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    The Nightly Dreamer

    Day 1

    by , 03-26-2016 at 03:26 PM (620 Views)
    Today is 3/26/2015

    No dreams recalled


    • Apparently, adjusting your sleep schedule messes with dream recall.
    • Started adjustment phase to reach 11:00 P.M. - 6:30/8:00 A.M. Sleep schedule.
    • Ok, I need practice with SSILD. I fell asleep on warmup cycle #1.
    • Possibly need to adjust the length of WBTB.
    • The volume on my alarm does a great job of gradually waking me up.
    • It's going to take a week to adjust, isn't it?
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    side notes


    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Sleep schedule fixes are always hard, but usually worth it.
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    2. BadAssLongCoat's Avatar
      Too bad my job hours are too irregular for me to get a stable sleep pattern :3