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    1. Shared Dream: Atras, MrIrony, WakingNomad : INTERNATIONAL ONEIRONAUT SHARED DREAM PROJECT

      by , 07-09-2011 at 08:58 PM

      Atras's Dream

      ATRAS' Dream

      I only remember dream fragments, I didn't write down much because I was frustrated that I had a really short lucid dream again. I remember that I was
      playing Legend of Zelda (weird because I have only played that game once.) And I remember my character being in an open field and I was trying to become lucid by going into the game or something. I then was a part of the game and became lucid. There was someone else with me in the field, I dont know who it was. I didn't care because I was stabilizing. Once I finished stabilizing I decided to open a portal to the Mayan Temple. I said "When I say go, a portal will open to Chichen-Itza and take me to it...go!" The portal took me to chichen-itza. I saw the pyramid and I saw a couple people but then I woke up.

      I tried chaining my lucid dream but it didn’t work.

      MrIrony's Dream

      Dream1: I was with my classmate and we were playing The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, Master quest (A.K.A harder) version. We were in the forest temple and I got into the boss room, but I didn't see anything there. Then I remembered that in this version the bosses of this temple and Shadow temple have switched places. I didn't want to fight it, so I turned the console off and tried again. I can't remember much after this, but I went around a field, (In the game.) met someone who claimed we were sharing a dream (No lucidity.) and were in DV the rest of the dream where our shared dream was confirmed. (Don't know who it was.)

      Nomad's Dream (excerpt)

      We are back on the surface of the Grey Moon. “To the Green Moon!” I shout exultantly. “To the Green Moon!” shouts Selene, laughing, and I open a portal to the Green Moon. The portal opens above the Temple of Nowhere, and we float down, glowing. People point at us as we descend. I see the Black Sun Beacon is beaming a dark rainbow bridge to Urth. Right now, it’s on Mexico. Hukif shows up. “Hey, Nomad, want to fight?”
      “Not right now, brother. I am am waiting for some dreamers.”
      “Ok. Good. I hope they outnumber us, then we can fight them together.”
      “Maybe,” I laugh.
      Three people come around the corner of the temple.
      “Hey, we were looking for you!” pichulick says. “I found these other two dreamers here... “ he looks down at his hands as his dream body becomes unstable.
      “Try spinning,” I say. He spins and disappears. “Doh!”
      He appears above my head and falls on me.
      “I came back to this dream! Re-enter win check!” he says, making a check mark motion. I do not recognize the other two dreamers. We walk to the corner of the Temple of Nothing, and Atras is sitting there, staring at earth. He looks like a pale blue archeopteryx-type creature, but also humanoid.
      “I hope it works I hope it works I hope it works...” I hear him chant.
      “This is a dream this is a dream this is a dream...” I chant.
      “This is a dream this is a dream this is a dream...” he says with me. He looks at his hands. “Pale bluish... bird hands with feathers... yeah, perfectly normal. No! Perfectly abnormal! This is a dream.” Atras stands up.
      “I remember my dreams,” I say to Atras.
      “Yes! Oh MY GOD HOW AM I GOING TO REMEMBER THIS?” Atras shouts.
      “Calm down. Breathe.” Atras does a nose pinch RC.
      “I am breathing nothing!” he shouts triumphantly. “You are real!” He runs to me, and rubs his forehead on mine, and kisses me on the nose. He runs around kissing everyone on the cheek as he grabs their faces, except Hukif who telekinetically repels him.
      Suddenly, about 300 dreamers tumble up the dark rainbow road, and float down on and all around the pyramid. They all have some dark energy dust on them, like moth dust... Ah, it’s from my wings. I create a giant ball of pomegranate juice floating in the air, and then divide it into smaller spheres, which I float out to all the dreamers.
      “YOU ARE ALL DREAMING!” I shout. “PLEASE REMAIN CALM. TAKE A DEEP BREATH. YOU ARE BREATHING NOTHING. THIS IS A DREAM!” Most of the dreamers disappear as they wake up. A few of them reappear a few seconds later as they re-enter. Some of the other ones begin wandering around touching things, eating fruits from the trees, drinking water from the streams. Other ones shout exultantly and fly off into space.
      There is a young man who I do not recognize. His language sounds Arabic, or some older language, such as Sanskrit. “I have found you. I have been watching you, and I feel everything is so true, just as you say. You see, I am a Sufi Knight. We are an ancient sacred order of Moon People, who guard the portals to other dimensions. We guard the way to the Inner Earth, or at least one way. The Templar Knights are nothing more than Sun Worshipers, well, on the surface. Their true god is evil, or Harm. They believe Harm is necessary to achieve their means. Evil, death, gives them power. So, Mr. Black Sun, what are you trying to say here?”
      I suddenly do not trust this man, and I grab him with astral tentacles, and fling him into the sky. “That is my brother!” Selene shouts at me.
      “MoSh?” No... not him.
      The Sufi Knight morphs into a Naga, a winged serpent and roars at me. I leap into the sky, and bite his neck, ripping him apart, and his jaws close around my throat... we die...
      We are before some type of counsel of gods. They give us instructions which I cannot translate into English. We nod, then bow on one knee. The gods send us back to where we just were. We merge in the wormhole, and come out above the Temple, a great winged jaguar serpent man. We are shimmering with every color. Energy pours out of us, and everything blooms. We de-merge, and fall to the ground slowly, our default selves.
      “What the fuck just happened, brother?” the Sufi Knight says to me.
      “I don’t know.”

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    2. Castle Cannabis, BABY

      by , 06-18-2011 at 07:16 PM
      I am the Green Man, Lord of the infectiously cool Castle Cannabis.

      I send a beacon to Templars to come and get dream high in my dream castle for most EPIC LULZ.

      I CareBear Stare them as they come to attack and they defect to have fun in the most epix 24/7 DREAM PARTY ON THE PLANET OF MARZ! LOLZ!!!!
    3. Shared Dream: Task of the Month!

      by , 06-09-2011 at 04:59 AM
      Nomad's Dream

      I am Juargawn, god of Nothing, a great rakshasa, a lion man, with light tiger stripes atop the Temple of Nothing, in the City of Nowhere in the Land of Aud on the muthafukkin Green Moon.

      I survey the scene. I am above the jungle canopy. Flying cars float by. Birds swim on currents of nothing. An iridescent blue and black butterfly alights on my wrist. I look at the butterfly, and I can see its tiny tongue curled and its many eyes. It flits away. A breeze makes patterns in my fur, and I can see the individual hairs. The sun begins to set, and the sky turns pink and orange. I inhale deeply nothing-air.

      Sarnox, my spectral flaming wraith High Priest joins me on the landing pad. We are standing on a picture of Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl battling eternally.

      “Everything looks so fucking real, dog.”

      “I know. It’s amazing.”

      “This is real, isn’t it Sarnox?”


      I feel like crying, screaming, and laughing all at the same time. Instead, I just kneel and place my lion chin in my palm. I see I have dreadlocks now. I chuckle to myself.

      A tiny man on a tiny hover vehicle, the size of a dragonfly, rides to me, and hands me a message in the form of a tiny envelope. I touch it, and it becomes a hologram of Raven. “Um, Nomad? Aren’t we going to the pirate ship?”

      “Oh, shit! I forgot.” I turn, and enter the temple. A purple and black cape grows out from my neck. A silly purple and black top hat appears on my head, and I have a funny dancing cane. The hat becomes a great hood, and the cane becomes gnarled and twisted black wood. My eyes glow violet, and lightning flashes across my face as I stride toward The Mirror. I wave my staff across it, and it ripples like mercury. A scene of Raven planting flowers appears. She looks up at me, squints, and waves. I step through the mirror.

      I go through a silvery wormhole going through the center of the Moon, and a beautiful silver and white wormhole Wyrm, grins at me as I bodysurf by.

      I land next to Raven, on the Moon. My friend, Keiko, well, love interest, is somehow now there with me. She’s wearing a white robe, and holding a white staff with a caduceus at the top. I introduce her to Raven. Selene appears, and kisses Keiko on the cheek. Raven opens a portal to the Black Pearl.

      We step in. In the wormhole we have an epic flash battle with a black dragon fighting the wormhole worm.

      We are on a ghost ship in a dense fog. The sea is completely still. There are some nasty little bat things gnawing at us, which we toss into the portal. We instantly do healing on ourselves. The ghosts are everywhere. I scan Keiko. She seems right at home. Jack Sparrow steps out from among them. A green mist rises from his skin.

      “Well, hello there, strange people things.... Ah, I know you!” He walks to Raven, and makes out with her. I laugh.

      “Let us to the treasure! I mean, lead us to the treasure!” Jack Sparrow proclaims loudly.

      “Who are you talking to?” I ask.

      “Uh... me? Me. No, wait, aha, hear it is! My little treasure fairy...” He pulls Tinkerbell out of his breast pocket. She flies around and kisses all of us on the cheek. We dive into the green sea. “At this point, it would be good time to have gills and tentacles... or fins!”

