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    06/03/16 - 07/03/16: Brother's watch, I'm the new chairman, Revealed Recordings

    by , 03-07-2016 at 08:45 AM (423 Views)
    Tonight was a bit restless, but it ended up in a couple nice dreams that weren't very long but I recall them in more detail than I usually do.

    Went to bed: 22:30
    Fell asleep: 23:30
    Awakening 1: 01:45
    Fell asleep: 02:30
    Awakening 2: 05:30
    Fell asleep: 05:31
    Final awakening: 06:35

    Methods used: apple juice, water method

    1: Little brother checks on me, his watch turns into a ring

    It's 01:30 or something and I'm sitting on the toilet. I can hear my little brother speaking to my parents in the attic (where my parents sleep). They are saying that my brother should go check on what I'm still doing up. So, as I walk out of the toilet, he comes down the stairs and follows me into my room. He asks "Why are you doing homework this late?". I don't really answer his question I think (at least I can't remember).
    I look at him and I see a silver watch on his wrist (he doesn't have one IRL) with a glowing pale blue LED light on it. I ask about it and he tells me he just went out to buy it with my parents. As he raises his wrist to show it, it becomes a ring around his thumb similar to the ring an ex-girlfriend of mine used to wear. He shows that it isn't very easy to put it on and off his thumb and I think about my own ring (which I don't really have) and how mine is a lot easier to put on.

    2: I'm the chairman, oh no I'm not

    I am going to university because there's supposedly an event from my study association. It's raining like hell and the world is dark and grey and gloomy. As I arrive I look at my watch and see that I have only three minutes left. Then I remember I am the new chairman of the association and I stress out a little because I have no idea what I should say to the other members in my speech. I run into J, an old friend, and he greets me. I stop for a moment but cut him off when he wants to start a conversation and say "I'm the new chairman so I should hurry. Oh no, no, I'm not the chairman, just the financial administrator!". Neither of these things are actually true IRL.
    Next I run into someone who I recognize as someone in charge of the association. Another member is there as well. We are supposed to run some sort of obstacle course which involves running and jumping but also licking a plastic table. After running for 10 seconds the guy who's in charge tells us to stop because the weather is just too miserable. We walk past a building, and through the windows I can see some people who I think belong to a different association in a sauna, sweating their asses of and looking terribly unhappy. We all laugh at them.

    3. Revealed Recordings

    This dream is pretty vague. I'm in some camping-like area. I'm standing in front of a tent and there's a string spun in front of it with 6 large T-shirts hanging from it. The shirts are identical and all have the logo of Hardwell's music label Revealed Recordings on the front. I look at the sizes and I am surprised to see that even though they are all really large, they're all size Medium. My mother is there as well and all of it has to do with me starting my own company. In one instant I think to myself: "When the hell did I decide to start my own company? I have no time for this shit!" and then I just ignore it.

    There's also a fragment in which I am posting here on Dream Views and I read posts from some members and have some sort of discussion, but I was half-awake, half-asleep all the time and it was just a restless, frustrating experience.

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