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    1. the spider king (pt. 3)

      by , 12-06-2011 at 08:53 PM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      I was walking through the forest with a few friends of mine. We were following a trail, the trail led to a trailer which one of my friends had set up in the middle of the woods as a place to camp, party, hang out etc. The trees were very tall and skinny, much like the trees we have here in BC, except that there was a lot of other types of growth around. It was mid day and my friends were two females and another male (for naming purposes, i will make up the names for these people. Jason, Maria and Emmy).

      We finally got to the trailer after hiking for a while. it looked to be in pretty good shape. There was power running to the trailer, it was fully set up as a place to live, except we were just there to visit. So we walk into this place. The door led straight into the main room. There was a pad there to put our shoes and a closet for our jackets to the right. Looking to the left was a big living room and on the far side of the living was a door to a bedroom. Around the corner to the right on the other side of the closet was an entranceway to a small kitchen. I went straight for the kitchen as I had brought food with me and put it away.

      I went back and forth from the living room to the kitchen. upon further inspection of the living room I noticed that it was fully furnished with an entertainment system against one wall. It looked like the entertainment system had not been set up yet as the speakers were disconnected and some things were still in boxes. So I thought to myself "I'll set that up later, we're gonna want some music". I went back into the kitchen to unload the last of the food I had brought with me, when Emmy came up beside me.

      "Did you see that?" She said, pointing out the window.

      "No, what did you see?"

      "I could've sworn I saw a little person with wings, just now, fly across the window"

      The kitchen had a big bay window, as most trailers do, a big window at the front of the trailer. We could see out into the forest and it was bright out from the noon sun.

      "No," I said, "I didn't see anything at all, you must be imagining things!"

      She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. Maria and Jason were in the bedroom setting things up in there.

      "I'm going to go join them." Emmy turned and walked away. I was left by myself.

      'Well,' I thought to myself, 'the food is put away..' My thoughts turned to the stereo. 'It would be nice to have some music playing'.

      I went into the living room and looked at the boxes sitting next to the stand. I started to open the boxes and unpack what was in them. I had my mind pretty well set on my task when suddenly the scene changed inside the room I was in. There were cobwebs all over the place, like the place had been sitting there for years with no one in it. I stopped what I was doing and looked around the room. There were cobwebs everywhere. They formed a sort of tunnel towards the kitchen which still had light shining through it. Then just as suddenly as they appeared, they disappeared.

      'Wow that's odd' I thought to myself. I shrugged and continued unpacking. Maria and Emmy came out of the room and stood beside me watching me set up the stereo.

      "AHHH!" Emmy screamed.

      "What? What is it??"

      "That thing, I saw it again.." She turned to me. I looked at her face and she was scared.

      "Huh, you and your imagination" I retorded. I turned back to the stereo. Then the cobwebs appeared again and my two friends were gone. I stood up once more, except upon looking at the ceiling and all the cobwebs, I saw a few little sparkles of light dancing around. One of the sparkles came up close to me and I could see what you would consider a little pixie. A small little fairy like thing, with little glowing wings, darted from one side of me to the other. It seemed this little thing was just as interested in me as I was in it. There were other little pixies flying around near the ceiling of the room.

      The pixie looked at me. "OH NO!" it exclaimed, then flew away. The other little pixies that were with this thing also flew away.

      'What the hell?' My mind was racing. 'What is all this, why did that thing just fly away?'. I asked the question in my mind, but it was soon after that I got the answer. A darkness fell inside the room and it got cold. Very cold. I was shivering and rubbing my arms to try and stay warm. Then from out of the ceiling, I saw it. First the hands, or claws, one could say, then the arms. Then those deep red eyes that I have become familiar with. I knew in my dream that I had seen this thing before, many dreams I've had of this thing. I could hear it breathing as a demon growls when it breathes in and out.

      "Who ARE you??" I called out to this thing coming through the ceiling. It said nothing, but as I gazed upon it, I began to feel an emotion that I knew wasn't mine. It was talking to me through my thoughts, my feelings. I could tell it was there to take me away, to kill me, to collect my soul and keep me forever.