      I grow gills, tentacles, and fins. We follow Tinkerbell into the depths. There is a strange silver disk at the bottom of the sea. It looks like it just crashed into the seafloor! Is it an alien ship? There is a hologram of a ghostly pirate ship on it. I see the hologram projector is not working too well as the hologram is flickering. We swim down to the hull, and it opens.

      A strange purple alien is dying... This sounds like... wait, I already have a Green Lantern Ring...

      The alien speaks, and I feel it’s voice reverberate in my chest. “I am dying,” the Babelfish translates. “... being pursued by ones who want my treasure... what they do not understand is... *cough* they already have it... and so do you... you have everything to give, and everything to receive...”

      The alien puts her hands over her heart, and pure love energy pours into them in a tiny colored orb. She opens her hands to us, and she exhales her last strange watery breath. The orb expands growing until it engulfs us. My third eye spins, and my entire being is flooded with light. All my chakras spin. I grab on to the hands of two people next to me. The five of us, Raven, Jack, Selene, Keiko, and myself are in a circle, spinning. I feel the orb explode. We are five Love Gods in a World of Light.

      Suddenly we are back in the sea. Our eyes are glowing gold. “The greatest treasure in the world: The Fifth Element,” Jack whispers.

      We fly through the water up to the surface. We hover in the sky and turn the clouds into a storm. It rains violently, and disappears. A cool wind blows, and we add our breath to it, sending the ghosts to rest in peace.

      I open a portal to the Green Moon.

      “Where are you going, friend?” Jack asks.

      “Home, brother, care to join us?”

      He grins and swaggers to the portal, stepping through first. We go through, and end up on top of The Tower. Wait... The Black Tower... And there is a Green and White Tower on the edge of the Sea... Two Towers?

      The old Biodome wall is overgrown with green, but the energy dome can still be vaguely seen. “All systems normal, Biodome is now complete. Hidden fortress in the forest, as you requested sir,” I hear Stephanie, the Biodome AI say. We overlook a lush paradise. Colorful birds float by, smiling at us. People are singing in a valley below.

      “This!” Jack shouts, surveying the scene, “This is lovely!” We walk through New Eden. As we walk past the Mirror by the Koi Pond, there is a scene of the sun rising. “What’s this?” Jack asks, and steps through. We are on the Mountain now, in a field of wildflowers among a few great pines. The air is fresh and clean. We look out over the ocean, and the sky grows light as the sun rises over the sea on the Green Moon. In the presence of the overwhelming beauty, all we can do is watch in silence.

      The sun rises, and warms our skin.

      “I am going back to my Other Life, soon, friends.” I give everyone a hug goodbye. “We are all real, aren’t we, Jack?” I ask him.

      ‘Of course,” he says, lightly slapping my face. I growl. He growls back like a dog, and barks at me. I laugh and the dream fades to black.
    4. Shared: MoSh and Raven Knight

      by , 01-04-2011 at 05:10 AM
      Raven Knight's Dream:

      01/03/11 Unlikely Partners

      I finally join the group, though I feel like I shouldn't have been eavesdropping, and MoSh welcomes me there. We talk a bit about possible strategies for the challenge, I say I am really glad to be working with MoSh. Harry is bitching about having to work with Draco, but not because he thinks Draco is out to kill anyone, just because he figures Draco will be exceedingly annoying and they won't have a chance of doing well in the challenge if they have to work together. I tell Harry that I'll see if I can get Draco to behave himself, after all, it's just for one challenge after all… it's not like the two of them have to be best friends forever. Harry says that's not going to happen. I am about to say something else when a girl I don't recognize comes over to us, she is eyeing MoSh very closely. I wonder where Asuka is, and I am thinking Asuka wouldn't like the way this woman is eyeing MoSh. She looks him over as if appraising him, I am wondering what she is doing. I ask her what she is doing, but she just ignores me completely. After examining MoSh head to foot for a bit longer, she says we all need healing… healing for what? She says we need a healing hug, I am still not sure what she is talking about… then she starts pulling everyone into a group hug. I go into the hug, trying to see if I can tell anything about her through her energy. I don't see anything hostile about her energy, but the entire situation seems really strange. I hear her whispering something to MoSh about meeting alone with him… um… Asuka definitely wouldn't like this… Speaking of Asuka, where is she? I think maybe I should find Asuka. So I pull free of the group hug and head down the hall and around a corner where I open a portal while focusing on getting to Asuka.


      MoSh's Dream:

      Saim 2

      I'm walking through a hallway at Hogwarts with Raven Knight, Harry, Hermoine, and maybe Nomad. The hallway is dark but is candle lit. As we are walking Saim comes up to us and tells us to wait. She takes a good look at and starts nodding as if amused. She smiles and looks me all over as if sizing me up and as if she is looking for something. She keeps nodding and saying "Yup yup yup," each time she is pleased with something she finds. Then she stands backa bit from the group and says happily, "Okay everyone! Group hug! Let's healing!" and pulls us into a group hug. Harry and hermoine are a bit confused with this, but comply. Raven shrugs and goes into the group hug. Swirling healing energy swarms around us. So much that I can't see the others. Saim goes into the center and pulls on my arm like from the last dream. She says to me, "We need more healing. just you and me?" I'm like "whut?" she starts pulling me through a vortex when I wake up.
    5. SHARED DREAM: Raven Knight, Nomad, and Malkus in the Holy Land

      by , 12-21-2010 at 11:38 PM
      Nomad's Dream

      Dream Plans with Raven
      by WakingNomad on 12-14-2010 at 08:22 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      Dream plans:

      Meet Raven at Hogwarts.

      Teach a shapeshifting class on a field trip at a drum circle.

      Get on the Hogwarts express and ride it to the Pyramids.

      Meet the shared dreaming class there, and ride to the moon on Moon Dragons and the train.


      I am sitting at a desk in my room, writing in my DJ. Xaphor appears and laughs at me. You are dreaming, Nomad. Oh, shit! You're right. C'mon. Let's go meet Raven.

      Xaphor opens a portal which shows where Raven is. She is riding a black horse with a red mane, tail, and fetlocks. I recognize it. It's her horse. She has a large sword, and she is swinging it in battle against tall orcs, slicing their arms and heads off. I jump into the portal.

      I wave at the Wyrm as I go through the wormhole, and tumble out from the sky. Xaphor flies beneath me, and changes into a black stallion. I land on his back, riding next to Raven.

      "Nice of you to appear. I have been calling you for the last five minutes, Nomad. What were you doing?"

      "Writing in my DJ... in a dream."

      Raven laughs and decapitates and orc. She talks to me only telepathically.

      There is an ambush ahead. They are seeking to attack our left and right flank. They are hiding in bushes, and in trees.

      Raven rides on, and Xaphor and I transform into dragons with bodies that look like water. We fly in two big loops around the ambush. We shoot water into the ambush, flooding the area, then we alight on the ground, and shoot lightning into the water. The orcs on the ground scream. We laugh and shoot fire into the trees, and those orcs fall to the ground, and get hit with lightning.

      Raven rides into the ambush, and looks at the orcs rolling around in pain. She laughs and says let's go in the city, and let the boys feed. Wargs come out of the forest, and gobble up the orcs.

      We ride into the city.

      I have been here before, Raven. This is the Assassin city. Yes. Stop staring at everything like a tourist. Right. I morph into my basic Nomad form, then I realize I still stand out.

      I morph into a very average looking peasant.

      A group of orcs ride through on horseback. I realize they are half-orcs. They scream at the people. YOU FILTHY HUMANS. YOU HAVE CHEATED THE KING OUT OF HIS DUE. NOW, HE DEMANDS A SACRIFICE.

      No! No! The people scream in terror.

      Someone whispers: Sacrifice this.

      I see a ghost like image stab the leader half-orc in the back. He falls over, dead, and the horse rears. Another orc siezes the reins. The orcs are on the edge of panic. They are looking for the killer. All the humans back away from the orcs.

      "Looks like we have an ally," says Raven.

      The ghost man runs in a circle, and slices the legs of every orc. They howl in pain and fear. One draws his bow, and his throat is cut.

      "Drop your weapons," says the ghost voice. All drop their weapons, but one. His throat gets sliced.

      He stands in front of Raven and I. It's Malkus! But, he looks twenty years older, and has a darker side.

      I have become an assassin, friends. I can affect the physical through the astral so much, I make myself partially manifest, as a doppleganger. Then, I kill. An orc sees him, and readies a crossbow. Malkus throws a knife into the orc's forehead without looking. This is the dream plane for your, but the physical plane for me. I am astral projecting into it, and you are dreaming into it.

      Malkus turns around. "Dismount."

      The orcs obey. Malkus removes their reins and saddles, then slaps their rumps, and they run out into the woods. Malkus ties the orcs hands up.

      He floats up into the air, about eight feet, and is more visible as the sunlight hits him. "I am your protector now. Do not fear the orcs. Do with them what you will."

      The humans stab the orcs with small daggers. The orcs slowly die. The sun sets. The humans turn into flesh eating vampires, and eat the orcs bodies. They take their organs to a pyre outside the city and burn them. The bones they bury in the ground. Other vampires march to the Orc Kings Castle. They have some makeshift weapons, but mostly spiked knuckles.

