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    Dreams of all types (but mostly war)


    by , 12-23-2011 at 02:48 AM (724 Views)
    The dream starts out and I'm embodied as my character in Skyrim (a bethesda game that just came out). I play a high elf magic user and i'm fully capable of shooting lightning bolts from my hands. I'm in a town and I'm questing, or walking around looking for something to do. I walk past the houses and people walking about and I see one person sitting on a table.

    "What's there to do around here?" I ask the person. He looked like a gnome or something, not a typical human being. Kinda short and.. green. So he doesn't really say anything in my dream but suddenly I have a task and somewhere to go. I walk to the edge of town where I see a big gate and a pathway through that gate, surrounded by trees going down and around a corner. something told me I wasn't supposed to be going out that way.

    I walk to the other side of town and I look down at this huge chasm below. this chasm is at least 1-2000 feet deep, too deep to see the bottom of it. For some reason I am thrown off this chasm and I find myself falling. In bethesda games if you fall you actually die before you hit the ground, so I'm falling and falling wondering why I haven't died yet. Then my descent slows and I find myself standing in front of a door to a cave. I look up and I can see the ridge of the cliff edge however far up. All I could see was a sliver of sky and a gorge of darkness. The door seemed to be lit up so I open it and walk in.

    I walk through the door and I'm greeted by my brother, who is playing his dark elf toon, and seems to be much more powerful than mine. In real his toon is level 38 and mine is only 20 so he has some kickass to his shit and I'm kinda the weakling. He tells me to stick with him which I do. We start exploring this cave together and we come into a great big corridor with lots of rooms to either left and right. I take the first step in and find myself face to face with a giant centipede. I start fighting this centipede shooting my lightning bolts at it and we are tangled in a mess. My brother is off in the distance trying to place a good shot on the creature but I am all over the place, jumping and dashing everywhere and he is afraid to take the shot in case he hits me.

    So I finally decide to run away and let my brother take care of the centipede, which he does, but I am now lost in a labyrinth of rooms. This is the last I see of my brother. Some kind of undead guy wearing black armor starts chasing me and I knew I couldn't beat ths guy and start to run. I try to fire off the odd fireball but I sometimes miss, and the ones that do land don't really do much against this creature. I'm running and running and trying to find my way back to my brother, when I step through this glowy thing and I get teleported back to top level.

    I find myself back in the town I first started in except some things were changed. I look around and there's all these glowing blue things on the ground. I had a feeling I was supposed to collect them so I did. I started walking around picking up these whisps or whatever, when I come face to face with some guy who is trying to tell me something. I look at him puzzled, and I try to talk to him. I ask him if he knows of anything or if there is something i can do. I was trying to get information from him in general. He didn't say anything with his lips but he talked to me telepathically.

    "let me show you" he transmitted his thoughts to my head. Suddenly I was not in skyrim anymore. It was kindof like a cutscene and my view was on the hood of a car. I was watching a man and his wife driving down the road. They had a serious worried look on their face. They were talking about their daughter, who was driving in the car in front of them. Suddenly their car flipped over and my view transfered to their daughters car. I was inside her car sitting on her dash, just in front of her steering wheel. I was watching her and she was panicking.

    I was watching her when a person threw himself against her car. She screamed and swerved. Her car made a thump, like she ran over something, then another person threw herself against her car. There were people falling all across the hood of her car. I saw the look on the people who were trying to throw themselves on her car and they were all covered in blood. Not once they hit her car, but before. They looked like zombies. She was screaming and panicking. My view zoomed out of her car and I could see the whole town she was in.

    There were thousands of zombies, packed into this town, and they seemed to be walled off. There was military around and they had sectioned off the town. Something told me it was not just this town, but the whole world was being affected by the zombies. I could see her driving away from the town up a windy mountain road, when a bright flash nearly blinded me. After the flash I saw a mushroom cloud.

    The vision ended and I was back in the town in skyrim.

    "So that's why we are in skyrim" the person told me. The vision was about what made skyrim this way. It was a nuclear holocaust. I started adding it all up. The magic, the beasts, everything, was because of the radiation. We became immune to the radiation and we were able to weild the forces of nature because of it. 'Wow', I thought. 'So that's why it's such a wasteland here'. But it had been at least a thousand years since all that happened.

    "The door is now open, you may go through". I looked across to the edge of town. The big wooden gate which sealed off the path was now open. I started walking down that path when I came up to a big shrine. It was all glowy and yellow stuff was coming up from the ground. At this point I woke up..

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