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    Psych fragment | [23.08.2020]

    by , 08-23-2020 at 10:14 PM (132 Views)
    Psych fragment
    At some point it's about Gus and Shawn at an airport working on a case. Then it's Jules being maybe shot and dead, but a few seconds later shows that she fell on yellow gems which were apparently zirconium which heals you, so she survived and Gus and Shawn came to help.

    I should really really reality check to the series I watch, shouldn't I?

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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Draeger
      I should really really reality check to the series I watch, shouldn't I?
      Possibly; personally my biggest difficulty with this type of stuff is having to remember initially that I want to make an interruption.

      Hopefully of some help, you can think about how you are about to start doing an activity and that during the activity, you might want to do a RC every so often, but I'd say you probably want the RCs to be cued by something a bit more specific, such as right after a key thing happens or when you see something specific that you know might appear; this can be applied to mostly anything really and I think it also helps when you are doing something that you can interrupt, such as by pausing or stopping the activity, because during a pause you can also think about why you are doing it (the RC and the activity) and think about whether reality is appearing "consistent" with what it should be or otherwise.

      For things that can't be paused, interrupted or stopped, such as conversations, driving, etc... Say you realise you should be doing a RC but for some reason you can't or don't find the motivation or whatever. As soon as you realise that you should have done a RC you can set an intention to do a RC at the next earliest possible moment whenever it's most convenient and when you do, the same as above, think about the whys and whether things are consistent, etc.
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