      Malkus floats above them.

      "Oh, my god Raven, this is crazy. Whose side should we be on? What's right and wrong?"

      "Maybe Malkus?"

      "But, he's changed. We haven't seen him for twenty years. There is a darkness... a sadistic side to him now."

      "I need to soul heal him, right now!"

      "Okay. I am going to prevent a battle between these two races."

      I stop time. I fly up between the two armies. I make them dream. I show them images of the orcs and vampires falling in love, and playing together as children.

      I see there are two archdemons that are puppetmasters like Nevergawn, influencing them to kill each other. I show them the real enemy. In a dream, they go kill the two archdemons, and set themselves free.

      I wake them up. They drop their weapons, and the orcs open the gates. The vampires and orcs talk with each other, and then have a huge feast.

      I realize this is another version of Jerusalem.

      Raven smiles at me.

      The soul healing went well. Malkus and I battled a parasite in his inner world. It was disgusting.

      "Oh! We are supposed to be at Hogwarts!"

      Raven's Dream:
      12/14/10 Assassin's Creed: Reptizar Invasion II
      I am back in Masyaf, though I don't immediately realize where I am, it takes me a short time to become lucid and remember what is going on. I am in Masyaf, there are mostly Assassins around me, the civilians of the city have all taken cover, and there is a group of Assassins with me who are preparing a defense. Nomad is there, he is looking around, then he transforms into his Nomad form… he looks around a bit more before transforming into a peasant… then he transforms into a Assassin. A couple of the Assassins are looking at him strangely, but most of them are too distracted to notice one among them changing forms quickly. They say the enemy is upon us, and as if that is their cue, the gate rattles with a massive impact, it is hit a few more times, then it collapses. Reptizars come in, huge numbers of them, and they literally tear the first couple Assassins they get to limb from limb and throw the mutilated corpses at the others. The other Assassins attack the Reptizars, but there are so many of them… even while we are engaging some of them in battle, others are breaking into the homes and buildings and dragging out civilians… a Reptizar disembowels a civilian woman and throws her at the feet of one of the Assassins, she is still alive and reaching weakly towards the Assassin for help, but all he can do is put her out of her suffering. This seems to piss him off a lot, and he runs his sword through the laughing Reptizar, practically cutting the Reptizar in half.

      There are just too many Reptizars… and soon there are many Reptizars that have civilian hostages, they are threatening to kill the hostages slowly and painfully unless the Assassins surrender. One of the Reptizars says these people will make a worthy sacrafice. A voice from nowhere says, "You will be the ones sacraficed," and then I barely see a shadow behind one of the Reptizars before he falls over dead. The others are all too surprised to react, then a couple of the ones with hostages drop dead as well. The Reptizars seem to think there is some kind of ghost attacking them, and are rather freaking out, threatening the hostages, but not actually being able to do anything to them because those holding hostages keep dropping dead. I am trying to see who is attacking the Reptizars, but not having much luck, and before I know it the Reptizars are the ones surrendering. The person who has been killing the Reptizars from being invisible turns out to be some kind of astral Malkus, he is basically an astral ghost, but he is still able to affect the physical plane. With him helping, the Reptizars are quickly chained and incapacitated as prisoners.

      I think this problem is over now, but that is before the civilians come from the houses and buildings, they all come out and start stabbing Reptizars all over their bodies and laughing as the injured Reptizar bleeds out on the ground One of the Reptizars says they will not come back, just as long as they can leave in peace now, these people seem to be having too much fun killing them. While the Assassins aren't participating, they also aren't doing anything to stop it. I step forward and tell them to stop doing that, they are not acting any better than their enemies had been, and Malkus says yes, they need to stop. I am glad someone around here is willing to see reason, but then he says don't stab them, do to the Reptizars what the Reptizars had intended to do to the people… bring wood and kindling, build a fire around the prisoners, and let them be roasted alive in the heat of the flames. Everyone seems to love that idea, and they start gathering the materials, this is definitely not right… something must be wrong with Malkus, and with everyone else here… I am sure Malkus needs healing, I am going to do that, Nomad says he will take care of things here. I am going to help Malkus, but the dream fades.
    6. SHARED DREAM: RealShift and WakingNomad

      by , 12-17-2010 at 10:41 PM
      So, I had this experience. I was half awake when I heard the second NOMAD!

      I am asleep. I hear Gypsy yelling at me from the astral plane. It sounds like she wants me to wake up. NOMAD!

      I am confused.

      NOMAD! she shouts again.

      I wake up. I realize it's a dream. I go back to sleep.


      I wake up, and I have an email from Gypsy telling me to call her.


      Then, I read this email from Realshift.

      Shared dreaming
      I know this is weird and all, but I've read many of your dreams and decided if there was anyone trying to contact while LD'ing, it would be you.
      Anyway, I had a LD last night (16. Dec) where I tried to contact you. As an experiment.
      I could go into detail, but I'll keep you from having to read it all (wasn't really that interesting anyway).
      The thing is, I called and you answered but I was wondering if it all was manifested by me or if there actually was a connection.



      I asked him to post the dream.

      Realshift's Dream

      I get my gun out from the ships guns locker.
      As I fiddle around with it, it dissembles itself and falls to the floor.
      I try to put it back together, but the more I try, the more it falls apart.
      I become lucid and I remember another of the many thing I have to try and do while being lucid. Contacting another dreamer/sharing a dream.

      I call out to a person of whom I have in the past already chosen as the recipient (due to his experience and openness).
      I call out a second time, but this time as loud,strict and determined as I can.
      It could of been a number of reasons why my dream was now hazy. Maybe because of the amount of energy I put in my voice. Or because the dream was becoming unstable.

      I hear some sort of loud response, as if an annoyed person shouted "What?!" to me.
      A moment later a kind of silhouette appeared in front of me. If it was in fact the person I had been trying to contact, or a manifestation of my mind, I don't know.

      I proceeded to ask questions like "who are you", "what are you" and for some reason "what is going to happen".
      He answered the last question with calm words. Unfortunately, I don't remember what these words were. Even though I specifically told myself to remember.
      As he answered me I felt a cold breeze , his face revealed itself in a flash and I wake up
    7. SHARED DREAM: Raven Knight, Nomad, Angel

      by , 12-15-2010 at 07:58 PM
      Nomad's Dream
      I wake up, and look at Angel sleeping peacefully. I kiss the back of her neck. It's a false awakening. I go back to sleep.

      I am in the Biodome with Angel. We are walking through it, looking at all the plants. "Are we in Eden again, Adam?"

      "No, my Lilith, we are on the Moon."

      "Oh. Hmm... How strange. Is that our friend there? The animal woman?"

      I see Raven as a half raven-half human. She is making magic in a small circle on the ground. Raven stands up and looks at us. We silently smile at each other.

      The dream fades to black.
      Raven's Dream

      Dream in a Dream: More Fish in the Sea
      I am outside in a forest area, I am in an area of soft dirt and I am drawing in it, I am trying to figure out some symbols that might serve to help me make magic work on this plane. I have started by drawing a circle around myself, I continue drawing symbols around the circle, though I'm not even sure what I am trying to accomplish. I see there is someone else there, I look up and I see there is a man there watching me… is that what I am trying to do? Attract someone who will love me and treat me right? He's kinda cute, but that's not my main concern, I am looking at his energy, which looks good, it looks welcoming, caring. I stand up and smile at him, he smiles back… really? I have to get the nerve to say hi to him… but then that falls apart… a woman comes over and they start kissing, a thin woman, one chin, a pretty face, younger than me… great… There are men out there, good ones, but that is no benefit to me. Are there more "fish in the sea" after breaking up with my ex boyfriend? Sure… too bad I don't have any bait! ,u_u, The scene fades out to reveal I have been dreaming, and now I find I am in bed… leading to the next dream…

    8. SHARED DREAM: Raven's Magic Class at Hogwarts

      by , 12-13-2010 at 07:58 PM
      12/10/10 DADA Lesson 1 - Fire and Ice
      1 Comment
      by Raven Knight on Yesterday at 02:05 PM (22 Views)

      Note: The plan tonight was to see why Voldemort is so interested in interfering with MoSh and Asuka instead of being focused on Harry, and find a way to stop that. Additionally, planned to go to the world where I am a teacher at Hogwarts, it is the first day of class with Defense Against the Dark Arts. Nomad has said he will show up there, possibly disguised as a desk… that should be interesting… will wait and see. Unfortunately, I was not successful in entering my WILD… even though I was using my light / sound machine, there was something wrong with my leg that I couldn't seem to get it comfortable long enough to get into my WILD, it took a long time to fall asleep at all…

      I am in my own bed, but it doesn't feel like my own bed. The first thing I realize is that it isn't a waterbed, so I roll over and open my eyes to see where I am. I know something is strange, but I haven't put it together that I am dreaming yet, just that I am not where I am supposed to be. I sit up and look around the room, I am in a room that looks like a bedroom that might be found in a castle, the window looks like it might be part of a castle… I get up and look around a bit more, I open a closet there and find clothes so I get dressed, then go through a door opposite the window. Now I find myself in a small sitting room, there are a couple comfortable looking chairs and a book case with some really interesting looking books on it, old looking books, they look like antique leather bound books… I take one down and look at it, but I don't have a lot of time to do that. I feel I need to get moving, so I put it back and go through a door opposite the one I entered through. Now I am in an office, there is a large wooden desk there with some pieces of parchment scattered about, another couple of book cases filled with interesting looking books, and a few comfortable looking chairs, one behind the desk, two on the other side of the desk, and one in the corner of the room. There is a stack of books on the desk, I go to take a look at one, it is titled "Out of the Darkness" by Raven Knight. I have written a book? I don't remember writing that book, so where did it come from? I pick it up and look at it, there are many song spells listed in the book, as well as some other spells, and also it tells about how the spells can be used, their primary use and some alternate possibilities… weird.

