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    1. #34: Chess theft

      by , 11-20-2015 at 09:28 AM
      I didn't really feel like writing today Sorry if this is a bit unreadable.

      I'm in a restaurant with my mom and a lot of other people at our table. We're with at least 8 people. We're there for lunch I guess. At least not for dinner. The prices in this place are ridiculous. I think I'm not really hungry... At some point some more people join

      I'm entering a minivan. There are at least 2 girls in there which I know, as well as some other people. One of them tells me that I smell. Well obviously! I wanted to shower but the shower was occupied.

      I'm somewhere alone with my girlfriend, watching a movie. She decides to sit on my lap and kiss me. She makes a comment about me still trying to watch the movie while kissing. I decide not to watch, but to listen instead. At some point later on she says she missed something in the film.

      Something to do with a train or a train station.

      I've entered a building, or I'm standing in front of it. It's already evening. I'm not sure what it is exactly that I'm doing. It has something to do with KPN [telecom provider]. My bike is parked here, as well as my moped and the motorcycle I just arrived on. Either the bike or the moped falls over. I place them somewhere where they won't fall easily.

      I'm in the house where I used to live in Indonesia. I'm talking with one of the Dutch girls who's living there right now. There's a guy present who I believe is also Dutch.

      Chess theft
      It's daytime. I'm driving around the city I used to live in, in Indonesia. There's nothing about it that looks like that city, I just know that I'm in that city. I'm with a couple of friends first. We all have our own moped/motorcycle. I feel like the same thing happens twice: we split up at a certain point, leaving me with Daniel. The roads are empty most of the time. I feel like we are driving through a shopping street at some point, where you're supposed to walk. We stop at a small shop. There's a motorcycle inside. I think that's what's caught Daniel's attention, though I'm not sure at what point Daniel turned into someone else. He sits down on a barstool in front of the shop, takes a pad of receipts from the shop and a pen and starts writing some info down. One of the two ladies running the shop tell him he can't do that. He keeps doing it anyway, not even bothered by their protests. At some point it's now my Indonesian friend. She knows just a few Dutch words, mostly swear words and she starts talking to the shopladies that way. I intervene quickly and tell them that she has no clue what she's saying and knows just a few words. She's very proficient in using those few swearing sentences she knows. I try to make her say a sentence she hasn't practised yet, to prove to the shopladies that she isn't Dutch and this is all a big misunderstanding.

      I'm riding again. Not sure if it's still Daniel or already Sven who I'm with. We ride through a supermarket. At some point he has a car. I'm thinking to myself how stupid it is to have a car in this city. It's totally not convenient with all the traffic jams. But for now it's fine. I'm driving a semi-automatic motorcycle. I feel that I'm shifting gears with my foot every few seconds. We drive on the left side of the road, as we should. We go through some corners and end up at a sort of junkyard. It's definitely Sven who I'm with now. We enter the junkyard. It's inside a dim warehouse. There are a lot of racks divided over different aisles like a supermarket, all filled with oversized chess pieces. Somehow Sven steals some, despite their size. I walk away to another aisle. If he gets caught I can at least say I'm innocent.

      A kind of cat and mouse game ensues, with Sven hiding from the owner and the owner suspecting, but not being sure that someone is in there, taking his things. I talk with the owner to distract him. His name is Ivar or Ivan. There are 2 pawns on the ground. Very small ones. One is purple and is made from furry material. I hand it to him. I also hand him the other one, though I don't recall what that one looks like. We talk some more and he hands me a USB stick which has the shape of an envelope. I recognise it and he allows me to have it. Nice! I still needed one. I walk outside. Sven tells me I did a shit job in there. I tell him I managed to distract Ivan/Ivar, so he should be happy.

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    2. #33: Suriname / Appetite / Gear up / Rip off! / Blegh

      by , 11-18-2015 at 08:58 AM
      I'm in Suriname with my family. I'm with my aunt and her oldest daughter / my cousin. I'm not sure if my mom also joined. We are visiting an aunt who lives in Suriname. I'm the last person to walk from inside the house to outside. I stand next to the car, while the rest is already in there. It's a 4x4. I'm not sure of the details anymore, but in the end they drive a bit through the street and I'm standing to the side of the road. I think it was a sunny day, with palm trees and a road next to the beach. The person driving (my aunt) is driving forward and wants to park inside the garage in the house. She hits an edge. The car bounces a bit, but it's no problem.

