me if I wanted to go to Lady Gaga land that opens in Copenhagen the next year. "The whaaaat?!" I asked surprised. Then I said no and I started to talk about problems in my life, that I don't even have for real with Mila and she acts like my psychiatrist...[/COLOR]
      01:33 Wake up from the dream and go right back to sleep.
      [COLOR="blue"]I am at a camp and see some young kid hiding in an old house. I start to hear screams saying "Experiarmus!" I see Tom Riddle and suddenly I am him o.O and I think and experience all he is doing.
      He walks into the house where the kid was hiding and I say "Crucio!" and the wall dissapears and I see the kid. Without heistations I say cruciate and see the kid die in pain. :shock: Then I see a woman and say "Avada Kedavra!" but she doesn't even notice and I try to do the same at the children that are playing on the floor, but they were also uneffected.
      I ask her why nothing happens and she say "We're not humans and you can not kill us".
      I take her dog that is alive and put it on the street and with spells I try to make it get hit by a car. But it manages to escape. I am watching all this happening with my own body and I see Voldemort on the top of the roof laughing.

      For some reason I grab a plastic bag formed as a barrel and the air makes it lift up in the air. I get higher and higher up in the sky and I start to worry that I would go up to space and die. But I managed to control the direction of the flying and I wanted to fly home. I thought I were in Spain or something like that so I stopped and thought where I was going to fly.
      I was now over the sea and I was getting lower and lower and I worried that there were sharks in the water. Instead I saw dolphins jumping under me and I could feel one of the fin touching my feet.
      Suddenly I see an island and girls in green bikinis waiting there. I wondered what they were doing out here in the middle of nowhere. [/COLOR]
      04:11 I get up and go the bathroom, write some keywords from these dreams and then I actually make a WILD attempt.
      I get to the memory impression stage again and then I fell asleep unconsciously and dreamt again.
      [COLOR="blue"]I was running a marathon with my friends. My friend had a bike and I pushed on it for some reason and we were encouraging each other to keep running. I was running with my friend Ludvig and we worried that a guy named Christopher was going to catch up with us. Suddenly Ludvig was Christopher instead and we started to talk and I can even remember the whole conversation. But it's not interesting for you to hear at all, but it was about him and his girlfriend. [/COLOR]

      This night I was aware of every awakening, and I was even aware of real stuff inside my dreams. But I never got lucid...
      Super vivid dreams very aware of them, but still not critical enough dafuq?

      I am trying to understand what I did wrong, but it's no need to analyse it. New attempt tonight!

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    11. Attempt 13: Meditation

      by , 03-13-2012 at 03:29 PM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Attempt 13:

      This time I actually managed to stay aware for a little time longer, but I still fell asleep unconsciously, but this time I also regained awareness again. The problem this time was that the guided mp3 meditations I were listening to was on repeat so I had to move to turn it off when it got on repeat. So I will fix that and make a new attempt this night.

      I did not remember any vivid dreams this night and I wasn't as aware as in the dreams as I have been the previous nights.
      But on the coming attempts I am not going to focus on going into the dream, instead I am just going to aim for conscious sleep and let the dream come to me.

      Now some minutes ago I actually had a breakthrough in meditation ;) I managed to stay aware for 50 minutes without falling asleep, which I usually end up doing. What I did was instead of focusing on an anchor like my eyes or my breath I focused on the awareness of my location. Close your eyes now and just think of where you are, you can somehow "sense" it. And everytime it felt like I was concentrating too much on my thoughts I focused on that.
      Next time my body fall asleep and my mind is awake, I will try this meditation and maybe I will find myself being aware of a completley location! :)

      Just a little motivation for you:

      It took Stephen LaBerge, Robert Waggoner and most of the other lucid dreaming authors 25-30 to learn to frequentley lucid dream and to control the environment, so if you are struggling just remember that you are still doing better than what they did. And for me, it took the guy who learns from Don Juan about 2 years to focus his attention to anything he wanted in his dreams.

      I am going to shorten this time span!
    12. Attempt 12: Fast asleep...

      by , 03-12-2012 at 01:43 PM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Attempt 12:

      This time I listened to the guided meditation mp3:s but at the beggining of the second one, I fell asleep. Which means that I did the attempt for 15 minutes before I fell asleep unconsciously.

      When I woke up in the morning I went to the bathroom the got back to bed again, and just went back to sleep.

      I dreamt that I wrote something here actually, that I had a lucid dream and I even remembered a dream. Lol writing down a dream about a dream where I was writing down a dream Dreamjournalception :shock:
      Then I had some normal dreams, but it all ended with me flying an apache helicopter over the mountains, as I did in one of my previous lucid dreams. So I dreamt that I got lucid, but I never realised that I was dreaming, so simulated lucidity. Anyway when that happend I jumped out from the helicopter and opened up my parachute and started to sing "We are the champions" by Queens. I saw that I were travelling through thick clouds and I took my hand to feel it. But as I did I opened my real physical eyes and touched my wall... :(

      I am getting used to dreaming more aware now, I just hope that I can start to control the dreaming/ energy body. That way falling asleep aware will be a piece of cake.

