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    The deepdown.

    by , 05-02-2018 at 08:35 AM (152 Views)
    I visited the deep down this morning. I canít renember the details, only the emotional residue. The deepdown feels like home, you know everyone, you are the perfect age . Sometimes people say they have a yearning to return to heaven they canít quite explain. I believe the deep down is my heaven. I felt like if I was going to die, it is okay. Iím not afraid, I am just returning home. Where I am loved, where everyone knows me, it is a kind of neverland. The nights are always a shimmering summer haze, perfumed with the balmy scent of youth, crickets singing in the firkds under open starlight, lilac bushes in full bloom, fresh cut grass in shady corners of midnight lawns and the smell of anticipation and endless possibilities. My parents are young. My friends are young, I am who I am but I also return to being the primal part of who I was. I love my time in the deepdown.
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