      "Who are you???" I called out again.

      "I am the spider king" the thing responded, in its deep gnarly voice. I looked at his face. He had the signature row of teeth, those long, sharp spikes for teeth. His face had no skin, just this skull, and those teeth, with those deep red eyes. The rest of his body was a shadow form but I knew he was real enough to hurt me. He came in closer, I think to attack me.

      "NO!" I yelled out. In my heart I knew I wasn't afraid. I feel no fear in my dreams, although I act as I should given a circumstance. But in this dream I felt not fear and that threw the demon off. He didn't expect me to not be afraid, it's almost as if my very lack of fear made him afraid and pull away from me. My 3 friends came out of the bedroom and started to ask what was going on.

      "What's going on???" I said excitedly. "You mean you can't see the cobwebs.. the pixies, that big frikkin demon right there??"

      "I have no idea what you're talking about" said Jason. I looked back. The cobwebs were gone, the spider king was gone. Everything was normal as it should be and the music was playing out of the stereo. Some pop song you would hear on the radio.

      I woke up with the song stuck in my head. I felt good to have finally faced the demon and show it that I'm the one in control not it. Having a name for him was also good. I don't know why he would call himself the spider king, I never did try to research it. But if I ever dream of the spider king again I will surely share it in this journal
    2. Swords, haunted mansion, fighting the (spider king)(horror)

      by , 12-06-2011 at 07:21 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      I'm in my bed, in a carriage house I used to rent. It's broad daylight out but I'm super tired anyway. I hear this big commotion outside and I get out of bed to hear what's going on. I open my door to see my neighbours (owner of the main house) moving a bunch of furniture around. "Huh" I think to myself. "Wonder why they are moving stuff, that furniture looks so old yet expensive". I didn't check to see if they were moving in or out. I go to lay back down since I'm still really tired. After a few minutes of wondering why my neighbour has this big moving truck and a bunch of furniture, I start to hear someone playing a piano. It's not like whoever it was .. was playing an actual song or anything, more like an 8 year old kid banging on the keyboard thinking it's cool. So I get up and open the door again. As soon as I opened the door, the piano playing stopped.

      "Who's playin the damn piano?" I ask.

      "What piano. There's no piano here, you see, it's bedroom furniture."

      "But I swear to god someone was just playing a piano."

      "Nope, no piano playing here"

      "Alright", so I go back into my room. I'm sooo tired. I do one of those falling tree maneouvers and faceplant back into my bed. The second my head hits the pillow, the piano starts up again. "Who the HELL is playing that damned piano???". It was so loud, and obnoxious, and not really a song of any time, just random banging on the keys. I could handle it if it were something with substance, you know, something a REAL musician would play. I'm pissed off now, so I put on my clothes. "No rest for the wicked" I think to myself. I armed myself to the teeth with verbal ammunition. "Oh yeah", I think "Whoever is doing it's gonna get a piece of me that's for sure". But when I opened the door, there was no one there.

      Curious. How could a 5 tonne moving truck, loaded to the hilt with furniture, and all those people loading it, suddenly disappear in the 2 minutes it took me to land on my bed, get right back up and put on my clothes? Besides I didn't even hear the thing start up. "Something fishy is going on here". I leave my shack and walk around the backside, or what I thought was the trail leading to the back. Suddenly I slam into a big front door to this house that makes Elton John's estate look like a chump shack. "Um ok that's odd, suddenly a mansion appears where a trail is supposed to be" I think. Oh well, it felt normal, like the thing was supposed to be there. I didn't question it. I walk in.

      Behind me the door closes. *Click*. The lock sets itself in place. I didn't sign up to be trapped inside this huge house. But I couldn't open the front door and the door was made of heavy hardwood. It was a big door. Defeated I turn around to look at my surroundings. I'm standing in this room that has a huge table and chairs. A big brick fireplace lines the wall. There is a staircase going up on the left side of the room. An entranceway leads to another room to the far left. On the right side is a corridor that leads around the corner to which I couldn't see where it led. Looking down the middle of this big room, I see 2 more doors lining the right side, and another door on the left, just past the fireplace. It was dimly lit, almost by candle light. There wes rod iron lattice work all over the place. A huge chandelier hung above the table, filled with lit candles.