      I still have a feeling of where I need to go. This has finally gotten strange enough for me to do a RC, so I become lucid. I remember what I am there to do, I am there to teach a class on magic, of all the strange things. I can think of so many people who would be better suited to being a teacher than me… but if I am there, I have to do my best, so I use TK to move the books with me and I head through one more door positioned across from the desk, and I enter a classroom. There are numerous desks in the room, it looks like a typical classroom, and there is a larger desk in the front, though it is nowhere near as nice as the one in my office. I set the books down on the desk and look around, wondering what I need to do to prepare for the class, to make sure I don't look like a complete retard. I think for a bit, then a portal opens and Nomad comes flying through, I can hear students coming outside the door, so I tell him to do what he's going to do before they get in, or there will be a lot of questions to answer. He changes into a desk near the front of the room just as the first students start coming in.

      They all come in and sit in their usual groups, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are together, Draco, Crabb, and Goyle are together… apparently it's Gryffindor and Slytherin this time, though I am not sure what year they are in. I am looking, I notice that Hermione sits at Nomad, I can't help but chuckle just a bit. So soon everyone is in their seats, many of them are talking amongst themselves, some are looking at me as if they expect me to do something, which I'm sure they do. So finally I get everyone's attention, and introduce myself, and the class, and I figure they books are to pass out to the students, so I use TK to do that. One book to each student, Hermione is wondering where my wand is, I tell her that not all magic requires the use of a wand, and we would be learning magic in this class that can be done without a wand. Someone says he thought that was impossible, I say it is not impossible, and it is important, since there may come a time when one of them is in danger and doesn't have access to a wand. I tell them that if it makes it easier to learn the spell at first, go ahead and use the wands, but by the time they have learned the spell, the wand will be completely unnecessary. Draco is muttering something to Crabb and Goyle, I am assuming it is something rude, but I choose to ignore it for now. I open the book, and I see that the first spells there are elemental spells, fire and ice to be exact. So I start off on Damage, Inc. to produce fireballs, and soon most everyone seems to be able to form a small ball of fire with their wands.

      I am getting on to ice, I figure that is a good idea when playing with fire to have something to counter it, and Hermione's desk turns into a student… or Nomad turns into a student… Hermione jumps out of her transforming desk, her book falls on the floor, and she is staring in shock at Nomad, who introduces himself as Jason. Everyone is staring at Nomad, Ron mutters a "Bloody hell! How did you do that?" at Nomad, but Nomad doesn't answer, he just sits down in an empty desk. I summon up an empty desk for Hermione to use, but everyone is still shocked at Nomad's transformation. I finally tell them that Nomad has been in my class before, and that is a more advanced transformation spell we'll get to later in the class, but apparently Jason had felt the need to show off.

      I take the class outside to an open field where it will be more safe to practice playing with fire and ice, and everyone starts doing that, I have created some dummies for them to target with the spells. Crabb sets himself on fire, Goyle freezes his friend in ice… which puts out the fire but brings a completely new problem… so I defrost Crabb. Draco is trying to set Harry's robes on fire, Hermione keeps dousing it with ice before it can catch… I tell Draco to aim at the dummies only, he says he is aiming at a dummy, I say he knows what I mean, and add a bit of a telepathic push to get him firing his flames at the target dummies instead of Harry. Neville Longbottom is smoking… quite literally… the tip of his wand is producing a lot of smoke, but no fire. He continues doing that, apparently trying to focus harder, until there is a small explosion at his wand that succeeds in covering his face with soot, but doesn't seem to have done any more. Draco says if Neville did that enough, he might improve the appearance of his face by burning it off, Harry tells Draco to shut up, Draco says Harry should make him, Harry says ok that he will… but I break it up before it becomes an actual fight, I don't need anyone getting set on fire here. Then I am able to give some personal attention to Neville in the form of a bit of a telepathic guide on how to do the spell as well as some positive encouragement, and soon Neville is able to form a small fireball, at which he is thrilled.

      Nomad is firing ice bullets at his target, interchanged with fireballs, he is clearly doing just fine with these spells, though I was sure he would… he does something else and comes out with a bunch of candy canes… huh? I wonder where he got those, and he starts passing them out to everyone, then starts eating his own while most of the students are still staring at him. Crabb and Goyle are the only ones to immediately start eating their candy. Nomad now does his best impression of a hydrogen molecule, he is bouncing all around the field and target range like a kid jacked up on so much sugar that he can't see straight. I almost call him Nomad, then I remember he is Jason right now, and I ask him to settle down a bit, there are people trying to learn here. Nomad lands near me, gives me a big hug while thanking me, and then he creates a disc out of ice and gets on it, then proceeds to make it fly into the air and shoot a circle of fire out from the ice disc while he is riding it, it looks quite cool… Then the two opposite elements interacting with each other form a tornado. The tornado picks up a lot of dust and then finally disperses, and when it is gone, so is Nomad. Everyone is staring, getting anyone to focus now would be impossible… or most everyone is staring. Crabb and Goyle are collecting candy canes, a lot of the students dropped their candy canes in shock when they saw Nomad disappear. They return to Draco, both of them holding big hands full of candy canes, licking them enthusiastically, as happy as a kid in a candy store. Harry asks if we will be learning all of that, too… I say it is really just a variation on the spells I showed them today, and yes, we will get into modifying the spells to fit specific needs. Ron utters another "Bloody hell!" I see the class is just about over, so I tell everyone it is time to go, a few minutes early to allow them to reach their next class on time.


      Nomad's Dream

      I am on the Moon in the Biodome. I walk to the magic school. No one is there. I am confused.

      I focus on Raven, and I tumble through a portal, landing on my feet, and turning into a desk in a class in Hogwarts. She tells me I am late. Let's get started. She talks about using pyrokinesis.

      We go outside and practice. She says to toss the fireballs around, and make them move in all directions. I get bored of being a desk. I become a little wizard boy in a black robe. I say my name is Jason.

      We then practice with water, ice and steam. We make ice like bullets. We practice on metal targets at a range. I shoot alternating balls of fire and ice at my target. Raven gives us all candy canes that taste like magic. I realize I am dreaming. I stare at the candy cane. It looks so real. It tastes like peppermint and guava. I touch the hay nearby. I jump around in the firing range. Raven tells me to stop fooling around.

      "But we are dreaming Raven!"

      I run to her and give her a hug. "Thanks for helping me. Thanks for teaching me this cool magic!!!"

      I make an ice disk and ride it in the sky, shooting streams of fire and spinning in the air. I make a fire tornado and fly around in it. The dream fades as I chuckle to myself.

      In waking life.
      I had planned to come to Raven's Magic Class at Hogwarts. I asked if it would be okay to be a desk. She said okay. Nothing else was discussed prior to the dream.
    9. MoSh and Raven Knight.

      by , 12-02-2010 at 04:25 AM
      From Raven knight:

      The Memory Remains
      I am with MoSh in a strange town, I have no idea where we are, and I am not lucid. MoSh and I are looking for a new age store where he says he will be able to find Asuka, he says I will have to help her remember him. I am wondering how I am supposed to help Asuka remember him if he can't do that himself. We are heading toward the store, MoSh seems to know where he is going, but we reach a spot where there is a barricade and a cop is not letting anyone down the street we need to take. And they are clearly taking this very seriously, there is a large barrier that is about ten feet tall at least and it is topped with razor wire… um… they are taking this way too seriously. MoSh and I take a different street to go around the barricaded area and get to the new age store that way. Now there don't seem to be any streets heading in our direction at all, and the street we are on is curving in the wrong direction. MoSh points out an alley and we go down that, determined to reach the store. There are dogs there now, about seven big dogs that look like Rottweilers, and they are all blocking the alley and snarling menacingly. I go over to a fire escape and jump to reach the ladder, pulling it down. Now MoSh and I are able to use the fire escapes to get past the dogs. We continue using the fire escapes until we finally reach a store called New Life, MoSh says that is where Asuka is working. The fire escape ends on the roof of the place, which seems a bit odd, but we are able to get inside through a trap door. Inside, Asuka doesn't seem to think this is strange at all, and she greets us by asking what she can help with. I tell her I think MoSh is looking for a bit of quality time with her, adding a wink. She looks at me strangely, as if she has no idea what I am talking about… MoSh says I had said I have a song to restore memories, maybe I should try that. I look in my pocket and find I have my iPod, so I take it out and play the song "The Memory Remains" by Metallica while focusing on restoring her memories. The song plays through, and it looks like there is a flicker of recognition in Asuka's eyes.

