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    Strange alien/monster fragment | [09.07.2019]

    by , 07-09-2019 at 01:06 AM (57 Views)
    Unknown creatures in normal society
    I talk to somebody, possibly my mother or my father. Then, I go down the staircase towards the exit of the house. Meanwhile, something important happens and some also important dialogue or monologue occurs. Back to going down the stairs, the door where one of my neighbors live suddenly opens, revealing something looking like a classical alien happily dancing out of the flat, which was considered as a monster in the dream. I go further downstairs and exit the house.

    Sometime in the dream, I also seem to be in another one of my neighbor's flats, finding a different monster, which might have had fluffy, long fur.

    I don't remember anything that was spoken in the dream, I only remember that it was an exciting story, likely including an element of the alien/monster species being endangered by a sort of war and hatred against them.

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