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    Caught in the Nip!

    by , 09-05-2015 at 07:41 AM (307 Views)
    So I had a few lucid dreams off WILDs early this morning. One of them I was not expecting at all.

    I arrived into a gun battle with no clothes on. I think it was like Terminator style cause I was talking to Opheliablue about this the other day on chat. I got a fright because I was already in the middle of a gun fight and I was seriously vulnerable!

    Gab was shooting with a serious looking photon pistol. She had jet black hair and was wearing black body armour. I got the feeling she actually likes these battles and is well use to them but that this one was no "walk in the park". She looked at me wondering what in the hell I was doing there with no clothes on and she took a moment as some bullets flew by and then decided to throw me a metal box. I felt confident she knew what she was doing. I opened the box and inside was full Robo Cop armour which just automatically fit to my size. This was going to be a serious shoot out and I knew there was going to be a lot of blood etc. Even though I could have caused some serious damage with this suit I decided better to wake up as I did not want to do or experience that. This women is serious!

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