      My friend Sel, who I haven't spoken to in a few months, has tagged me in a FB post. It's an article from... Buzzfeed? The article is about her. It says something about how people have been photoshopping the pictures she has put on Instagram. The photo that I can see on FB is one where her boobs have been deformed from the photoshopping.

      Think it's part of the same dream. It's a sunny day and we're sitting on a patio. I can't see (or don't bother) to look beyond the borders of the patio. It seems to belong to a restaurant. I think this patio was the background for the photoshopped photo. At one table there are 2 people sitting and at another table a small group. At both tables I know someone. I think I'm with the small group at first and then standing next to the table of the 2 people. It's something about the guy (an Indonesian I believe) having finished an entire cake in just 10 minutes. It doesn't seem so ludicrous... Then I see the platter the cake was in. Wow! In just 10 minutes?

      Gear up
      The details of this dream elude me quite a bit. At first there's something with 2 undercover cops and their dog. They are after someone I guess. They get stopped by a cop with a shotgun and a bulletproof vest, who doesn't know that they're undercover.

      Next thing, they are all by a tent. The wall is lined with weapons. Not only guns, but also axes and other stuff. One of the undercover cops is standing next to it. With ridiculous precision he throws an axe to his partner, who is sitting on a tree log, next to the regular cop. His partner catches it and I think he chops at the head of the cop 1 single time.

      I'm standing on the 2nd floor of an open building. It's night time. The wall of weapons is there. I'm with a girl, though I can't recall who. We gear up, getting ready to defend ourselves or go after someone or something. At one point I'm sure I took one of the 3 axes, but I can't seem to find it on my outfit. I also take a can of graffiti(?), but it's empty, so I leave it behind. When I pressed the button to check I could hear the familiar whizzing sound of just air leaving a canister.

      Rip off!
      I'm in Indonesia. It's a sunny day and I'm driving on a moped. I'm on my way to a sekolah tinggi (high school). My new high school? I have issues remembering the exact direction I took at the start of the dream, but I end up on a parking lot on a roof. I'm lost. I look around me. At first there is a fog, so I can't see that much. I had a map (Google Maps?), but I'm not sure what happened to it. Eventually I see some city landscape, as well as some rural area between mountains. I see some roads. The direction I'm looking at is a dead end. I look at my map, which is carved into a cucumber which I hold in my hand. It's blurry and there is only 1 clear line. There's a teenage Indonesian boy standing on the roof. A cheery fellow, a little bit chubby in the cheeks. In Indonesian I ask him how to get to the school. He isn't sure, but he knows that I'm headed the wrong way. He gives me the directions to the road which I just came from and to then take a right. I can see the road from where I'm standing. The 'take a right' was obvious, as I came from the left. The road looks like it's 1 class below a highway. It's built along the coast and slants to the right. From my perspective, there's a white arrow on the road which tells you that you're supposed to go to the right. I think further ahead is another arrow. I follow the road with my eyes and finger, but eventually stumble into the fog. I ask the boy what next. He tells me he isn't sure, but to take a left. I ask him when. I think to myself that it's at the end of the road. He tells me the same. I get back on my moped. Politely he says something along the lines of 'sorry, you forgot the parking money'. He says something about downstairs, which is odd. He tells me the fee is 5.000 IDR. What a rip-off! I take out my wallet from my back pocket. I don't want to give him 5.000 IDR, but it's the smallest note I have. The note looks strange though. It's red. This feels a bit wrong.* I hand it to him. Now he says the fee is 10.000 IDR. I become mad. I consider switching back to English to show him that I'm a foreigner and show him just exactly how mad I am. I think I start in Indonesian, but end in English. I lay a curse on him. I do it using my Will.^ I'm not sure if it will work. Actually I'm just mad and I don't really want something to happen, I just need to vent. I decide not to use any poison.

