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    another attack on dream house while building

    by , 10-26-2015 at 08:21 AM (514 Views)
    This dream was very vivid was kind of lucid when witch came. I was at my dream house. We were having fun, parts of my family was there. We were doing some construction. my brother was at the store getting some stuff we needed.I was standing on the back porch looking at the back ally.

    Then I saw some big things in the back ground coming down a mountain. There is not supposed to be a mountain there in the first place. I told every one to get in. My brother was the last one in when he came back but he went around to front. They were right behind him.
    There was a goat looking menitar that crawled on four legs and a floating witch. He got in and I shut the doors. There was three doors I shut at the back door where they were coming from. I locked like five dead bolts on the last one. the witch some how crawled under the door and tried to pull me out. But I dragged it to the TV. it was trying to do something to me the whole time as I dragged it crawling on my back with it on top. When I got to the TV I smashed its head into the TV.
    It was blood and gore and its head just felt like a rubber mask head when I was done with it. I wasn't able to convert this time again... But it died and I saw an image of a guy saying well at that point its hard to wear gloves. Or its hard to keep the gloves on. Basically saying at that point its hard to convert them at that point and you feel you have to use any means necessary.

    Well I hope the construction we did do still stayed intact. Lol wish me luck on facing that nightmare figure that keeps showing up at my dream house.

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