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    Memorable Dreams

    1. trying to find a producer for my dreams into movies.

      by , 07-12-2010 at 08:15 PM
      I was in a car ( All I knew was my goal was to ask a movie producer to make my dreams into movies). I stopped at a Swiss Chalet restaurant. I order Caser sald and Chicken on a Kaiser and Iced Tea. While waiting for my food to arrive guess who came in? Kermit . He ask: "What are you doing in these parts?" I replied: "I am trying to find a producer to produce my dreams into movies. I knew they will have to embrioded it to explain the one chase scene and the kidnapping scenes." Kermit said: "What is it that was in the one movie of my friends and mine?" I said: "The Muppet Movie? 'Life is like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending'. " Kermit said: "yeah that. Well I am pretty impressed about your goal. if you need a hand to get your dreams off the ground into a movie just give me a call." (he gave me his phone number). I than got back into the car. I than ended up at pressumbly Hollywood. The Office Administrative Assistant tried to stop me but I said "I came all the way from Canada and not going to let someone`s Office Administrative Assistant stop me." I than marched right in to the producer`s room. The Producer ( Adrian James) said: "Can I help you?" I replied "Yes you can help me. I want to make my dreams into a movie. I came all the way from Canada and I passed Kermit who was impressed about my goal and said if I need help to get this off the ground to contact him" Mr. James using a intercom said: "Please prepare the standard Rich and Famous contract for Ms. Doe." "Mr. James. I am worried about being kidnapped." Mr. James said: "We will hire a body guards for you." Than I appear outside the studio and guessed who appears again? Kermit and this time he is with Miss Piggy . I woke up shortly after this

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    2. new cousin appearing & feeling jealous.

      by , 07-09-2010 at 01:59 PM
      In last night's dream I was someplace. We were at a huger version of my maternal grandparents place. There was like a reunion going on. All of my cousins except a half-cousin was there.I was eating chips with dip when suddenly a small (8 year old) version of my mom's family "baby brother" (my other uncle) appeared-but the real person and his wife were there (I think the small version is suppose to be an adopted-the real uncle&his wife has no kids either adopted or not). But this small version was super enthusiastic and went around shaking all his new cousins' hands. I was jealous since I had always been the baby of the extended family.
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    3. coach bus, hotel, jounranlist

      by , 07-08-2010 at 09:29 PM
      I was waiting in cold, snowy weather for a bus-not a city bus but a coach bus. The bus came and picked me and some other people who were waiting for the same bus. But what like it seem half-way through the trip something happened-maybe a fight or something? Just before the 2 people sat back down-I reached over accross the asile-(I thought the person accross the asile was the person respoinsble for whatever happened but he wasn't) and put a hooky-do thing onto a screw or something and the person turned into an identical version of the other guy who was sitting up at the front 3 asiles in front of me-which when I realized my mistake and I was .

      The next thing I knew the bus was at a hotel with a fountian out front. It was a very expensive hotel. The two indentical males started fighting with each other when they were still outside (they were both big-headed). When that was happening the rest of us went into the hotel. We were told to meet at the pools by 3:00. It was 3:00 and we meet by the pools and the (inscrutor/counseller/whatever she was?) called out are names-mind you we were all wearing swim suits (women were wearing swim suits when the men who were there were wearing trunks). We were missing a couple of people beside the two identenical big-head males). Suddnely someone who looked like my (in the head) version of Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter character first appeared in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and than again in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) appeared. She was looking at all of us but for some reason her eyes always kept coming back to focus on me. But mom woke me up shortly after this.
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    4. school,mall, home, arcade, school or class mates, soccer, costumes, candy and a play.

      by , 07-08-2010 at 08:25 PM
      I was somewhere a kind of school/home/outdoor mall/aracde/theatre kind of place. I was suppose to meet people through a door near the back of the werid place. On my way back there I passed someone who helped a teacher in highschool. She was having lunch (or tea) at an indoor patio but I didn't stay at all since I was almost late for whatever I was going too. I found the door and the room was huge-twice the times of my high school's drama classroom. The room's length was 25 m by 10m. But the room had a bit of a homey feel. Everybody was on the floor but all of them were people I knew people from my elementary school and/or high school (I could tell who was who just because of skin colour&hair) but they left a spot for me on the floor. People were playing with a ball --I believe it was a soccer ball.

