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    DayZ and sickness

    by , 09-10-2013 at 02:06 AM (591 Views)
    Dream: Black
    Lucid: Purple

    The dream started out with me and my brother at my subconscious's remodel of the North West Airfield. It wasn't much of an airfield (it was just a road in a middle of the forest) We were walking around and all of a sudden i get sniped from behind. Im now in a car with my brother (it was like dayz i died and he came to pick me up but it just skipped to the next part of the dream because thats how dreams sometimes are) he told me "I will drop you off in town so you can get some loot, then meet me down at the airfield." i followed with "Can't you just take me with you? I mean you're already going to the airfield." He responded with a grunt and a disappointed "yes". Right after the talk, we see a bus on the side of the road with 3 people. I said "Woah, were not going to take them out, are we?" and before he could answer they sniped him and i ducked. I thought to my self "They must of not seen me..." I then took my brothers MP7 and Ak-47 and snuck up on them. I was on the left side of the bus (the bus's door was on the left). The bottom of the bus was fairly high off the ground so i could see the people around the bus (2 on the right and one in the front). So i ducked under the bus and sprayed both of the people on the right (they didnt die yet but they were bleeding really bad) and then i sprayed the girl in the front. The girl in the front stayed where she was then i went around the corner with my ak and shot both of the others in the head. The girl from the front went around the corner and shot me in the head with a makorav. But soon after i died she bleed out and to my self i thought "WORTH". *Im not exactly sure if this was the same dream or another but it was fairly short* I then got up from my computer and went into the bathroom and i look into the corner of where the door closes (if someone was there the door would conceal them) and i saw my dad sleeping while standing with "green asian zing puke" and i said "Dad, what the fuck?!" he woke up and he was like "What...? Holy shit, we need to clean this up." then i woke up.

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