      My dream:


      I was in a place with a bunch of evil dogs... I had to do something with them to get asuka back or something.

      Note: my other dreams also encountered strange barriers when looking for Asuka.

      Lucid 1

      I was walking around in some city after some things happened. I became lucid when crossing a street. I couldn't remember any goals... only that I wanted to change the dreaming location. I walked along a busy street toward some industrial buildings. I decided to enter the building and find a door to use as a portal.

      I walked into the building and came to a staircase. I began walking up flights of stairs. on the first flight the stairs and walls got smaller. I walked up another flight and now at the top of this flight everything was getting even smaller. I ran up a few more flights, each time the stairs, walls, and doorways got smaller. I ran up until it was impossible for me to continue. i looked behind me and saw that the stairs had become a sort of circular slide. I decided to slide down it and leave the place. After sliding down about 16 ft The slide got smaller until I entered a closed off spherical room. I wanted to go up but it was as if I had come from nowhere. I decided just to sleep and leave the dream. I was just trapped now.

      Lucid 2

      I was on the same intersection as before with my dad and brother and became lucid. I flew up using my feet flapping as wings. i flew over to where the industrial buildings were and landed. Ok so I wasn't going to try that again. I wonder if me and Raven had Saved Asuka by now and restored her memory. So i decided to just walk along the dream and let the dreamscape gradually change until I found asuka. I called out her name loudly a couple of times.

      As I walked... I ran into a barrier of cars that were wrecked piled so high that I couldn't continue.I turned around and saw some houses. I wanted to use a door as a portal now to find asuka. so I walked towards the houses, but then the doors vanished. I went around to the back of the house but found a pile of chairs blocking my path... Dammit. i turned around and found myself in someone's house. I have memories of hanging with 2 children here. I went into their living room and transformed into a flying snake. I flew above the children as they watched me transform. I coiled myself above the fireplace. They were both in awe... but I woke up.
    10. Me and Kaomea

      by , 10-18-2010 at 01:42 AM
      Our last 2 dreams are not exactly shared but we both encounter a woman who says "this is the past, present and future"

      My dreams.

      The Fight.

      I am battling Kaomea hand to hand. We are basically punching and blocking but at super speed. I begin my Hyryu Sheten Ha. I begin backing up, she asses me and then comes at fuller force, almost in a rage. I begin backing into a spiral. Everytime I back up she gets more aggressive and mad, and it's getting me harder to feign off her attacks. however this only speeds up the spiral. I can hear her thinking, "Is he stupid? he's doing exactly what i told him NOT to do, he didn't listen to me,,, gah this makes me mad" at the middle point of the spiral I have captured enough of her aggressive energy and form it into a beam of fire and plazma. I almost hesitate because i don't want to hurt her, but then i realize she must learn this lesson, so it's nothing personal. i throw it at her and she's now all crispy like a piece of toast.

      I go up to her and say, "your agressiveness is strong and powerfull, but because you can't control it and don't know how to use it properly it can be used against you. I lured you into a false sense of security and you underestimated me because of that. This was your first lesson."

      Waking up

      I wake up in bed. I'm in a large white bedroom with a large window overlooking the sea. It's bright in the dream but there seems to be no definable source of it. Next to me is a woman. She seems really familiar, she's also waking up and smiles at me.
      I go, "huh. what? what is this place where am I?" or something. The woman shushes me. She smiles. I say "I thought weren't going to..." She cuts me off and tells me it's not time to get up yet. She says something about this place we are in exists out of space time. This is the past present and future she tells me. I'm confused. She tells me to just sleep, and that it's going to be ok. i lay my head back down to sleep. The woman is fiddling with a piece of my hair and humming softly as I fall asleep.

      Kaomea's dreams:

      Night Club

      I remember wanting to find a night club so that I could party (LOL). I was thinking, ‘Oh! I’ll go to the one Paris Hilton goes to’. So I open up a portal and BAM I’m at a pretty hippy club in Las Vegas I think, haha. I walk in, go straight to the bar area and I see my man! (sorry, that’s what I thought in the dream). I walk over and have a seat at the bar, I don’t think he notices me cuz he hasn’t said hi. For some reason he looks like Danny McCoy from Las Vegas (see picture below if you’ve been living underground for ages ) So I just have a seat, soak in the energy from the club, and reeeeeelax. Then a blonde bartender walks up, starts talking to the guy I’m sitting near, she is fully coming onto him, I get mildly annoyed and try to ignore it but she continues in this manner until I can’t ignore it. I put on my sunglasses (in a dark nightclub) and try to think of other things to push through my mind. I even take sips of my Vodka/juice drink that appears in front of me. That doesn’t work either.

      So finally I just get annoyed enough that I tell the bartender in a very smooth manner, “You are a beautiful girl, attractive, intelligent, good with people, (I continue giving her compliments until..) However, you are a little shallow and it shows.” Then I gesture to the man to make my final point, “You see this man here? He and I may look like we’re just friends, but it goes deeper than that.” Then I say really flattering things about him and I then repeat that she is shallow. (She wants him for his money and looks, I could feel it). (LOL! Oops). For some reason this hurts her greatly and she walks away from me to the other side of the bar. She’s crying (awwwww) and I start feeling kinda bad now. She starts leaving the bar area, walks past where I’m sitting and heads for the door.

      I feel really bad at this point and I turn in my chair (LOL I didn’t even bother to stand up?!) and I start giving her a very sincere apology. She doesn’t really believe me, but I finally persuade her to come over to me and we chat for a bit. I’m explaining why I told her what I did and she’s slowly coming around and I feel her energy has stabilized and she’s feeling almost back to normal. Somewhere in this scene a weird chick walks up. (see picture). The chick says absolutely nothing, she’s wearing a long flowy white cotton skirt, a long sleeved Stevenson Middle School shirt with blue text, and she kinda looks like her head is empty (maybe a DC?) During the conversation with the bartender she keeps referring back to this silent chick and getting answers from her about ME. What it looks like to me is the bartender just is staring at the silent chick, then gets answers from her about me, and I’m left standing there like wtf am I missing? I hear squat. It’s like the bartender is referencing what I’m telling her and matching it up with the silent chick. Like seeing if I’m lying to her or not. I’m thinking, ‘I don’t lie, I have no reason to lie’.

      We make our way to the door, we’re both just about ready to leave (I assume Mosh has just popped out at some point). We get to the front of the club and I turn around and the silent chick is freaking following me. I get kinda annoyed/curious as to who she is and why she’s like attached to me with an invisible leash. As soon as I think that the bartender chick explains it to me. She informs me the chick is me. It is everything that was, the past, present, and future.” WTF does THAT mean. That is not a valid explanation in my mind. All I could gather from that odd statement was that the chick was me and it’s either my subconscious, a double, twinner, extra, I don’t freaking know. So then once I learn that it’s me, I take a closer look at the silent chick. All I can think is, ‘if that’s me, why do I look like that? That’s not me, how is that me? Why do I look like that?’ It would seem that I miss entire concepts and all I care is how she looks different from me (facepalms at my own stupidity).

      Next thing I know, it’s obvious an idea hits the bartender upside her head as she blurts out a question to the silent me (yeah, and then I wondered why the hell the silent me was dressed like that at a night club, or anywhere for that matter). Something odd happens and the bartender is now staring at the wall (wtf). She’s like half a foot away from the wall and just staring at the thing. I’m left feeling like what did I miss again? Then two red glowing dots start to appear on the wall, I was getting a bad feeling about whatever was happening and the bartender is still not moving. Next thing I know, my double appears to have unleashed herself from me (remember the invisible leash I mentioned earlier?) yeah, so now she’s walking briskly away from me and the bartender. At some point the bartender snaps out of it and the both of us try to chase after the silent me. Silent me turns a corner, we’re trailing behind her and finally turn the corner too and it seems the silent me has poofed. All I can gather is the silent me has information which wasn’t meant to be shared with whatever question the bartender had asked. Oh well. So me and the bartender just sit down on some stairs, she’s lying down in jeans with studded red accents on them.. I’m wearing a red outfit myself, and we’re just hanging like two friends.

      At some point while Mosh was there, I kept looking at the receipt for my drink. I couldn’t make sense of it. My shot of vodka with some sort of yellow juice was $7.78. I had no clue why it was so cheap. If we were really at a club in Las Vegas, one that Paris Hilton goes to, my mind kept fighting the $7.78 because drinks should be more expensive than that. I think I looked at the receipt about five times before I let the issue go.