      "Ok," I think, "Now to find a way out of this place". I was marvelling at all the trinkets all over the place. The walls were maroon colour, kindof like a deep blood red. Go figure, the perfect colour for a haunted mansion! I can feel a presence in the house, one that is right close to me. I start to get a little antsy, as the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. You would think it would be nice and warm in there, since the people who were just outside loading furninuture into the disappearing 5 tonne moving van were wearing jeans and t-shirts. But no, I was freezing cold. It was definitely below zero, and I was trapped in this frost pocket. Strangely enough, there were no windows. The inside of the house flashes, and I hear something like thunder shaking the walls. "AHA," I thought, "there MUST be a window somewhere". So I start by going up the stairs.

      The top of the stairs led to another hallway, a long hallway, which seemed to have at least a dozen doors lining each side of the hall. I look to the end of the hallway and see a little table with a big plant pot sitting on it. There was no plant in it, but it was there anyway. But above that planter was a window. A small window. "Jackpot" I think. I start down the hallway towards this window. I can feel a breeze blowing on my neck, a cold one. I didn't think too much of it till I realized I was INSIDE, and where the hell would a breeze be coming from, INSIDE the house. I turn around. There's nothing there. "Hmmmm". I turn around again and walk up to the window. It felt like it took 5 minutes to walk down this 10 mile long hallway. Or at least it seemed that long. It was long.

      I get to the window. I try to open it. No, it was not the opening type. "Ok, if you're not gonna open for me, I'll smash you" I thought, but upon looking further, there were bars on the outside of this window. Great. I really am a prisoner in this freaky mansion, locked inside, with some *thing* breathing down my neck. Literally. I start to get goosebumps thinking about it. "Ok don't think about it". Then I hear it. It was a woman's voice, coming from one of the rooms.

      "Hello??" I call out. "Hellooooo" The voice gets quiet. I start walking back down the hallway and to the approximate door I think the sound is coming from.

      "Help!" I hear a muffled cry coming out from behind one of the doors. My heart stops, my breathing stops, and I'm scared shitless. "Help?" I think to myself, "Yeah I'm the one that needs the help dammit". "Help!" I hear it again.

      "Hello?" I cried out again.

      "In here! In here!" This woman started calling out to me. Then she started banging on the door of the room she was in. I walk up to the door I'm sure is making the noise.

      "Hello are you in there?"

      "Yes, yes I'm in here! Oh god please let me out!" I open the door. There is a lovely young lady standing there. She has fair, olive skin, long black, curly hair down to the small of her back. I guess you could say she was the epitome of beautiful. My heart went out to her. She was wearing a dress, she looked so beautiful standing there. I could tell the look on her eyes was total fear, probably the same way I looked at her. "Oh thank you so much! These doors only open from the outside!"

      "What??? Well how long have you been trapped here???"

      "Oh, well, that's a hard question to answer, you see, I'm not living"

      "Not living? Like, not living the life, or, morbidly dead?"

      "Um, more the morbid side of not alive". My heart stopped again. "Damn, if my heart stops one more time, ONE MORE TIME, I swear I will be in the morbid side of not living myself!"

      "O.. OK.. so.. You are a ghost?"

      "Well, not really a ghost either. Look, I died in this house. I know it well, many people have died here, you are the only one here that's alive."

      "What do you mean.. the only one.."

      "Well, besides me, there is one other that lives here, who trapped me in this room long ago. I have to show you how to get out of here, or he will get you too, come on, come with me!" I touched her. I just had to. My hand felt sweet, solid skin under my finger tips. She stopped to let me touch her. I ran my fingers through her long black hair, it felt so soft. I couldn't understand how someone who was "in the morbid side of not alive" could feel so wonderful. I took her in my arms and gave her a hug. She felt so good next to me. I put my hand on the back of her head and pressed her into me. Yes she felt very real, very nice and I felt an instant connection with her. She was a very special girl to me, to someone who was.. not a alive.. and someone.. or something.. who I had just met.

