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    Am I a Murderer?

    by , 07-23-2012 at 11:42 PM (362 Views)
    Fragment 1:
    I'm suffering from a headache. Likely due to the hangover I was experiencing while being asleep. I went to a dollar general that was part of a strip mall shaped like an L to pick up some ibuprofen. The lights were out, so I assumed it was closed, but a customer came out and told me to hurry because the clerk is still checking people out. I ran in and grabbed some ibuprofen. The ibuprofen was packaged in a strange container - a purple, plastic, circular box, with a lever on the side. When you pulled the lever on the side, an ibuprofen comes out. There were 110 ibuprofens in the box. The clerk was an old co-worker of mine, who let me have the ibuprofen for free.
    I left, and sat down in a chair in the parking lot, and chatted with my friend.

    Dream 1:
    I was in a house, playing the role of the oldest son in a family that was not my family. I went into the kitchen, where I discovered that the entire room was covered in blood, and there was a bloody knife with flesh on it. All together it was a gruesome scene. For some reason I felt as though I was the one responsible for this. I had the hunch that I had killed my "Mother" and my "Brother" After a few moments of freaking out about what was going on, my "Father" and my toddler-aged "Sister" arrived at the house. I told my "Father" about it. He told my little sister to go away while he and I went into the kitchen. I explained the situation to him. When I did, he explained to me that I was lying, because his son is not as old as I am, therefore everything I said falls apart.

    Fragment 2:
    I spawned in my back yard, around the back of our large shed/small barn, messing with the lawn tractor, when I hear a barking sound coming from the other side of the shed - And I walk over to investigate. Since our house has nothing behind it but a large field. It's not unlikely that coyotes wander around our area. Hell, I've seen a damn mountain lion right there behind our house. When I walk around to investigate, the dog sees me. And I make a growling sound to scare it away, but it doesn't work. The dog charges me and throws me to the ground. I find myself struggling with a very large and very strong dog. Definitely not a coyote, but a big ass dog(Worse that a pussyshit coyote). In the midst of the struggle, I wake up.
    The Red Dot Indicates me, The Blue Dot Indicates the coyote.

    Dream 2:
    I was in a wal-mart. I walked to the back of the store with my cousin, and walked through the "employees only" section. I found the most ridiculously awesome thing ever. There was a slope with big hills, and jumps. And people were all riding their bikes up and down the slope. It was a sort of stair-case, but it was extensive - basically a small motocross track made of carpet. We rode around for hours, until I met some dude, who had some black-and-milds infused with marijuana that he wanted to smoke with me. We were just fixin to leave when my fucking parents got there and said they were done shopping. Gay... So the dude just gave me one of his black and milds, and I departed with my family. I walked outside of the room, which had changed from the inside of walmart to a porch and board-walk that was at least 100 yards above the ground. I grabbed my boots and put on my socks, but pulled like 15 pairs of socks out of my boots. "What the fuck people? My boots are not a box" I yelled. Some girl tried to talk to me, so I had to pull out a HUGE chunk of chewing tobacco out of my mouth so I could reply... She was like "EWWW GROSS". Lol. I don't remember putting it in lol.

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