      I have already posted this Don Juan quote, but for those who haven't seen it.


      - "The mistake was mine. I told you that one has to wake up into another dream, but what I meant was that one has to change dreams in an orderly and precise manner, the way you have done it. With the first gate, you wasted a lot of time looking exclssively for your hands. This time, you went directly in to the solution without bothering to follow the given command: to wake up in another dream.

      Don Juan said that there are two ways of properly crossing the second gate of dreaming. One is to wake up in another dream, that is to say, to dream that one has a dream then dream that one wakes up from it. The alternative is to use the items of a dream to trigger another dream."

      I am starting to learn how to cross the first gate frequentley now, I have taken the first steps to find my way to the second one as well.
    13. Attempt 11: So Close...

      by , 03-11-2012 at 11:46 AM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Attempt 11:

      No luck this time either I just fall asleep instantly. It's beyond my control...
      So tonight I am going to listen to guided relaxation mp3:s again.

      I woke up in the morning and fell back to sleep again and I got lucid for a moment.
      I was dreaming that I were in a mall and I can't remember how, but I realised that it was a dream. And this time I had a clear mind to choose what I wanted to do. I found a pen in my pocket and stared at it, but then it felt like something else took over. I couldn't control my actions even though I was lucid! My dreaming body walked inside a house and there I saw my biggest dream distraction, a hot woman... I lost my lucidity and the rest of the dream consisted of me hitting on her although it was a failure.

      I have reached the first gate now, by becoming aware of when I am falling asleep or be aware of dreaming as I would call it. So now I am going to quote the next lesson of Don Juan:

      - "Don Juan said that the active element of the training of the awareness of dreams is persistence, and that the mind and all it's rational defenses cannot cope with persistence. Sooner or later the mind's barriers fall, under it's impact, and the dreaming attention blooms."


      - "You reach the second gate of dreaming when you wake up from a dream into another dream. You can have as many dream as you want or as many you are capable of, but you must exercise adequate control and not wake up in the world we know"

      He also explains that when the second gate of dreaming is crossed, the dreamer sinks into mortal depths. And that's why sober control of the first gate is important, because perfect control of the energy body is the safety valve dreamers have in order to return to the physical body again.

      Creepy stuff, but I will find out if it's true. Because right now I am feeling more "sober" in my dreams and that's another reason to why I get lucid more often nowadays.

      Wish me good luck and if I dissapear you know that something have happend to me in the dream or as Don Juan calls it The Secondd Attention.

      However, I hope none of this will ever happen. :shock:

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    14. Attempt 10: Lucidity In Abundance!

      by , 03-10-2012 at 11:33 AM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Attempt 10:

      Couldn't remain aware this time either.. I think I am going to go back to listening to guiding relaxation mp3:s as a warmup and relaxation just to make sure that I atleast lay still AND are aware of some attempts...

      Although this morning got pretty exciting anyway.

      I woke up and looked at my alarm and the time was 05.46 I switched sleeping posture so that I was laying on my side.
      I started to daydream and think about different stuff. And suddenly I was dreaming, not knowing that I was dreaming but then I got a False awakening and I just knew that it was a dream. I remembered that I was going to focus on one single object. I were standing in my room and I looked at my hands and then something weird happend, but that was probably because I expected that something would happen. But as I concentraded on my hands, the room I was standing in vanished and I started to feel a sinking sensation. But I just ended up standing in the hall, which is right under my bedroom. I remembered that Don Juan from the book had said that one should focus on four objects on the first attempts.
      So I started looking at stuff in my hall, but in this dream I wanted to go out and explore so badly.. So I couldn't stayed focused...

      Instead I went out of my house and for some reason I wanted to run to my school and I walked out of my house.
      I lost my lucidity here and got sort of semi-lucid. I remember that I was happy that I were walking in my town, but when I woke up I realised that I had been at a completely unfamiliar place. :roll:

      [B]DEILD: [/B]

      When I woke up again I was proud of this attempt, but I wanted to go back again. So I changed my sleeping posture to the side again and I started to make my thoughts vivid. I can't remember how, but I remember that it was easy because I could feel like I had heard a sound if I just concentrated my will enough. Hard to explain but when you just have woke up from a dream I am either still in the dream and I can feel it or I am in this clear state of mind where my thought can go vivid if I just concentrate.

