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    an awesome flying experience.

    by , 10-19-2015 at 03:47 AM (564 Views)
    I was at a house party. I ended up seeing my girlfriend there. She was talking to some other guy. Sitting on a couch. There were a dozen other people in this living room. The guy had shoulder length hair. sunglasses on top of his head he had a metro look or somthing looked like a doosh Any way. I interrupted and ask her to come with me. She did so with no problem. Out side was a gravel parking lot. After that my girlfriend got in a car and went home.
    I don't know why I didn't go with. I saw her teenage son driving an impala with his cousin. I dont think i wanted to go i thought somthing odd with her son driving so They left me.
    ]Then all of a sudden. I get a bit more then semi lucid. I start flaping my arms in a slow and steady waving motion but up and down like a bird and flying as I was flapping my arms . after a while of doing this I started to see like colorful waving tracers coming from my body. Then I stop flaping and do the iron man style.
    The same kind of tracers acted as the force that hovered me above the ground. Like the flames did with iron man. find out its a very smooth way to fly for hovering and flying fast. I look at the sky. And it has puffy white clouds with blue sky holes evenly all over it. Almost like pokadots but in odd puffy cloud shaps and had an orenge neon tint to it like the sun was seting. Then I look down at the people on the ground. They are all admiring me flying. some where on the balcony of the house too smiling and being entertained by my performance. After that I remember trying to fly some where but don't remember where. And woke up soon after.

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