      She looked at me and smiled, gave out a little giggle, and said "Come on, you need to get out of here".

      "OK", I said "But first let me check the window in this room".

      "There's no way out of this room"

      "Well I see a window and.." I stepped to see the window. It had bars on it.. of course! Bars, dammit. I turned, but before my eyes set back on this beautiful woman I had just met, I saw something in a chair in the corner of the room. It was a dead body, full of cobwebs. It had obviously been there for a very long time. My heart skipped a beat.

      "Is.. is that.. is that..."

      "Yes, it's.. it's.. "

      "It's ok, I get it. Let's go.." We promptly left the room. "Is the whole place locked up.. or.. what?"

      "Yeah it is, if it wasn't, I would still be alive, although probably very old by now"

      "Oh.. shit.." I exclaimed. "Well, then I will take your word for it.. let's get the hell outta here."

      "Come," she said, taking my hand into hers. I couldn't believe this, whatever it was, felt so real, her hands so soft in mine, so elegant. Her fingernails were painted red, the same colour as her dress, almost the same colour as the rest of the house, for that matter. But she was gorgeous nonetheless, the dress suited her, her and her long black, curly hair, that faint olive skin. My god my heart went out to her. I wanted to get to know this majestic lady. But the living cannot mingle with the dead unfortunately, it's pretty hard to get settled down with a dead girl, get married, have kids, all that sort of thing. So I dropped my feelings for her and turned to the business side of getting the hell out of this freaky place.

      She led me back down the starcase and into the main room. Thunder and lightning struck again. For a place that had no windows, it sure lit up well in a thunder storm. I didn't understand it, but the lightning sparked a bit of panick on the girls face.

      "Oh my god", she said. "Um, come with me.. QUICKLY" She started to run. I could hear a voice coming from the main room that we were in. Then a slight, shadowy figure. The voice was faint at first, but gradually got louder, and louder, till the walls shook with this deep growl the thing was letting out. The girl let go of my hand and covered her ears and screamed. "NOOOO... NOOOO" she screamed. "JUST LEAVE US ALONE!!!!"


      The shadowy figure took form. It wasn't as defined as the girl, it was simply an outline of a person, as a shadow takes form, on a cloudy day. But one thing did stand out, those red, red eyes. The eyes of a demon.

      "In here!" screamed the woman. The second door on the right, inside the main room, swung open. I stepped in, the.. thing.. following closely behind us. We got in just in the nick of time and slammed the door on the beast.

      "We are locked in now. He can't get us, and we can't get out. We are now stuck, but if you want to live as long as you can, you won't leave this room."

      "Ok, oh shit, well, what are we supposed to do then?"

      "I don't know", replied the woman.

      I started searching around the room. There was a small window high up just above a ledge. The room was quite tall, maybe 12 feet tall. I pulled up a chair and climbed up to see the window. It was barred from the outside. "THUMP" The door rang like a bell. "THUMP, THUMP". The thing was outside the room, trying to get in. I looked at the woman. She looked back at me, with those sweet eyes of hers.

      "He can't get in. He's just as trapped out there as we are in here"

      "Well there's got to be a way" I retorted.

      "I've looked all around this house and never found a way out. I died after 3 days of being here. There's nothing to eat, and nothing to drink. You are going to die in here, just the same way I did". But I couldn't accept that fact. I started searching around in the room. There was something different about the room. It was not like the rest of the house. It glowed like a golden lamp. There were carvings in the room, it was decorated much differently. It was warm and welcoming. I felt at peace. I continued to search the room, running my fingers along the walls, looking for something, anything that might help me out. That's when I felt it.

