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    1. Shared Dream: Task of the Month!

      by , 06-09-2011 at 05:15 AM
      Garden of Peace
      I am in my house, and I feel depressed. I decide to create an area where I can go to relax and feel better, I think a place with a lot of flowers would be nice. A miniature paradise. I go outside where I find a place sheltered from the main force of the desert sun. I bring water there, and plant flowers. The flowers grow amazingly fast, they grow into a huge canopy of flowering vines. The water I give them forms into a pond underneath the shelter of the flowers. The temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the shelter is amazing. It's somewhere around 110 degrees outside the miniature paradise, but it's only about 75 degrees inside… amazing. I see large golden fruits growing from the vines, I pick one and eat it. It is delicious. I plant some more flowers to enlarge the sheltered area, animals are coming in out of the desert for some shelter from the heat and for some water. I see a portal open just outside the shelter, the sun is bright but I manage to see through the portal that Nomad is out there. He comes through the portal into my miniature paradise, I tell him it grew in just the past few minutes, amazingly fast. He is with a woman I don't know. He introduces me to her, but I don't remember who she is. I take another fruit before looking back over at Nomad and seeing he is making out with the woman he brought here. I plant some more flowers between me and them, giving them their own little section of my paradise and some privacy for making out.

      Ghost Realm
      I am in a very strange and creepy place with Nomad. There are ghosts all around us, all of them are glowing with a strange green glow. I look around a bit more and see Nomad is actually making out with one of them, he and a female ghost are getting into some pretty heavy kissing. That makes me wonder if actual intercourse with a ghost is possible. I look around at the ghosts more and I see the ghost of Captain Jack Sparrow emerge, he comes out of the green fog and is glowing green a bit himself, though the green glow seems to be evaporating off of him. Jack asks what us living types are doing in a dead place like this, he looks closer at me and says I certainly look living… He kisses me right on the lips and then gives me a strange smile before doing it again. So Nomad is making out with the ghost woman and I am making out with Jack Sparrow… Jack finally says that if I am from out there and I got in here then there I must know the way to get back out there from in here… um… I hesitate, and Jack says of course I can't do that… first we need the treasure. He is talking to someone I can't see now, saying that person should be helpful and lead us to the treasure. Nomad asks who Jack is talking to. Jack points at himself. He's talking to himself? He looks down at his shirt and pulls something from his chest pocket, he lets go of a slightly frazzled looking fairy. The fairy scolds Jack briefly, it sounds like she says something about being more careful with the wings, Jack says sorry, and she smiles. She indicates for us to follow, then she goes into the water of a dead looking ocean. Jack says to follow her we would need gills… and tentacles, or fins… I transform into a mermaid, Jack says he can't drown, he's already dead. We swim down into the ocean, following the glow of the fairy, and soon I can see wreckage on the bottom. The Black Pearl! And there is something else… a space ship has crashed on the deck of the Black Pearl? Nomad swims into the space ship, I look closer at the Black Pearl. I follow Nomad into the space ship and see an Alkazaran (purple alien, about four feet tall, glowing blue eyes) is injured. The Alkazaran hands Nomad something that turns into a huge golden orb that surrounds both the space ship and the Black Pearl. Jack looks at the golden glow, the golden light flows through all of us, he says that is the treasure that everyone seeks but very few ever find, the fifth element in its purest form. The space ship, the Black Pearl, and all of us float up out of the ocean and through a portal Nomad opens. On the other side of the portal I see that the Black Pearl is now floating in the oceans of the biodome on the moon.

      I am Juargawn, god of Nothing, a great rakshasa, a lion man, with light tiger stripes atop the Temple of Nothing, in the City of Nowhere in the Land of Aud on the muthafukkin Green Moon.

      I survey the scene. I am above the jungle canopy. Flying cars float by. Birds swim on currents of nothing. An iridescent blue and black butterfly alights on my wrist. I look at the butterfly, and I can see its tiny tongue curled and its many eyes. It flits away. A breeze makes patterns in my fur, and I can see the individual hairs. The sun begins to set, and the sky turns pink and orange. I inhale deeply nothing-air.

      Sarnox, my spectral flaming wraith High Priest joins me on the landing pad. We are standing on a picture of Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl battling eternally.

      “Everything looks so fucking real, dog.”

      “I know. It’s amazing.”

      “This is real, isn’t it Sarnox?”


      I feel like crying, screaming, and laughing all at the same time. Instead, I just kneel and place my lion chin in my palm. I see I have dreadlocks now. I chuckle to myself.

      A tiny man on a tiny hover vehicle, the size of a dragonfly, rides to me, and hands me a message in the form of a tiny envelope. I touch it, and it becomes a hologram of Raven. “Um, Nomad? Aren’t we going to the pirate ship?”

