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    a lucid sky with a swim

    by , 10-20-2015 at 04:54 AM (574 Views)
    The first part was vivid then I got semi lucid. When I went out side the next day the weather did the same as it did in my dreams. but it did get to a drizzle but when I went out for a longer times. It would stop raining. I did use a bit of my will too to help the sun brake through by doing motions and sounds at the sky. After a few minutes Isaw result
    As for the rain I think something greater then me was watching over me.

    I think I was in like a grand hotel or somthing. I was with a group of people but I don't remember what happened with them. I only remember bits and pieces. It could have been and apartments. I explored the halls. Some of the sections were closed of because of a fire. A whole floor was closed and you couldn't even walk on it felt like I would fall through it and caution tape on the stairs and the hall but not at the enrtrence. I don't remember much after that.

    Until I knew I was checking out the sky and flying around. It was mostly cloudy but the sun was peaking through the cloudes and it was not raining. At the end of the dream I started swimming laps in a pool. But I was naked. The pool has gold checkerd patterns along the top inside of the pool. It had a covered area, With pillars holding it up. You could see out side. There were people around. I think I figured it was a dream after that cuz I didn't care I was exposed.

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