      It was a small bump in the wall, hardly detectable, but it was there. I pushed on the bump, and a panel on one of the walls opened up. There, sitting inside a display case, were two swords, one above the other. The blades were pointing the opposite directions. They seemed to be made of silver. They had not suffered carbonation as silver does, they were shiny. The hilts had engravements on them and they looked ancient, like they had been crafted by some ancient master swordsmith. I took them from the display case.

      "Well, look what I have here!" The woman looked at me.

      "You know, of all the time I've spent in this house, even in death, search for something that could help me, and of all the time I've spent in this very room, I had no idea those were even there!"

      "Well I found them, and now I have a way to kill this monster. I'm gonna kill that thing and get us out of here"

      "That sounds wonderful" she said. "I need to let my soul rest. I hate this place. I've been here for centuries"

      "Ok, so how do I open the door?"

      "I don't know," she said. I went up to the door, which was thumping quite regularly by now, but I had weapons now and my fear was gone. I was determined to not only get out but slay the demon. I noticed in the door there was a slot that somewhat matched the shape of the swords. I pushed the tip of the blade into the slot, and the door clicked open. The door swung slowly inward, and I stood there, face to face with the demon who had now taken a solid shape. When I saw his face, my fear came right back. The demon had red eyes. His face was like a skull, with huge spikes all across his mouth. There were no lips, or any flesh, just bone and a row of spikes for teeth. My mind couldn't help but feel that this thing was strangely familiar.

      "What are you gonna do with those things.. kill me?"

      "YOU'RE DAMN STRAIGHT!" I took a swing, then another. I should have cut the thing in half twice over, but the swords felt no resistance of flesh. It was as if I was swinging at nothing, slicing through thin air.

      "HAHAHAAAA!" The demon pushed me back into the room, still standing at the door. I stepped back up and took another swing. Again, I swung at air. Nothing solid at all.

      "There's nothing you can do. I'm more powerful than that, fool!"

      My heart began to sink as I started to realize the peril of my situation. That's when I began slicing wildly at the creature. As I was swinging I could see the swords going right through the creature, like swinging a sword through a puff of smoke. The creature became distorted wherever the swords went through. But my consistent swinging meant that he could not take a solid form as long as I was trying to slice at him which meant that as long as I kept attacking him, he couldn't hurt me. I pushed my way out of the room. Thunder and lightning were filling the main room with light and sound. Finally the thing disappeared for a moment and I knew I could make a run for the front door.

      I pushed the knob, wiggled it around, tried kicking the door down. It wouldn't budge. Then I felt the breathing on my neck. I got goosebumps up my back and I could feel the hairs of my neck standing on end. I turned around and I was face to face with the demon once more. I took a swing and then another. I skirted around it while I tried to keep it in shadow form, or smoke, or whatever you want to call something that isn't really there. A few times while I was swinging away the creature put it's arms up and blocked my strikes. There just wasn't anything I could seem to do to trap the thing, then my heart began to sink. I really was trapped, and there was no fighting the creature. I scrambled to get back in the room and close the door.

      I ran back in, closed the door behind me. The woman was standing against the wall right near the door. When I turned to look at her, she had this look on her face, that she was worried for me. I saw the sad look in her eyes. She knew there was no defeating this creature. She put her hand on my face. I reached up to feel that soft, silky, lovely, warm skin of hers. I closed my eyes and held on to that sweet hand of hers. The touch of her skin against mine was the only thing that kept me somewhat sane.

      Somehow, the sounds of the demon screaming on the other side of the door, the thumping, the thunder, it all seemed to blend into one sound. The piano playing. Everything seemed to sound like it was coming from underwater, it was all swirling together in one sound. I opened my eyes and the room started doing the same as the sound. It was all swirling together in a blurr of colour and shapes. The sound, the sight, it was like I was being sucked down a whirlpool. I then suddenly found myself standing at the front door of my home, looking at the people loading the 5 tonne moving van. They were loading a piano, and a little girl was sitting there playing as they loaded it.

      "Where ya been, you said you were gonna help us load this thing up eh?", said one of the movers.