      Than the room changed to the outdoors and we started playing soccer (it was girls vs. boys). My team won-even though I wasn't the captain of the team-but I did play in the game. I was the one who scored the winning goal the Captin of my team congratulates me. The boy team said the next time we play I should be on their team. But I said this: "Kate choose me for her team. So a team that plays together stays together."

      The Room changed back into the homey-feel room and all of us were dressed in costumes. I have no idea why that was. We started throwing candy stuff around. I got something werid kind of like an Easter Egg but not an easter egg it was made to look like a skeleton (like Day of the Dad candy that people have way down south). But I blinked and it was gone the next second. Our costumes mysteriously vanished and then we started playing with a remote control car each of us was to have a turn.

      Than the unseen teacher or whatever the person told us there was a play we were going to perform in. So she gave us all parts-but I like usually-(I should have seen it coming) got a boy/man part. Lockers suddenly appear behind us-its like the room was the RofR ((Room of Requirment)). We went to the lockers with our names on it. All I got was a maroon sweater. Which I put on than I got transported to the aracde area of the wacky place. I was with someonee else. But I was praticing my lines the person I was with said I should not have gotten this part it should have gone to someone else. I woke uo just after this happened.
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    5. girl, hostpial, red stuff, and green stuff, and eldery people

      by , 07-06-2010 at 06:13 PM
      I was like at a hospital. I was looking at some kind of werid instrument. It's hard for me to explain what the instrument was. It had 2 big metal upside down containers that were both connect together by a see-through tube. A nurse put a child (girl) into the left container. and started moving some levelers (supposedly) and red stuff appear in the other container-I think it was blood but was unsure. Than the nurse moved some more levels and the red stuff disapper but the girl was surronded by green stuff. But the nurse didn't move the one container all the way down so the girl slipped out of the container when the nurse's back was turn. The Nurse had to catch her and she did but when they were just about to continue whatever was happening when the girl died. Than the screen wiped to a doctor giving red stuff to some eldery people. He was talking to some other doctors in the room about the girl from the other part of the hosptial saying that she died.

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    6. Making Asain food and Mulan's "Reflection" song is heard.

      by , 07-05-2010 at 06:07 PM
      I was making supper when music which litterally "haunts" my dreams started up. I asked my parents if they heard it but they said they didn't hear anything for some reason I am the only one who can always hear it. its the first part and second part of Mulan's "Reflection song" but take out the bride and put in "girlfriend". "I will never pass for the perfect girlfriend or the perfect daughter/Can it be/I not to meant to play this part?/Now I see if I was truly to be myself/ I would break my family's heart." " Some how I can not hide/who I am/ through I tried/When will my reflection show who I am inside?/When will my reflection show who I am inside"

      Funny how I was making Asain food for supper in the dream. I think it was Thai Chicken Staty on top of rice and smoothered in a nice PB sauce and homemade Korean veggies (carrots, spinach, bean spouts, apsgrus). I feel a connection with all the Disney renassiance princesses. Ariel (TLM)-red hair, blue eyes and curious, Belle (B&the Beast) reading Jasmine (Aladdin) feeling "trapped" my life is mostly lived for me without severants and Mulan (Mulan movie) I want to move out but I don't want to break my parents feeling. Beside I am not really myself.

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    7. Sundaes, Kidnapping, Mary Poppins mixed with a bit of Incredibles