      I know I met up with him, I know we fought, and I know ….. I almost want to lie and say I kicked his butt, lol, just for the sake of it. Unfortunately that is not the case. He handed me my ass on a silver platter. Grumbles. I’m sort of glad I don’t remember the dream but at the same time, I’d like to remember it so that I can adapt to whatever tactics he uses. Pffft’ness.

      I woke up and my entire body hurt. Shoulders, legs, especially my lower back. I don’t know what the hell we did in the fight, but Mosh you owe me a massage damnit.
    11. MoSh and Raven Knight

      by , 10-17-2010 at 07:05 PM
      My dream: Asuka Returns.

      Me, Raven and Nomad chase manuel's Death Defier to a dreamscape that was the hill from the night before. Seeing that she's outnumbered and that we are organized, she gives up Asuka and they De-merge. This is a VERY GOOD move on their part. I tell them that now my inner world is sealed from them entering. and from now on, they are going to have to EARN my trust.

      Manuel appears and his eyes are black and white swirling portals. I see a large image of his energy body behind him. He speaks simultaneously to all three of us and then he blows a tornado at us.

      Missing Time

      Her Dream:

      Gotta Get 'Em Separated
      I was with MoSh and some other people on the top of a hill at night, I looked around and saw there was a gentle slope downward all around us, and I could see houses a bit farther off. I looked closer and I could see that I was there with MoSh, Nomad, and Asuka, though Asuka looked a bit odd. I thought for a bit and I remembered the goal for this night, it was to get Asuka separated from some nagual woman who had merged with her… I couldn't remember why this woman had merged with Asuka, but I did know Asuka hadn't agreed to it, so the idea was to get them apart so Asuka would be free of this. I was all ready to do my song spell, it uses the song Come Out and Play by the Offspring, which works perfectly for the line, "Gotta Keep 'Em Separated," but it turned out I didn't even need to do that. MoSh told the nagual woman to release Asuka immediately or we would force her out, and after a brief hesitation, she de-merged from Asuka with no resistance. I guessed I wouldn't need the spell after all. After she was separated, another man appeared, though I didn't recognize him. He shot dirty looks around at everyone, then created a wind storm which I wanted to fly on, it just seemed like the thing to do. I was floating on the wind, but the man and the nagual woman both disappeared, along with the wind, causing me to face plant on the ground… ow…
    12. 3 way shared dream

      by , 10-12-2010 at 05:23 PM
      Raven Knight:

      I thought I was about to wake up, so I told MoSh and Asuka that. MoSh asked if I couldn't dilate time, I said I certainly could try that, so I focused on Allura's method of time dilation. That seemed to work, the dream became stable again, so I figured we could keep going. I focused on opening a portal to find Kaomea, then MoSh and I went through the portal.

      As MoSh and I stepped out of the portal, I looked around to see we were now on a beach next to what I thought looked a bit like a lagoon, or it at least looked like the lagoon I used to see when watching old reruns of Gilligan's Island… I looked closer and spotted Kaomea on the beach, she was looking out over the water and didn't seem to have noticed us yet. MoSh said her name, and she looked over at us with a weird smile on her face. She climbed up on a rock and slipped off all of her clothes, so she was now standing up there in the nude… I wasn't sure what to make of that… She looked directly at MoSh and then jumped into the water, turning into a mermaid on her way down and entering the lagoon with a splash. She surfaced and looked over at MoSh again, then proclaimed she likes swimming naked with men who have old souls… uh… I wasn't sure what to make of that, did it confirm she needed healing? Was that her normal behavior? I had no clue…

      MoSh apparently took it as in invitation, as he waded out into the lagoon, I'm not sure if his clothes disappeared, but if they did, they didn't vanish until that part was underwater. Kaomea giggled a bit, it appeared to me she was a bit amused by his modesty, which I figured was because I was there. Kaomea hadn't really acknowledged my presence at all, and if she was going to want to get hot and wild with MoSh, that was something I didn't really want to hang around and see. But MoSh had seemed so sure that she needed healing, so I figured I would stick around for a bit longer and make sure nothing bad happened.

      As MoSh and Kaomea moved farther out into the lagoon, I saw there was a whirlpool out there that hadn’t been there just a moment before. There were figures coming out of the whirlpool, too, which didn't seem too likely, and the things coming out of it were butt ugly. There were zombies coming out of the whirlpool, zombies that distinctly reminded me of the evil pirates in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the ones that turned into zombies when the light of the moon shined on them. Of course right now it was daylight, and these zombies looked every bit as disgusting as the ones on Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and the strangest thing was a couple of them were whispering something to Kaomea. She was listening intently to them, then she turned towards MoSh and smirked. She said if he was her soul mate, she was going to kill herself right now so she could spend eternity with the zombie pirate to her right. My stomach churned and I thought I might vomit when she kissed the thing, kissing a zombie? That was truly disgusting, and when she pulled away I could see the slime of decaying flesh sticking to her face, though she seemed completely unaware of it.

      First MoSh looked stunned, then he looked mad, leading me to wonder if he had somehow forgotten the reason we'd had for tracking Kaomea down in the first place, to heal her from dark energy infection. Apparently she was still infected, and those zombies weren't making things any better. And she was getting nasty, too, she was telling MoSh that there was no way that any woman would put up with the likes of him, that he would grow old and die a complete no one and when he did die, no one would give a shit, that all that would be left is for him to sink into the realm of the forgotten souls and rot there for eternity, she was laughing in a nasty manner…

      While she was coming up with nasty things to say to MoSh, I had turned into a mermaid and swam out towards her, she still wasn't paying any attention at all to me, I figured that was fine… she didn't need to be paying attention for me to do a healing spell. She was saying more nasty things to MoSh that I didn't catch, and then I was focusing on Touch My Heart. Before the spell could really get started, however, MoSh was charging at Kaomea, getting mad at her for deceiving him, for playing games with him when she knew perfectly well he was seriously looking for Asuka's twinner in his waking life. I did a brief double take, but then I swam away from Kaomea and grabbed MoSh, I saw all the zombies standing around Kaomea laughing at us, she was laughing right along with them, I told MoSh to quit it, we had known before coming here that Kaomea was infected with dark energy, this was just a symptom of that. He didn't seem to quite get that, so I told him that I would take care of healing Kaomea if he could just keep the zombies off of us while I was doing it. He finally agreed to that.

      So while MoSh was attacking the zombies, I went over to Kaomea and focused again on the song Touch My Heart, using it to pull dark energy out of her and replace it with light energy… if she was Asuka's twinner, then she should be using light energy… This time the song played through without interruption. I saw MoSh off to the side a couple of times doing an interesting version of underwater martial arts… and kicking serious zombie ass with it. One of the zombies got almost close enough to interfere with my spell, but MoSh interfered with him and kicked him so hard in the face that his head flew off. I was thinking MoSh had been acting a bit negative himself, so I finished Touch My Heart, directing some of the healing energy at MoSh, as well. After this was done I woke.

      Note: I don't have any solid memories of when I was going to share a dream with both of them to try to remember music, but I am remembering some music that I don't think I've actually heard IWL.

      My Dreams:


      Asuka was healed earlier and me and Raven go after kaomea to heal her as well. she's by a large pool, and jumps in. She turnes into a mermaid and says. "I love swimming naked with men who's souls are old." At first my heart stops but then I realize she was giving me a back-handed compliment because I am the soul of a sage. I jump in after her.

      some weird creepy mermen are luring her into a water abyss. They start making her say mean things to me. I lose control and I begin to battle her. Raven is with us now trying to stop me. She reminds my I am supposed to fight the creepy mermen.

      missing time

      what is the question?

      I am on facebook chatting with M. I can't remember the conversation much. Our convo boxes are on the left hand side of the page instead of the right. I get an answer to a question that I forgot I asked. I even forgot the question. all I know is that i clearly saw her answer as "Yes." not expecting that, I woke up suddenly.

      House wtf.

      I travel to Ontario to see my family there but instead enter my inner world house. I walk around and the place is filled with people. I see Dan and tell him i have the money to pay him back from years ago.

      I decide to go downstairs. The house is huge and impressive. I know I've never seen it before and yet I recognize the place. I look around and find every room from memory is there. I go into the living room area of the basement. There are lots of people seated at a table. The all are sitting at computer consoles. I wait to use one, but then everyone gets up and makes the consoles disappear.

      I go upstairs and havea smoke outside. I go back in and still realize I have the butt in my hand. I go into the kitchen to look for a garbage can but I can't find any.I find Asuka in the kitchen baking cookies. But she looks worn out. It's like those over exaggerated commercial of smokers when their face gets wrinkly. I ask her where the garbage can is. she says she doesn't care anymore about leaving garbage around, just eat a cookie and things will be fine. I shrug and go downstairs. I see a pile of ashes on a part of the ground.

      I sit down on a couch Next to Kao mea, several other people are on the couch as well. We are watching some movie.

      Fa, and I'm on the couch, the lights are out and everyone's asleep. Kaomea is falling asleep and leaning on me. I begin whispering things in her ear but have no idea what i am saying. She starts leaning too heavily on me and pretty soon I feel like she is crushing me. a wave of panic hits me and I try to push her off,but i notice my hand is in her hair. (apperently i was running my hands through her hair earlier). I try to get my hand out but my hand is caught in her hair. I don't want ot hurt her and start screaming. She wakes up and screams as well and I wake up.