      This dream was quite interesting due to the details and the fact that we spoke in Indonesian.
      *5.000 IDR notes aren't red. More like brown, green and yellow.
      ^I'm reading a book where sorcerers use their Will to perform magic.

      I'm in my student home, which looks way different from how it should be. I'm in my room. The ladder to my highrise bed is way longer than in reality. I've positioned it at an angle, allowing me to use it as an exercise bar, hanging from just my hands and moving forwards and backwards. Man, this is pretty easy. I don't know why people are having difficulties with this in Ninja Warrior. Or maybe I'm stronger than I thought. I think about Sel. This makes me feel as if this dream was before the dream with Sel.

      I'm walking in an enormous AH [grocery store]. I want to go home. I think it's dark out already. I'm headed towards an exit. I know my train will depart soon and I'm close to the train station. I keep walking, but I don't seem to make much progress. It's as if I can't move fast, despite my best efforts. Somewhere in the mean time I look at my phone. I have a new email on gmail. It's from Dinne, who is both my colleague and my housemate at this point. I had sent her a one-liner with a joke that she apparently didn't perceive as a joke. She replied back along the lines of that if I fuck with her, she fucks with me. It's about her having mentioned me somewhere in a way that made me seem like a cheap asshole. This has to relate to Bart, our boss. Wauw. A colleague is one thing, but if even the boss is involved. I don't wanna work in a place like this anymore. Then I realise that she is also my housemate. Fuck. I guess I should knock on her door and go talk to her.

      I'm in the kitchen. It's really big and interesting in some ways. It's made mostly out of wood and the seeming lack of a plan while building and decorating it make it appealing.

      This dream really left me feeling blegh. Also not so sure about the order of events.
    3. #32: HIV / Grass mover / More cinema & drugs / Korfbal / Goodbye

      by , 11-17-2015 at 09:46 AM
      I've just entered a dark room. It's a cinema. There are not as many chairs as you would expect from the amount of space that's available, making the cinema aspect look small. There are a couple of people on pretty much every one of the rows. I enter a row and get to the middle, past 2 guys, the last one being Wes. I'm not sure if I inject myself with medication. Wes, who's sitting on my left injects himself with some drugs. I offer to help him with his needle because he doesn't seem to be handling the situation well. He spasms too much and the needle ends up stuck just below my right elbow. GODDAMNIT MAN! In this dream he has HIV. I walk out the room.

      It feels like I'm still in the same building. There's a counter which is shaped like a bar area. My mom and aunt are behind it. It looks more like I'm in a clinic. I tell them what happened and that I need a STD test. I'm just mildly stressed for someone who is nearly certain he now has HIV. I place the needle on the counter and ask my aunt for a cap so I can dispose of it.

      On FB a public discussion ensues with Tony [he has taken over the role of Wes]. We talk about the whole situation and others join the conversation. I think at one point the conversation turns Indonesian.

      Grass mower
      I'm at my mom's house. I'm looking outside and down to the grassfield behind the apartment. There's a muscular guy mowing it with an enormous electric cutter. His outfit is strange. He's barely wearing anything. At one point he walks into the water seemingly without thinking about it, to cut grass there as well. Man he is dedicated! I would never do that. Suddenly his outfit makes sense: less to get wet. I watch him go about for quite a while.

      I'm looking at pictures it seems. They appear 'fullscreen'. They are pictures of my Balinese classmate. She's in a public building, a restaurant of some sorts. On the wall behind her I think I see an address: Jalan Galante 60, if I remember correctly.

      I'm reading the 4th book of a series I'm reading. Man the quality is really going down. Barely anything has happened in this book and I'm already midway after a few hours.

      I'm walking in a public building. I think it's university related. I'm headed for the exit.