      by , 06-28-2010 at 05:03 PM
      Last Night I dreamed that I was in a house. I went into the kitchen and there was somebody at the kitchen table. I couldn't tell if what gender the person was because their face was hidden by a ski mask. The person had a sundae on the table on his side. I conquer up another sundae using DC and the person distracted me. When my back was turn the person switched the 2 sundaes. I than started eatting what I thought was "My" sundae. I fell into a deep sleep. I in my dream had a dream that I was in a house and when I walked through the nursey in stead of ending up in a nanny's bedroom I ended up in a garden/balcony. On this garden-balcony there was a table and at the table was someone who I realized was Mary Poppins. She had a cup of tea ready. I and Mary Poppins talked. I don't remember all of the conversation. But Mary Poppins did ask one question which was this: "Who do you think is holding you back?" I said: "I think I am holding myself back". I than awoke from my dream within-a dream. I did not know where I was but could tell I was in a jungle somewhere. I was tied up around a tree. I noticed/sense others were also tied up around trees. I started trying to use DC to untie the rope. But when I was half-done one of the goons came over and noticed that my ropes were really lose but he assumed that whoever tied me up didn't do a good job. The goon than put me into some line with the other kidnappees. I and the other kidnappees were chained up. I realized that somebody had to work fast because if we didn't get free of these people, the kidnappees would be slaves someplace. So I used DC to unchain myself but somehow when I did that the other kidnappees' chains also came off. I told the others to hide. I than turned my self invisble and had a force field around me. When another goon faced me (but didn't know he was) I stretched one of my legs which got him in the gut. When the other goons saw what happened to a fellow goon. They just dropped their weapons. Since there is really no point in trying to defeat someone who one can't see. I than tied all the goons up and also, still invisble, sneaked into the mastermind's tent and put him with/ the goons. I than controlled a plane with the fellow kidnappees inside it back to the mainland. When on the plane I left a voice message on both FIB and CIAS stating that the goons and mastermind responsible for kidnapping people were tied up on an island. After making sure everyone could make their way home. I got myself home and sat down on a couch and watched the news. The newsreporter (who had been in another dream also on TV) said: "Today there been a interesting turn of events in the disappering peoples' cases. Both the FBI and CIAS both got a voice message by a strange woman saying that all the disappered people are fine and the goons and mastermind responsible are tied up on the island. Could that woman please come forward? Also could the other disappered people come forward? " That's the end of the dream.

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    8. Leading Lady in a musical production

      by , 06-27-2010 at 05:24 PM
      I dreamed I was asked to be the leading lady of a Canadian production of TLM (The Little Mermaid) since the director wanted someone to be perfect for the role and the casting director was in my neighborhood and heard me singing Ariel's song "Part of Your World", but I wasn't even in my part anymore but 2 streets over delivering catologoues-so he was like Prince Eric trying to find me in the town. But he did find me. But I was worried about a couple of things:
      1) being kidnapped (they had hired body guards)
      2) what would people think of a leading lady coming out of the blue from nowhere?

      When I went to my first practice the people playing the mer-sisters, maids and princesses (all the same people) were jealous saying that since I didn't audition I shouldn't have gotten the part. So I showed them by singing "Part of Your World", then they realized that the casting person was correct.

      I was so astonished about the person was going to play Prince Eric in my dream was a boy I grew up with that I fainted. Because when I fainted when there was commotion around me, some tried to kidnapped me and locked me in a closet where I came too (sp?) and people were looking for me but I heard the boy who I grew up with voice so I shouted "Limmer" his dog's name so he could find me.

      So I could have some experience being in a rowboat with "Prince Eric" he and I went to a nearby pond and practice (well he practiced I should say since in that scene Ariel can't 'talk").

      Somehow my body guards were knocked out and both he (boy I grew up with, playing Prince Eric) and I were kidnapped
      memorable , side notes
    9. Childhood Nightmare

      by , 06-27-2010 at 04:58 PM
      This dream happened when I was a very young child and twice: in one nightmare I was walking home with my Mom from the GO train (train that goes into Toronto in in Ontario, Canada ) station ( I didn't see the train or the station it self I just know that what we were heading from ) over top of the highway "bridge" and its was peaceful until a car with headlights on comes onto the sidewalk (I mean literally) and starts chasing mom and me on the sidewalk (thats when I woke up)

      in the second dream same thing happened but we were closer to home this time on the 3rd main street in my town.

      it was very vivid that I can remember like it was yesterday
      nightmare , memorable
    10. Wild,Wild West

      by , 06-27-2010 at 05:15 AM
      dreamed I was in high school (I'm in college at the moment) the cafertia was having some kind of celeberation and I went to the Ladies' room and when I stepped into the room I wasn't in the 21st century anymore but in the wild,wild west. All my highschool best friends +my parents were wearing cowboy/girl outfits. Someone was the sheriff (don't remember who) and they were sick of it , so they gave the job to me. the first thing I did was to get rid of all the rules. After that one of my sis dog's (who in the dream can talk) said that the______ Kid is coming. I tried to find out about this_____ Kid and didn 't discover anything. I went back outside and tried to get help but everyone said the no rules rule got a lot of people into trouble. I than faced the _____Kid and it was an evil version of me. I and the ____kid had a shown down but the ___'kid's gun ran out of ammo. SO _____ kid ran off. I than decided to instated most of the rules back.
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