      “Oh, shit! I forgot.” I turn, and enter the temple. A purple and black cape grows out from my neck. A silly purple and black top hat appears on my head, and I have a funny dancing cane. The hat becomes a great hood, and the cane becomes gnarled and twisted black wood. My eyes glow violet, and lightning flashes across my face as I stride toward The Mirror. I wave my staff across it, and it ripples like mercury. A scene of Raven planting flowers appears. She looks up at me, squints, and waves. I step through the mirror.

      I go through a silvery wormhole going through the center of the Moon, and a beautiful silver and white wormhole Wyrm, grins at me as I bodysurf by.

      I land next to Raven, on the Moon. My friend, Keiko, well, love interest, is somehow now there with me. She’s wearing a white robe, and holding a white staff with a caduceus at the top. I introduce her to Raven. Selene appears, and kisses Keiko on the cheek. Raven opens a portal to the Black Pearl.

      We step in. In the wormhole we have an epic flash battle with a black dragon fighting the wormhole worm.

      We are on a ghost ship in a dense fog. The sea is completely still. There are some nasty little bat things gnawing at us, which we toss into the portal. We instantly do healing on ourselves. The ghosts are everywhere. I scan Keiko. She seems right at home. Jack Sparrow steps out from among them. A green mist rises from his skin.

      “Well, hello there, strange people things.... Ah, I know you!” He walks to Raven, and makes out with her. I laugh.

      “Let us to the treasure! I mean, lead us to the treasure!” Jack Sparrow proclaims loudly.

      “Who are you talking to?” I ask.

      “Uh... me? Me. No, wait, aha, hear it is! My little treasure fairy...” He pulls Tinkerbell out of his breast pocket. She flies around and kisses all of us on the cheek. We dive into the green sea. “At this point, it would be good time to have gills and tentacles... or fins!”

      I grow gills, tentacles, and fins. We follow Tinkerbell into the depths. There is a strange silver disk at the bottom of the sea. It looks like it just crashed into the seafloor! Is it an alien ship? There is a hologram of a ghostly pirate ship on it. I see the hologram projector is not working too well as the hologram is flickering. We swim down to the hull, and it opens.

      A strange purple alien is dying... This sounds like... wait, I already have a Green Lantern Ring...

      The alien speaks, and I feel it’s voice reverberate in my chest. “I am dying,” the Babelfish translates. “... being pursued by ones who want my treasure... what they do not understand is... *cough* they already have it... and so do you... you have everything to give, and everything to receive...”

      The alien puts her hands over her heart, and pure love energy pours into them in a tiny colored orb. She opens her hands to us, and she exhales her last strange watery breath. The orb expands growing until it engulfs us. My third eye spins, and my entire being is flooded with light. All my chakras spin. I grab on to the hands of two people next to me. The five of us, Raven, Jack, Selene, Keiko, and myself are in a circle, spinning. I feel the orb explode. We are five Love Gods in a World of Light.

      Suddenly we are back in the sea. Our eyes are glowing gold. “The greatest treasure in the world: The Fifth Element,” Jack whispers.

      We fly through the water up to the surface. We hover in the sky and turn the clouds into a storm. It rains violently, and disappears. A cool wind blows, and we add our breath to it, sending the ghosts to rest in peace.

      I open a portal to the Green Moon.

      “Where are you going, friend?” Jack asks.

      “Home, brother, care to join us?”

      He grins and swaggers to the portal, stepping through first. We go through, and end up on top of The Tower. Wait... The Black Tower... And there is a Green and White Tower on the edge of the Sea... Two Towers?

      The old Biodome wall is overgrown with green, but the energy dome can still be vaguely seen. “All systems normal, Biodome is now complete. Hidden fortress in the forest, as you requested sir,” I hear Stephanie, the Biodome AI say. We overlook a lush paradise. Colorful birds float by, smiling at us. People are singing in a valley below.

      “This!” Jack shouts, surveying the scene, “This is lovely!” We walk through New Eden. As we walk past the Mirror by the Koi Pond, there is a scene of the sun rising. “What’s this?” Jack asks, and steps through. We are on the Mountain now, in a field of wildflowers among a few great pines. The air is fresh and clean. We look out over the ocean, and the sky grows light as the sun rises over the sea on the Green Moon. In the presence of the overwhelming beauty, all we can do is watch in silence.

      The sun rises, and warms our skin.

      “I am going back to my Other Life, soon, friends.” I give everyone a hug goodbye. “We are all real, aren’t we, Jack?” I ask him.

      ‘Of course,” he says, lightly slapping my face. I growl. He growls back like a dog, and barks at me. I laugh and the dream fades to black.

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