      I’m lying in a grassy field with my back against the grass. I feel safe and loved but my eyesight is pretty blurry as I’m trying to focus on what’s going on. I notice that all I’m wearing aside from nothing is two strips of white fabric which rest on top of the two areas of my body that would essentially be covered in such a predicament. I see a man (Mosh) and he’s just looking at me. He looks a little sad about something, remorseful maybe. I just continue trying to figure out what’s going on and then I feel some odd water sensation or ice being placed near my, er, well on the lower white strip of fabric. Then I feel it run or drip down between my legs and I’m thinking, what the hell is going on and this is really cold! Still unable to focus I decide to just ignore it and watch Mosh lay down on the grass about a few feet away from me; he’s still looking at me but not saying anything. I notice that he has the same ice applied to himself as well. I get an odd impression of music playing and a feeling of being healed (Raven!) but I don’t see anyone else. (After waking up, I stumbled upon the actual song I heard in the dream, “Oh girl” by The Chi-Lites. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjN8huzS2Nc )

      Mosh Conversation

      I am sitting at a computer looking at DV, looking through Mosh’s DJ for something. I find what I’m looking for. It is a conversation between him and I that he recorded. It was what I said ‘yes’ to. It was a lengthy entry but the part that sticks in my head was, “Thank you for claiming me” or “Will you claim me.” I think it seems very sweet, it makes sense, but then another part of my brain kicks in and did a sort of mental face palm and starts laughing at the uniqueness of the situation and how corny it all sounded. I was flipping through someone elses DJ but I can’t remember who or what. That was important.

      (I was just about to fall asleep when I kept getting a nagging feeling that something was wrong with Asuka, it wouldn’t go away. I wasn’t sure if she was kidnapped again but something definitely wasn’t right. All that flooded through my mind at one point was a VERY strong impression of me shouting and screaming, “RAVEN! RAVEN! RAAAAAVEN!!!” All I could think was, ooooooh fuck. The next dream didn’t shed light on why I was screaming, that annoys me)
    13. 1st shared dream with kaomea

      by , 10-11-2010 at 02:50 AM
      My dream:

      Stop that

      I'm at a dream version of Tracks pub. sipping a beer pondering my recent turn of events. "is this really happening... ... is the really real... ...what does this mean... ... how will it turn out exactly..." I sip some more and notice bob marley on the jukebox is singing the lyric, "...every little thing, is gonna be alright"
      "Thanks bob" I mutter. Tupac is rapping on the tv screen about how life is just a dream. Pretty soon I'm lost in my chaotic train of thoughts again. Then the numbers 333 start circling around my head, confirming my thoughts. They turn into flies and fly around my head more buzzing "333,333,333" at me.
      "ahhh buzz off." I said. I look down in my beer and see M's face in the bottle end. "what the..." I say as she purses her lips which become a portal and suck me into the bottle.

      Nomad the big bad friendly vampire

      I emerge from the portal in some dark room. There's a door slightly open so I peer through. In the next room I see M surrounded by vampires. Nomad is there too in his vampire form.
      "there's nothing to be afraid of deary!" Nomad says, "I'm a big bad, but friendly vampire." He morphs into a mexican vampire witha big mustache and fedora hat. He has shakers and salsa music begins playing. He dances around going "friendly vampire cha cha cha! Friendly vampire cha cha cha!" I giggle a bit. M is still surrounded by menacing vampires, she's stimbling around the room holding onto various objects trying to get away. Nomad uses the music as a spell and mind controls all the vampires, they all start dancing and dance right through a portal to somewhere.
      Nomad cuts his wrist, and morphs into vampire Ben Stiller. "No one makes me bleed my own blood! Nobody! except me of course!" Then nomad starts sucking on his wrist. blood is getting all over his face and he wipes his face off with his hands. "always wanted to do that in a dream".
      I can see M in the corner cowering at the site. I put my head in my palm.
      "Nomad," I roar jumping through the door as a werewolf. "What are you doing? She's terrified stop that." His eyes slowly fill with blackness, he seems slightly aware and pushes the blackness away as if on reflex.
      "Sorry," he says. I just have to know if she's the real deal.
      "Well ok, Remember when we rescued asuka from the Reptilian alien that was inhabiting Lujan? Weren't you there when walms ate the reptilian, and asuka was so grossed out that she threw up?"
      "oh yeah," Well isn't M's reaction here similar?
      "I have to know for sure!" he said morphing into a dark demon. A dark aura emerged that he could no longer contain. He ws drunk with rage.
      "All this waking life shit is killing my dreams, and now she comes along. and look at her, already in distress. AEONA!" he roared at her. "ARE YOU IN THERE? You better not being trying to lead Mosh astray again."
      "That's not Aeona." I said. "Trust me I would know." M fainted from the dream but left a silhouette of her dream body which turned cartoonish.
      "I knew it." Nomad said and walked toward M. I shot astral tentacles out of my hand which wrapped around nomad likea web. I thrased him around the room. Now he was a jaguar cub yelping. i looked into the web. He looked like and innocent jaguar cub. then a dark aura emerged from him and tried to attack me. I opened a portal to the healing glen and through the jaguar cub through.

      I sighed and noticed a beer bottle in my hand. I went to take a sip. M, who was still there, Shot a spider silk from her hand and snatched the botle away from me.
      "STOP THAT" she yelled. She was angry, her background changed to a garden at night time with gargoyles. She grew 20ft tall and towered over me. She was like a dark witch.
      "OMG," I said, "It's her shadow self."

      Her dream:

      Annoying Vampires

      I had a dream last night and I’m almost certain it was Nomad or MoSh. Before I went to bed my main focus was ‘find Asuka’. The dream started pretty normal, in a three story log cabin, saw some living relatives, read their thoughts, everything seemed pretty normal. Then some bell rang or the environment changed and vampirish/zombie things came out from the woodwork so to speak. I was in some type of lift, trying to get a motorcycle to a different level (wtf moment there). I gave up, tried to find one of the three levels that offered the best hiding place or escape, realized there were none. Went to the basement/first level, kitchen setting, I was standing on a counter, with vampires looking at me, I finally got fed up and realized it wasn’t fair. I looked at one of them and said, “Hey, would you stop, I have nowhere to hide, nowhere to escape, this sucks.” I then got off the counter and just started walking around. Another ‘human’ was there and wanted to prove the vamps were peaceful, he drew his own blood, I was looking at the idiot and thought ‘they may be peaceful but they aren’t perfect’. I backed myself into a corner trying to get as far from him as I could, I know things were going to get ugly, so did he, he bolted for the sliding door and right before he got to it, someone popped into my dream bubble. I figured at that point if I wasn't lucid already, I sure was then. I was standing by the fridge, scared shitless, had the door to the fridge opened, looking for I don’t know what … the food was spoiled. But the moment the person showed up, I recognized his energy for the first time that I can remember in my waking state. My impression was he was looking for me, and finally found me, you were about to ask me something but I got pulled from the dream and woke up. At first I thought it was Nomad but thinking it over more, I could have been confused if it was Nomad or MoSh.
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    14. 3 way shared dream

      by , 09-27-2010 at 02:48 PM
      Magic tricks

      I briefly Remember going to Manuel's house, he was invisible but his Nagual woman was around. Mnuel was invisible but his presence was undeniably there.

      "Alright Nagual!" I yelled. "Show me your stuff. I wanna see what all this fuss is about. Show me a trick or something, Tun into a Dog like romano did."

      NW(Nagual Woman) "uhh he's not here, please go away". I can hear them telepathically communicating. Manuel is telling her to get rid of me. He flies out of nowhere as a crow and goes on top of the fridge.

      "I can hear you guys... you think i'm some random dreamer that showed up or, some dream character created by your mind. I can assure I am not Death Defier. now come on what can you guys do?" He telepathically tells her to do something just so I will be satisfied and will go away. "I can still hear you guys, come on!" the NW looks a bit frantic and grabs my attention. She goes to a kitchen sink and places a tennis ball by the sink. she then says "look at this", and opens hecupboard under the sink. i look up and now the tennis ball is gone. "ta daa!" She says.

      I summon a tennis ball, teleport to the sink, and perform the same trick. Which is really telling the person to look under the sink, on hand opens the door and the other hand snatches the ball. At first I seem amused by the trick. But I shake my head and snap out of it. "If I let them play with me like this they'll eventually convince me that I'm a turnip."

      "Alright." I say, "So that's your magic trick? Where'd you learn that one... Clownology 101? I don't mean THAT kind of magic. I'll show you magic." They look at each other confused and then look at me.

      I pull off my head with my hands, throw it in the air an catch it, and then perform acrobatics tricks with my detached head. Kind of like in the "snake in the eagle's shadow" movie where the old drunkard throws around a bowl.

