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    1. 22 - 07 - 17

      by , 07-23-2017 at 04:24 PM
      1: Surfboard and a truck
      Iím walking towards a beach in The Netherlands. It doesnít actually look like any beach Iíve ever been, but itís perfectly normal in my dreaming mind. Iím walking on a path and the beach starts on my left. I am carrying a surfboard (which Iíve never used in WL) under my left arm. Thereís three people sitting on towels on the sand right in the corner of the beach. I walk towards them and I think I ask them whether they would watch my surfboard while I go do something else. They agree very kindly (at which I am slightly surprised) and I lay down the surfboard and walk away.
      *Now 6 hours or more have passed; all I remember from these 6 hours is that I regularly think ďI hope theyíre still there with my surfboardĒ *
      Once again, I am walking towards the beach, wondering whether the surfboard will still be there. Just before the corner where the beach starts and the people were sitting, there is a truck with a small trailer on the road. I fumble in my pockets for keys, find them, and get in the truck. While driving it, I decide I have to turn it around, so I am looking for space to perform this manoeuvre (I have never actually driven a truck in WL). I manage to turn it around partly, and get out. A man with a ring of keys in his hand walks up to me and asks me whether the keys are mine. I search my pocket for the keys I need to unlock the surfboard that suddenly appears besides me, and find them after a while. I tell the man that I have my own keys, and he walks away. Here the dream ends.
      2: Game of Thrones video game

      I am playing a game that is supposed to be about GoT but doesnít resemble it in the slightest way. It is a colourful platformer. At first, I think I control a female character, walking through rooms and jumping on mushrooms. The idea is to land on the mushroom with the most spots on it without falling to the ground. I succeed marvellously, and then my sister walks in. I explain to her what I am playing and feel a little embarrassed for liking such a childish-looking game. I start again (or the next level?) and I control a chicken or a duck now. It can fly a little, but not long, and cannot walk up steep slopes. This adds a nice difficulty to the game (the level has changed completely). I first send the bird from one cliff to another which is lower and I barely make it. Then I fly down to a riverbank, but it is quite steep and I have some difficulty keeping out of the water. Then I wake up.
      3: Pissing

      I am standing at a row of urinals in a bathroom, supposedly of a school of some kind. To my right is Emiel, to my left is Mauro, both of whom I havenít seen in years. Thereís some chatter between us I canít remember. I wake up with a desperate need to go to the bathroom.