      Suddenly I heard a girl singing and I imagined that she was blonde and then I realised that I was sitting next to her :shock:
      I was now lucid, but I did not remember my plan of action, so this lucidity experience was really short.
      I saw that we had an audience in front of us. I got nervous because I am not used to be in the"light".
      I knew that it was just a dream, but it was still scary, they were so real.. I saw that I were in a church but it wasn't normal at all. They talked about evil dogs and nice rabbits and that the dogs are the devils animals.
      I asked if this was a sect of some sort? They got angry at me, but I just said that it wasn't logical at all.
      The next thing that happens was so weird haha. I walked out from the church and saw a man sitting at a big platform with a chair in the middle. And 10 black girls were holding it up with the help of ropes, hard to explain. It was weird...
      I don't know where I lost my lucidity probably somewhere here, but the last thing I remember that I did before waking up was that I did a double sideflip into a swimming pool.


      I went out of bed and got to the bathroom and then got back to bed again. I started to daydream and now the thoughts wasn't vivid at all. But I did not fall asleep unconsciously. Instead i lay in my bed for some minutes and daydreamed until I got memory impressions as Lucidology called it. It means that I think that I have heard a sound or seeing an image, but I can't remember when I heard or saw it. I felt some small vibrations in my body and continued daydreaming.
      Suddenly one of the daydreams got real. I were in some virtual game and I realised that this was a dream, but I whined over that it wasn't real. Then idea of seeing my school came back again and I tried to find a way to teleport there.
      I saw a door and opened it, and all I could see was a giant start surrounded by darkness.
      I imagined the view of my school and I could see the school at the other side of the door!
      I was amazed over the vividness, but I realised that it wasn't a perfect copy of my real school. For some weird reason I got the idea of taking a picture of what I saw so that I could show you guys. I started to think loud in my head "Where is the printscreen?!" And then I thought "Never mind I can mindphotograph it" ??!?!?!?!?!!
      Anyway I took a mindphotographh of it and oddly enough I have perfect memory of it!
      Then I went inside the school just to see how it looked compared to the real school, and it wasn't even close.
      I lost my lucidity and started walking around my school and talking to friends.

      [B]WBTB/ DILD:[/B]

      Ok the next dream is to embarrassing to write down.. :shadewink::D
      I walked out of bed and wrote down these three attempts, so I guess that counts as a short WBTB.
      Then I went back to bed and I actually started to hum different songs while repeating the lyrics (I AM AWARE) until
      fell asleep and I got lucid when two hot girls were standing in front of me and wanted to have sex.
      I got lucid and the rest you can guess for yourself... :roll:

      This morning was very exciting and I am amazed that I could get lucid so many times. But I am a little dissapointed that the dreaming mind is so hard to control.. I am going to keep doing this and hopefully someday I will be able to focus on objects and make the dream completely stable.

      And one day I am going to sleep consciously for the whole night!

      And here is the Don Juan quote of the day:

      - "Is the goal of dreaming to intend the energy body?"

      - "One can certainly put it that way. In this particular instance, since we're talking about the first gate of dreaming, the goal of dreaming is to intend that your energy body becomes aware that you are falling asleep. Don't try to force yourself to be aware of falling asleep. Let your energy body do it. To intend is to wish without wishing, to do without doing.
      Accept the challenge of intending..."

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    15. Attempt 9: VILD

      by , 03-09-2012 at 07:49 AM (Choi's Journey of the Conscious Mind)
      Attempt 9:

      I could not stay aware this night either.. :/ I will keep doing this until succeed though.

      But I did got lucid anyway atleast semi-lucid:

      I were inside a school and helped some girl with a computer. I know... but I am not a nerd! Ok maybe a little..
      When that dream changed I woke up and fell asleep immediatelly and were in a vivid daydream.
      I looked around and was now lucid of a vivid thought of a mall, and suddenly I got eyecontact with a person and realised that it was a dream. I started to walk and was amazed over how real it felt, even if it this time didn't felt competely real.
      I walked out from the mall and it was dark outside, I saw a dark figure moving in the distance. I thought to myself whatever I am not scared! I am going to face it! I saw a man with a long dark coat staring at me and he leaned in and kissed me! I got shocked and I turned that man into a beautiful girl instead. Puh... '
      I then saw my friend and got distracted. I started to think that he somehow was my real friend dreaming.
      I tried to convince him that he was dreaming and when he realised that he just run away :(
      We had a codeword though it was Mila Kunis and Italia, but when I woke up I realised that I did not knew who he was...
      Then I walked inside a buidling and started to play a videogame, some motorcycle game.
      I was not lucid anymore, but I still behaved like I was lucid and I went to a window and tried to melt the snow on the roof with my eyes. Instead my eyes started to heat up and hurt. Lol can't imagine how it would be like to be superman.
      Then I had some other dream about me trying to follow a bus with my bike, and then I woke up.

      I have to remember my plan of action in my dreams... Then they might have lasted longer.
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