      They are both staring at me like "WTF" by now. I put my head back on. They are just staring. i'm thinking "oh yeah.. I should show them that trick that don juan taught me... if only I could remember what it was... oh yeah! got it". I then morph into a Japanese girl with pigtails, laugh maniacally, jump in the air and start twirling like a top as I slowly descend to the ground. When I land a blue shock wave emanates from me and knocks me, and possibly them, out of the dream. As the dream fades out i hear Manuel go, "OHHH FUUUUU..."


      I'm a dream like the movie "knowing". At first I see there are Archangels capturing kids to take them to the new planet after the earth is destroyed.

      time speeds up and I'm in a playground at night time. The Cusp has long hair and is driving a Bobcat construction thingy, and he's knocking over the playground, picking up swingsets and ossing them. "If it's he end of the world i'm going to tear shit up first.

      After he's done we go to pile in my dad's pickup truck. I'm looking into the sky and i can see stars like from the mario game falling to earth. I can see them hitting the earth and ripping huge holes in the continent. we decide to go out of the world driving the pickup towards the chaos. I say "I'm happing we're spending the last few minutes together as a family like this."

      The Cusp:

      End Times
      Clarity: 4/10
      Sleep: OK
      Sleep Position: Unknown

      The world is ending, sort of. I see to be the only person who's planning on surviving, but I'm not clear on whether that's going to be on the ruined earth of in space somewhere. Either way, I fill up several 2 litre pop bottles with water and grab as much food as I can carry.

      The time comes, and I'm standing next to some sort of tall demon/monster thing. The earth begins to crumble and fall away beneath us in chunks. The monstrosity and I are left standing at the edge of a cliff, and we know the ground beneath us will fall away too. The monstrosity says falling down will give him a good view of the earth being destroyed.

      The ground give way beneath us and we fall. As I fall, I see all the waters of the earth being compressed far below me into a glowing white singularity, accompanied by a voice like in a nature documentary describing the process. The waters expand again into a large sphere, and the remaining debris of the falling earth rains down into it creating new land masses.

      The monster and I both land on this pristine new world. All pollution is gone now. The planet has been reborn fresh and pristine.
      "I'm looking into the sky and i can see stars like from the mario game falling to earth. I can see them hitting the earth and ripping huge holes in the continent"

      Very similar to my end of the world dream from the same night. At least the destruction part.

      Actually, I was riding around in a truck in my dream at one point. I left that part out because i couldn't figure out how to fit it into the narrative. We stopped in the truck, someone leaped out to chase a demon with a sword, and then we kept going, leaving the sword guy behind.

      Encounter with Mosh?
      Then I’m inside this big black truck. Some guy drove me over but right now we’re parked on the side of the road and he is outside doing something (maybe peeing?). We’re on a semi-desert place, no houses, just sand around. As another big truck passes by us on the road, there’s a panel on the truck where a pink or red light starts blinking, like signalling the proximity of something and I realise it’s this other big truck that just passed by. They signal the presence to each other. The guy on the other truck probably just saw the same signal on his truck and he breaks violently and makes a very fast U-turn.
      The guy who is with me also sees this and runs to “our” truck. As the other guy parks they both meet outside and make quite a party for finding each other. I am now coming out of the truck and I realise I have feelings for this guy who is with me. I approach him by his right side and kind of encircle him with my arms. Both guys are with shorts and a t-shirt and actually look very similar. Then the guy who arrived looks at me surprised, like asking who am I. And “my” guy says I’m his new girl friend. I don’t recall he mentioning his or my name but then he clearly introduces me to his friend and says: “This is Mosh” and I’m like "what? I know that name!"
      But Mosh is not really accepting me. He keeps looking sideways to me. Later we are on some building, looks like an office floor, people are running around working on something and I’m on some common living room on the end of some corridor, where there’s coffee machine and so on. I’m planning to make some coffee but then I see Mosh at the other end of the corridor, again not looking so friendly to me. Then he sends out this kind of energy blast that comes in my direction. It’s kind of transparent wave that is about to hit me, but I block it and it doesn’t hit me or harm me. I tell him to please stop it, because he has no reasons to distrust me. He then steps back a little, maybe because “my” guy then appears and Mosh behaves better in front of his friend, and maybe also because his friend seems to fully trust me and even have feelings for me. Then we start making coffee and I climb some chair to get some toffees that are on some high shelf.

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    15. BanYanLand (Raven and Nomad)

      by , 08-21-2010 at 03:30 PM

      on 08-11-2010 at 04:46 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)


      Raven and I meet up at the base of the Tower near the entrance to BanYanLand.

      Along the way, a bunch of other dreamers appear: MoSh, Loaf, Tigress, mowglycdb, and Walms. Mosh is wearing a white robe with a hood and green trim. His eye are two green gems. I ask him why he's wearing the robe.

      He grins at me: I AM A SPACE DRUID. His eyes sparkle, and lightning crackles across his teeth when he says it.

      ok.. these are supposed to be notes.

      We meet Bobby AKA DJ Sabertooth, AKA Saber. He is a giant were-saber-toothed tiger in a green smoking jacket. He is smoking a giant joint. We hop in a flying car, and he gives us a tour.

      He talks about the ecology of the place, and how he set up everything to go in circles.

      He says it's a prototype for a self-sustained Tree-House-Farm. Wow! Permaculture.


      There is a silk factory, silkworms... koi... He says the silkworms are weaving dream fabric.

      The place is HUGE.

      One. Giant. Tree.

      We become ant-people and crawl all over the tree.

      Bobby and Raven laugh maniacally. MoSh is confused. Loaf freaks out. Walms doesn't seem to notice. Tigress shrugs. I gnaw at the tree.


      This dream was so long... I think about an hour... but I don't have time to write it all down.

      08/10/10 The Pod Tree

      on 08-12-2010 at 02:29 PM (66 Views)

      Note: I fell asleep with my light / sound machine as I usually do, with the intent to accomplish a couple of goals. My goals included meeting with Nomad on the moon to share some energy with him because he said he has been so worn out lately, MoSh said he would help with this. Second I planned to go and view another dream from the past, another of MoSh's dreams, and then I had plans to locate Blake and maybe have an Oblivion dream with Tigress if I could get that. That seemed like a lot of dreams for one night, but I figured I would just get in what I had time for. I fell asleep and slipped into my WILD…

      I didn't even have to take a look around to realize where I had entered the dream, no hesitation, I headed straight for the front door of MoSh's house and knocked. No one opened the door, but there was a voice behind me, and when I turned I saw MoSh there with Asuka. I asked MoSh if he was lucid, he said he was, I asked if he was going to remember the dream, he said no. Asuka pulled a Gibbs on him (a slap to the back of the head) and told him that he would remember the dream, not an option. I opened a portal to the moon, to get to the BanYan tree near the base of the tower, and it opened. MoSh and I went through the portal, but I was surprised Asuka didn't follow us. The portal closed behind us.

      I followed MoSh over to a tree, a huge tree that was standing at the base of an even bigger tower, I stood there and stared at the tree for a few minutes, It was a huge tree that had numerous pod type structures connected by walkways in the branches, it was a pretty amazing looking tree… I was thinking that would be a cool thing to have in an RPG… a huge tree with all those different pods in it, it looked big enough to be an entire city in the tree. I went over to the tree, I spotted Nomad near the base of it, he was talking to someone that looked a bit familiar… Nomad was talking to someone who appeared to be part human, but mostly tiger… Nomad seemed to be enjoying talking to him, MoSh and I went over to the two of them. Nomad asked if we remembered his cousin, Bobby? Who now goes by Saber? I said I remembered seeing him once before, in a previous dream. I told Nomad I was there to give him some extra energy, MoSh was going to help with that… I saw there was a fox there with us, the fox came over to me and sat there, looking up at me… cute! It made me want to pick up the fox and hug it… So I scooped the fox into my arms… the fox allowed that… and I was petting the fox when MoSh was trying to get my attention, he said if I was through snuggling with Pablo maybe we could do what we came for. Snuggling with Pablo? I looked closer at the fox I was holding… yup. The energy signature was Pablo's… I asked if he was going to share positive energy with Nomad. The fox licked my nose… I set the fox down and then we went ahead and did healing spells to transfer positive energy to Nomad, golden energy formed and filled all of us there… it was a very pleasant energy.

      After sharing energy with Nomad, his cousin, the tiger man, wanted to show off what he had done with the tree, the BanYan tree, which had once been Nomad's moon house and now had reached the scale of a small city. We looked through some of the various chambers inside the pods, and it was really an awesome place… it had everything, pods with various rooms, pods with natural habitats, pods with healing areas, many of the pods were much larger on the inside than they appeared to be from the outside. Some of the pods seemed to be there for production, growing crops of various kinds, some I recognized and many I didn't, pods with various animals and insects that were producing cloths… Saber said they would be sold in the city in the biodome and Nowhere, free, of course. There is no need of money there… MoSh seemed impatient, I thought about that for a bit and I remembered there were events from the past he wanted to take a second look at, so I told Nomad that MoSh and I had something to do, but we, or at least I, would be back to share more energy with him later.
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