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    Shared april 21 2017

    by , 04-24-2017 at 04:46 AM (477 Views)
    I'll just be posting the parts that match between me and Raven. similarities in bold

    From Raven's Dream: 2017, 04-21

    Flight of Dragons

    I look around to see where Q has brought us. He said something about dragons to protect MoSh’s inner world? I’m not fully lucid, more like semi-lucid, so I’m not entirely sure what he means. I see Q has brought me to a mountainous area. There are trees around, but also stone cliffs, and I don’t recognize the place. Q says he will go get MoSh, and Asuka if she wants to come. He says MoSh has to be the one to release the dragons. He says he will be back in a flash… then disappears with a flash of white light. I look around the place he has brought me. I am now in a mountainous area with numerous green trees growing around as well as many rocky areas. I figure I’d better not go far, as I expect Q to return soon, but I wander a little bit until I find a clear path. I look down the path and I see it leads to a stairway up a rocky area with what looks like an Asian temple of some kind at the top. I wonder if we are going there for some reason. I start to head that direction, but then I think I’d better wait for Q to come back. So I stand there and enjoy the gentle breeze until there is a flash of white light and then Q appears with two more people. An Asian woman in a kimono, and a man in blue jeans and a tshirt. His shirt is cool and has a picture of a flying dragon on it. I am staring at his shirt while Q is talking. He says the dragons are in a huge underground chamber reached through the temple. He says those who dwell there won’t offer much resistance, they were only able to capture the dragons through dirty tricks, by creating an illusion of a baby dragon in distress. He says just don’t forget, MoSh must rescue the dragons.

    MoSh, Asuka, and I go up the stairs to the temple at the top. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around so we go inside. There are some weapons on the wall that look like they’re there for display. MoSh takes a samurai sword off of the wall before we continue to the next room. There is still no one around, and I am wondering if Q definitely brought us to the right place. In one of the inner rooms there is a man who looks like he’s meditating. I ask where the dragons are. He says there are no dragons, only idiots would mess around with dragons. Idiots who want to die. MoSh points his sword at the man and repeats that we want to know where the dragons are. He then says they are through the secret passage at the end of the hall, just move the painting. I go back to the hall, and Asuka follows me. MoSh stays in the other room for a bit. I see the painting and move it aside and find a lever behind it. I pull it and a panel slides aside in the floor. I look back into the room where MoSh stayed and he has the man in a strangle hold until he apparently passes out. MoSh says that was so he wouldn’t sound an alarm. We go down a flight of steps leading through the floor.


    My Dreams:

    From entry on april 2st.

    Brother (Frag)

    Had a dream about visiting my brother. Forget exactly where, but Two people came from a rip in the dream and somehow convinced me to go with them. We went through and I was outside a big japanese palace at sunset. forget wht happened after.

    Weakling (lucid)

    I was in a hallway with some people and we were in the middle of raiding some place. some guy got the crap kicked out of him for some reason. I entered a room with a wooden floor and rice paper walls, some young and very short asian guy was sitting on a mat but he got up. I became semi lucid here because I was pointing a sword at him and he was telling me, "Just kill me quick, I deserve it" I didn't know why he was asking me to kill him or the context of the rest of the dream. I didn't even know why I was pointing a sword at him or even who the people I was with were because they were still in the hallway watching me no doubt. I looked down at my sword... It looked bent and rusted. I didn't wanna stab a guy helplessly who seemed to have already surrendered. Fully lucid now I told him I would just knock him out to keep from causing trouble. He didn't say anything. I did a Gracie Jiu jitsu takedown on him I remember from junior high when I took martial arts. I put him in an elaborate choke hold. His dream body was kind of rubbery so I couldn't get my arms around his neck just right. It must have looked kind of gay to my onlookers but I knew this would work. I somehow found the right hold and then let go after a minute. He was out cold. I went to join my friends in the hallway but forget what happened after.
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