      I'm in a living room it seems. My friend's Indonesian girlfriend enters the room. Not sure what she was wearing on her upper body, but lower body was just a thong. Well this is new. I pretend to not notice and she doesn't seem to care. We say something to each other, possible in Indonesian. She walks up the stairs and I look after her for a moment. On a device which doesn't look like it's my phone I have a message from her, but I'm not sure anymore in which language. I want to reply with a witty remark, but I can't get it right. My 4 year old cousin messes with the device and sends something. Great, there goes my chance. Still in the same room, but to the other side and at a later time, I'm playing with my cousin(s).

      More cinema & drugs
      I've just entered the cinema. At least 2 Indonesian classmates are there. Not sure who else. The movie is about to start. I think I see everything fullscreen. It's a comedy. It starts with a guy in a chair talking about a pathetic wannabe drugdealer called Joey. We then see his lifestyle. He has a little bit of cash. He has 2 women sleeping in his bed with their bra's still on [it's implied that real dealers have women sleeping in their bed without bra]. Joey thinks he's the shit though. At one point we/I see through Joey's eyes. He's sitting at a table. He puts a round pinkish pill on the table, licks it up, holds his head back and swallows. Then he takes another one, places it on top of an open, green beer bottle (Heineken?) and shakes the bottle.

      At another point in the movie there's a scene with an elderly woman in Joey's swimming pool, trying to be seductive. At some point Joey has been replaced by an old woman as well and she slips, but really over the top. She lands on her back and then bounces to do a sort of backflip. I think to myself that it's very odd. There's a blond attractive woman in a tub who jumps out and performs a 360 rotation before landing. She does this because she is startled.

      I'm at the old korfbal [if you don't know what korfbal is, think basketball but different] field. I'm with 2 good friends / old teammates. We and maybe some others are looking around for Eve, another member of our team. She has to be our reserve keeper [there's no such thing in korfbal], in case I can't do it for the whole match. I already feel that I won't be able to physically. I have goalkeeper's gloves. We pass the club building, towards the parking lot. I'm pretty sure she's getting dressed in the club building, but it's best to make sure she doesn't leave before we tell her, so lets check the parking lot first. We jog along a narrow tiled path. I open the iron barred fence to the parking lot. The iron bars really stand out in terms of detail / attention that I give them.

      It's almost game time. I take off my clothes that I wear over my uniform. The ref, Robin, starts the game already. Crap, I don't have my shoes ready yet. Ah well. I know that I haven't played in a while and I can tell. I'm not as good as I used to be anymore. My knee is also a slight concern. The match goes on for a while in quite some detail with regard to what I do. I remember a number of moves really clearly.

      I'm at the uni, in a ceremonial hall. I think the room is mainly made out of wood, which gives it an old and classy feel. There's a goodbye ceremony for one of the teachers. First it's one teacher, then suddenly it turns into another one. There are some speeches and Leo, who is sitting in the audience with other students, starts to clap. Nobody joins in so after maybe 2 claps she stops, feeling slightly embarrassed. I think Frank and I make fun of her a little bit. For some reason I'm standing in front of all the students. Then it seems to turn into a graduation ceremony. Leo has graduated from the master that I'm doing. Huh? I used to be ahead of Leo by 1 year. I must've done something really wrong if Leo has graduated and I haven't yet.
    4. #30: Switcheroo

      by , 11-11-2015 at 08:26 AM
      It's daytime, a sunny day. I'm in front of the train station in my mom's city. I'm on my mountain bike and I just arrived. The area isn't completely the same as it should be. There's a wooden wall on the left, something like what's put up to shield off a construction area. There's no bike anymore. I'm walking towards the bike rack together with my friend Abby to the left of me. For a brief moment our hands touch and we both don't seem to mind walking sort of hand in hand, but not fully committed to really doing so. It's kind of a shy version. I think it's Abby who eventually pulls her hand away.

      I'm standing in front of the bike rack, putting my bike away. Now I'm with Jacintha instead. She asks me if I remember how to say something in Indonesian. I think she asks for 'happy birthday'. She gives a suggestion and I react along the lines of 'what? Noo. It's [...]'. It was something very basic. I then start to tell her about the idea I had of meeting up with the whole Dutch - Indonesian group, but that the guy I talked it over with was too busy (this is pretty accurate from reality). We start walking towards the train station.

