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    dream fragment

    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Fragments

      by , 12-04-2012 at 08:47 PM

      My brother is laying out by a pool in a storm. I have to go save him. A snake is about to bite him. I go to pick him up and the snake bits me on the throat. Son of a bitch. Wake

      My cousin invites a bunch of Amish people to his thanksgiving dinner. I am super drunk and cussing at everyone. The Amish are not thrilled.
      My two buddies Robby and Quentin get into a fight because somehow they are mortal enemies. I break it up.

      Stopped a robbery at a gas station. Everyone was speaking a different language than me. For some reason I think I was supposed to be in Brazil.

      I dive into a lake and can't find the surface. I realize I am dreaming and start breathing. I breath underwater and swim down. There is some sort of under water fort. I sneak around through it but don't see any crazy creatures. I go back outside on the castle walls and see an army of mermaid like fish people assembled outside the gates to the castle. I use some kind of force push with my voice and the are all sent head over heels out of my line of sight.
    2. Zombies, fly to the moon, sniper battle

      by , 11-14-2012 at 08:23 PM

      1st Dream
      I started off the night with a dream that zombies were trying to get into a fortified house I was occupying with my family. They never got in but for some reason it was important that I organized the fridge of the remaining food we had.

      Next Dreams

      These dreams were all short, sporadic lucids

      In a swimming pool with and old girlfriend Lauren. Started messin around and woke up. I guess I got too excited.

      Briefly became lucid. Tried to freeze things by shooting ice out my hands. It worked but not very well. I decided to do some more telekinesis and lifted up my neighbors dog as she was walking it. She was very confused.

      Once again, I briefly became lucid. I decided to try one of my goals and fly to the moon. I flew very high above all the clouds and out into the atmosphere, but this was a failure because when I got up high enough to see there was no moon, only stars. Bummer

      Not lucid at first. I was in some kind of futuristic warzone getting shot at by a guy on a turret. I wasn't in good cover and got lit up by the lasers. This hurt to a decent degree but when I didn't die I knew I was dreaming. My buddy gave me a sniper rifle and I had a sniper battle with some members of the enemy. I don't remember how this turned out.

      A crazy looking bald DC attacks me for no reason. I try to use my fingers as guns and shoot him. Successful in shooting bullets but the DC doesn't die. Just looks down at where he was shot and smiles at me and keeps on coming.

      I was playing an old Megaman game and for some reason I know I left the level I was playing in and the game became real. I started fighting evil megaman clones. Not lucid for this one

      Don't remember much of this one but I was watching some foreign tourist woman taking pictures of me which seemed odd. This somehow progressed into me watching the Green Bay Packers play a football game against babies. Super weird. Not lucid