      "Are you fucking kidding me...." I retorted. They all stopped and stood there, looking at me.
    3. 5x inside a dream (horror)(the spider king, intro)

      by , 12-06-2011 at 05:32 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      I went to bed one night after ghostbusting (in real) and feeling very much like we had been followed back to our house. I don't know if you believe in the unnatural or not, but whatever it doesn't matter. To me it's real and I was definitely being persued by this spirit or whatever. So I fall asleep and soon after enter my dream state. I dream that I'm laying in bed, the same bed I'm sleeping in (in real) and I'm paralysed. I can't move. I'm laying on my back (in my dream) looking up at the ceiling wondering when I'm going to be able to move, when I hear this hard knocking sound down the hall, in the kitchen. I can feel my girlfriend beside me and she's sound asleep. The knocking sound gets louder and I hear a deep growl of a voice call my name and then laugh. I'm thinking holy shit this has GOT to be a dream. So sure enough I wake up out of the dream, to find myself back in my bed, laying in bed, wide awake wondering what the hell that was all about.

      Then suddenly I start to hear the knocking again.. and thumping.. this time it was in the attic. I hear heavy breathing and deep growling and sounds like footsteps right over top of my bed. I thought to myself, "Oh god I just woke up so it's real this time" and once again I find myself on my back, paralyzed, unable to move. My heart starts to race, as I question whether or not this is reality, and I wake up again. I find myself in my bed, laying on my side. This time I got up and went to the bathroom, in full confidence that I was really awake this time. No kiddin! really awake. So I finish doing my thing in the bathroom and I take one step outside the bathroom door. Suddenly everything is black, and I can see nothing. I can still feel what's around me, and everything is in place as it should be, just can't see. I feel something touch my back, something sharp. Something behind me. Something NOT VERY NICE. I wake up.

      So there I am, laying in my bed. What the HELL is going on here? Damn I really need to pee. I thought I just went? Oh man, that was a dream, I'm really awake this time. THUMP. Oh shit what was that? I start to hear the growls again. The footsteps. The thumping, all up in the attic. "HAHAHAHAHAH" .. oh god it's, he's, whateverit's, is laughing. And like that deep, evil, satanic laugh we have all come to love from the movies. Straight from a movie. Doesn't get anymore demonic than that .. right?? right???? Whatever it was stepped on the spot in the attic that was right above me. "Oh daaaavvveee" .. oh what??? oh what??? "heh heh heh.. you're gonna die dave.. gonne DIE..." .. This can't be real. can't be.. can't be real. WAKE.. UP...

      I find myself laying in my bed. OK.. is it gone.. am I AWAKE this time? Maybe I should pinch myself. OUCH yep.. that hurt. I'm awake. "HEH HEH HEH.. OH DAAAAAVVVEEE...." I look up. I'm laying in my bed, on my back, my girlfriend sleeping right next to me. FUCK ME I NEED TO PEE. I start to see this swirling, shadowy vortex open up in the ceiling. First the claws come out, then the hands. Then the arms. In the middle of this vortex I see blood red eyes. Yep the head is coming out. Oh god those teeth, look at those teeth! Wait those aren't teeth, more like a row of 6'' splinters you would pass for a mouth only a mother could love. OMG. "HAHAHAHAHA... HAHAHAHAHAHA...." The.. thing.. moves closer. and closer.. and closer. I can feel it's breath on my face. I can't move.. paralysed. Holy shit .... ok god.. if you are real.. SAVE ME.

      I wake up. My girlfriend is sleeping next to me. I'm laying on my side. Whew.. I'm FINALLY awake.. no shit this time. My heart is racing, I'm drenched in sweat. HOLY .. SHIT.. I need to take a pee. Nope.. there's no way I'm stepping one foot off this bed. I look out the bedroom door and it's black as black can be. I know 100% FOR SURE I'm awake this time. I squeeze up next to my girlfriend and hug her tight. I let out a whimper. She doesn't even budge. She's either dead asleep or simply ignoring me. Whatever, I will hold my bladder till tomorrow. I fall back asleep and dreamed of nothing till the morning came. Thank you, god