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    levi's lucid dream journal

    well here is most of my lucid dreams, there is maybe 2 or 3 ND's but other then that they will all be LD's and maybe a couple status reports on how my dreams are going. here are some of (my LD Goals) to meet my spirit guide, get to know more DC's,pay attention to more details, go to dream school, create a house and go back to it, To revisit treefort island to explore more and remodel a bit and bring some DC's to it, then for my grand fanaly create a floating island with a castle on it which will be above a water fall of lucid dreaming within a medow. i really really hope who ever reads my dj will coment on my dreams or maybe just your fav. i would really love the feed back and such. i really could use the inspiration at this point.

    1. faced shape shifting shadow in dream. and tried theory for real

      by , 12-08-2015 at 07:57 AM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      it has been stormy all weekend, when I woke up. I went on the motor route with my girl friend delivering papers. We do a split she goes in the car a bit and I go on foot. I tested a theroy and based on past events I've encountered.
      I attempted to clear the sky I waved my hands in the air as I walked puting as much energy as I could into the sky. That and positive thoughts and emotions. It appeared to be working after some time of doing this. I worked up a sweat.lol iI even pictured bright colors coming from my hands and I was whistlin.
      Then when I was more in tuned with it i was able to take a more calm aproch using less motion using some visual tactics. I sang my own song about the stars and after that the sky opened up for a clear big circle of clear sky to view the stars as it turned night fall.

      The dream.
      I was supposed to box for a championship. The dude was much taller. We were in our cars racing down the free way. Singing we will rock you. Or somthing it was me and my crew in no top jeep and the other dudes crew in his car driving down the free way. I had my hood on.
      At this point the parts of the dream might be mixed up I don't know. I clear the sky before or after I got out of the car. But I clear the sky with my hands and thinking happy thought. It soon reveled the moon it was a half yellow moon at first then it turned into the sun.
      Then we drove again But this time there was a cloud entity taking on the aperence of many faces and moving very swiftly I tried to point it out to some one. but every time they would look it would move somewhere else it was staring at me and wanted to make sure only I seen it. It did not look or feel good. Then instead of boxing a man. This was my opponent I was to clear him from the sky after it turned into a small tornado. There was a big shadow of a man controlling it.
      The people that was driving me were talking. One said let's get out of here or get him out of here or something. The other said he's not afraid we can take him. They were right I was not afraid I cast my fear aside. Then it aproched the hood of the car. It wasn't even a full tornado more like a big dust devil with a shadow of a man by its side it was as tall as a two story house but only as wide as a car.
      It came strait into the car. I got out and yelled at it. And thought wait I have to aproch it differently and convert it. Then I said its OK you don't have to be angree any more and I said something else I don't remember. But I think it dissipated and the alarm woke me up I was lucid in this dream not high level but an upper mid level.

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