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    Mosh and Raven Knight 2017 06 04

    by , 06-07-2017 at 02:40 AM (1194 Views)
    My dream:


    I'm in a huge battle around Bjork's inner world. Me and Raven knight are destroying Remote viewers with song spells. Raven is switching songs rapidly.. lots of metallica. My song was more guitar riffs, I was playing something similar to the four horsemen by metallica. The remote viewers died way too easily. I guess their bark is worse than their bite.

    Raven's entry:
    2017, 06-04

    The Dark Mirror

    I am in a place I donít recognize. It is a cave of some kind. I hear the sound of the ocean from one direction so I follow that sound. There is light getting into the cave from various places where cracks have penetrated through to the outside. I follow the sound of the ocean and emerge on a ledge that is high up over the ocean below. And Iím not alone there. MoSh is there with me. He says we have to find the mirror. At first that doesnít make any sense, but then I remember something about a mirror in someoneís inner world that was allowing Templars to attack. I pinch my nose and I find I can still breathe, Iím dreaming. I tell MoSh that heís dreaming and he says he already knows that. We search around on the ledge and connecting caves until we find a place where there is an outcropping of rock reaching over the sea. On the outcropping is what appears to be a mirror, but the mirror is totally black with no reflection. MoSh says thatís it, and he wants to go kick some Templar ass. I go to the mirror and plant a couple timed explosives on it. We both go through, then the explosives detonate behind us and shatter the mirror, destroying the portal behind us.

    On the other side of the mirror we are in another strange place. There are Templars all around, and it seems to be a wide-open area outside, I really donít get a very good look at the surroundings because itís dark and MoSh and I get attacked right away. MoSh tells them to leave Bjork alone, though at that point I couldnít think who Bjork was. No matter, they shouldnít be harassing anyone, so now they would all pay. As we are attacked I focus on using Battery by Metallica to call down bolts of lightning on the enemies. In spite of there being so many of them, the Templars seem to die pathetically easily. When they die they disappear from the dream. I focus on the song Damage, Inc. by Metallica and throw fireballs at many of the Templars. I then transform my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and start cutting Templars down in large numbers as they attack. The Templars are attacking using an assortment of blasters and also melee weapons such as swords and battle axes, though none of the weapons seem particularly effective. I focus on the song Phantom Lord by Metallica and create an expanding wall of fire that incinerates many Templars. Soon it looks like any Templars left are retreating, and MoSh tells them theyíd better not come back!

    After the fight is over MoSh is saying we need to make sure the mirror is gone from Bjorkís inner world so they canít use her any more. My mind still isnít remembering who Bjork is, but I say thatís fine, Iíll try to get back to where we saw the mirror. I focus on Through the Never by Metallica and both MoSh and I go through the resultant portal. On the other side we are once again on the rocky outcropping that reaches out from tall cliffs over a deep blue ocean. It is a quite beautiful sight. There is a pile of rubble on the rocky outcropping where I know there used to be a mirror. I point to the rubble and tell MoSh that the mirror is history. Just to make sure I drop a fireball on the rubble and turn it all to ash. MoSh says he hopes that takes care of things. Everything fades to black as I wake up.
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    1. Viatorem's Avatar
      That was very kind of you to help Bjork the way you two did. I'm aware most people believe dreaming is just a silly hobby, but I always wonder about those people. I mean, exactly how many hobbies are there where you get to hang out with friends in dreams and prove telepathy is real. If the notion of telepathy is "silly" then I genuinely question how those individuals made it this far in evolution where their DNA has survived for this long.