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    Lucidity Dream Signs

    by , 04-10-2016 at 10:40 AM (297 Views)
    Dream One (1hr into my sleep): I kept seeing a washing machine or some kindof appliance. There was a whole in the ceiling which looked like it had been just made with an ax. The bits of chip board were falling off. It was making a deep impression on my body and particularly my heart. I felt like there was someone communicating with me but I was not sure what to do. I thought this might help me do well in the competition but then I woke up and was confused about what messages I was getting. I had some food in IWL did a reality check and went back to sleep.

    I woke up again at 4hrs into my sleep with my alarm got cosey and went back to sleep again.

    Dream Two: (5hrs into my sleep): I was looking at a computer screen obviously at dreamviews but I almost seemed to be inside the computer. I was very excited about what I was doing but did not know how to do. The dream competition was complicated and I did not know how my mind was going to be able to enter as if it went its usual way I would not be able to participate. Then i got a tip through dreamviews which affect my whole mind. I was able to experience lucidity and it broke my serious mind which was blocking me entering the competition. This was very experiential. As soon as I went on with my usual schemas they would instantly be broken and it would be brought back. A bit like a massage on the mind. That is how I was experiencing it and it was keeping me present. It was very much about how the computer and dreamviews works with my mind to keep me present and prevent me from dreaming and instead being lucid. I was very happy about this and felt including and understood. So instead of just dreaming in a non lucid way I was present.

    Dream Three: In the third dream (7hrs into my sleep) all the dreamviews people were there and we were all comparing our dreams. There was an atmosphere of togetherness. There was joy and lots of colour. We were all sharing our techniuques for dreaming which were slightly different but we were all learning from each other. People were very happy with what I had learnt in dream 1 and 2 but I was not sure 100% about exactly what was happening.

    Woke up afte 7 and half hours sleep confused as to why the dreams lacked vividness but had lucidity. I guess I never realised I was dreaming.

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    1. BadAssLongCoat's Avatar
      They say dreaming about lucidity is good news
    2. Hirondelle's Avatar
      You're not in my team Danny, so I shouldn't be happy about it, but I have to agree with BadAssLongCoat, you're getting closer!