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    Spellbee's Spooky comp night 3

    by , 10-18-2016 at 03:31 AM (301 Views)
    2 pts- non-lucid
    2 pts- wbtb
    10 pts- wild
    1 pt- reality check
    2 pts- interact w/ dream character
    5 pts- super speed
    10 points- Advanced Unsummoning/Banishing
    5 pts- my character was from a tv show(she was the warden on Wentworth)
    5 pts- Super Speed
    10 pts- Time Control
    = 52 pts total

    D1: Dream recall was too fuzzy
    Did wbtb
    D2: Dream recall was yet again fuzzy
    Did wbtb
    D3: Mike & I were staying in a nice hotel. We were there w/ a group of ppl who were family members. I'm wanting to leave & go talk to my mom w/o Mike knowing. I gather some of my stuff & sneak off down the hall to my parents room. We are on a cruise ship. My mom tells me to stay & hang out w/ her but she no sooner said that than Mike came to the door w/ my dad & sister Kayla. We all are now in the hallway. I need to the bathroom & find what looks like a small sitz bath. I poop in it & am very embarrassed when others find out. Now we are fishing off the deck & laughing about how funny we find that the beds don't move on the ship. I'm talking about the kids on the deck & how it makes me nervous that they will fall over board.
    My alarm went off for my next wbtb.
    D4: I was in a prison that looked like the set of Wentworth. It's Australia's version of Orange is the New Black. So some of the characters were from that show. Something happened & the prison malfunctions & the prisoners, me included were trying to escape & stay away from the guards & other violent prisoners. I get stuck in some stupid revolving door. It seemed to go on forever. I was mad at Mike for not being here to help me get out. We were all hiding stuff like prisoners do & going back & retrieving them strategically to help us escape. It looked like everyone had escaped except me. A guard told me that I may never get out. I told him that I didn't need to get out because I was trying to clear my name & not have a record.
    My alarm went off for my next wbtb.
    D5: I was back into the same dream. But now some of the scene has changed. I'm excited because I'm now lucid. My brain is doing cartwheels because of the chain & lucidity. I know my first tasks is to do a reality check. Check. My scene is changing & I'm outside in a bog or swamp like place but there are still guards everywhere. There is a woman laying in a swamp & she is dangerous but she tells me she helped me escape, which was in the previous dream but I forgot to write it down. We worked together for a while. But then I didn't want anything to do w/ her & remembered my first task of my 3 step goals. I banished her & the bog/swamp/water that she was in. Great, now she's gone & so is the water. Step 2 superspeed. I start running from the guards like I was Speedy Gonzalas. I was darting everywhere & laughing. When I finally stop I remember step 3 is time control. I kept freezing them & slowing them down & speeding them up. I lost lucidity trying to remember the whole "I'm a vampire" thing. But all in all a good night.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      It's funny how you banished her after she helped you escape and ran past the guards like they were nothing. Also, I noticed your dream powers come in handy with the plot and the prison escape theme which is cool.
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    2. Elaineylane's Avatar
      It was actually kind of fun to be a pretend criminal. I'd not like to find out how first hand it could be, lol.