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    Jan 21

    by , 01-21-2012 at 05:54 PM (431 Views)
    Second Earth

    This one was really cloudy. It started out and we were on a different planet but thing thing was it was pretty much identifiable to Earth. The part of the planet that we were on was a mountainous lush green grass covered, treeless expanses and we were in the middle of a bowl with some mountains surrounding us. Now the weird thing was that if you looked straight up, you could see the exact same landscape upside down a long ways up above us, kinda like when the girl folds the world over in inception. I was there for some kind of art camp. I remember looking up at the upside down version of where we were, which in the dream was supposed to be the original earth which meant that we were on some replica earth that was literally floating less than a mile over head with the exact same environments.

    Like this but without the water. and an identical place from "Original Earth" hanging upside down above us.

    The most beautiful thing that captured my attention while loo was that birds were not subject to gravity. There were flocks of black birds that would fly in between the two worlds constantly and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I stared for so long.

    At one point I had to get some kind of art supply for my teacher...also my friends were there (frankie and them) and we were all sitting at several wooden picnic tables scattered around the landscape. SO now I had to go get the art supplies. There was one part of the landscape that wasn't pretty and that was an old rusty building that looked like something out of biohazard. A replica of this was not on original earth. I climbed up a ladder and entered the place. The inside looked like a warm and cozy house on the slightly high price range. I took out my knife and held in reverse in my right hand. I didn't forget that I was on a strange land and that there could be aliens. For some reason I was very convinced that I was gonna run into an alien cat monster. I was walking through the place carefully, and I saw a giant swiss army pocket knife that I wanted to steal but didn't. I kept walking and passed some humans so I let down my guard a lot. They were sitting on a couch watching tv and chilling out. I kept walking through when I saw another one of those knives. I picked it up and a kid who saw me said that it was somebodies. I said that it was alright and I'll just get the other knife that I found a while ago. He smiled maliciously and told me that if there was another knife than the one I was holding should go to him and that I should get the other knife. I smiled and accepted this deal. After I gave him the knife, I wandered back with him following me to the couch area. I think the couch was now more of a love seat configuration and that there were 2 of my friends, both girls (mad mod and sarah h) I sat down and started watching tv with them. There was some strange music on and we were watching a sonic the hedgehog-esque character and I started scatting a melody over the boring music in the background. I made a grand show of it and was kind of looking for a compliment. Never got it.
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