      I'm in front of the station now, on my bike. One of my best friends is there. He goes into the station first and I follow on my bike. Once I'm inside I have a big pc on wheels with me and no bike. I think Jacintha has been replaced with my ex girlfriend. My best friend and my ex are talking with an elderly woman who approached them. They are talking about Indonesia. Something about a stop-over in France [I automatically assume Paris] and how France is the stopover place for Asian destinations. The elderly woman says something which I can't recall so well. It has something to do with a girl and that girl wanting to go somewhere to a zoo or something alike at the airport. The woman pulls something out of her wallet to demonstrate. I feel like it should be a paper bill, but it didn't look like money, though I didn't get a good look. I don't remember who, but I told someone about my plans to visit my grandma, because she's going away for a few months. I think I told Abby. I made sure to add 'a few months', to not make it seem like she was dying.

      Something about my mom..
      I'm with my girlfriend. I think we're driving around the city on a moped during daytime

      Great fragments
    5. #29: Mind your language / Running / Hotel / London

      by , 11-10-2015 at 09:12 AM
      Mind your language
      I'm at my grandma's house, in her living room. There's a salmon/light brown couch, which is standing somewhere where it doesn't belong in reality. I'm with my mom, aunt, girlfriend and 2 cousins of 1 y/o and 4 y/o. My mom and aunt are sitting on the couch, on the left side. It feels as if we all slept on the couch. My mom starts asking me questions about the way my girlfriend rested her head on the couch. I have a suspicion that my mom is asking because of a dent in the couch. I become annoyed, because she's purposefully asking the questions in Dutch so that my girlfriend won't understand, instead of asking my girlfriend directly in English. Because I don't know the answers to my mom's questions I ask my girlfriend in Indonesian. My 1 y/o cousin comes close to us. My girlfriend is an enormous fan of little kids and starts playing with my cousin. I think at one point he stood on the coffee table as well.

      I'm walking in a massive hall. The type you would find in a public building. I don't recall there being anyone else. I start going faster and faster and suddenly realise something is wrong with the gravity. I'm running by making very big steps and coming of the ground for a short moment during each step. With every consecutive step I stay airborne a bit longer. I instantly realise that I'm dreaming. By now I'm already flying. I remember that I told myself that I would look at my hands to stabilise, which I do. I raise my hands in front of my face and I can feel them going up. The sensation is so strong that it feels as if I'm raising my hands in reality as well.* I have my eyes closed, but at the same time I can see my hands moving into my field of vision. I don't feel the dream becoming any more stable. I alternate between enjoying the fact that I'm flying and trying to stabilise, because I know the dream will be over soon. I make peace with the fact that it's going to destabilise.

      *My sense of touch is often lacking in dreams. I've even been electrocuted without feeling a thing.
      I read an article a while back that said you are able to 'see' your hands, even if it is completely dark.

      This dream is not gonna make sense to anyone reading it. Sorry about that
      I'm outside during the day I believe, at a sort of tribune together with my girlfriend. I was far away enough from her that I seriously thought that it was weird that she managed to touch me with her foot. We were messing with each other a bit. Eventually I decide it's time for me to go take a shower.

      Now I'm in a big hotel. There are some massive open spaces about. The details aren't clear to me anymore. The hotel is quite dimly lit. It seems everyone is here for the same event, though the event doesn't become important until later. The only persons I distinctively recall are my 20 y/o male cousin and later on a German classmate.

      I find a shower somewhere that says it's mixed: men, women and transgenders. I go in and there are at least 2 shower cabines with glass doors, both unoccupied. I think I put something down and then walk out again because I didn't bring the stuff I needed. I walk out a glass door which has a T on it, I assume for transgender.

      I've been to some different places in this massive hotel. I think I might've seen a swimming pool as well. I cannot for the life of my find the shower again though. Only a women's shower. At some point I'm walking along a corridor and to the left of me I see what might be a shower. Nope.. just 3 Indonesian toilets. They're dirty as well. At some point I still haven't showered and check the time. I think this is almost around the same time as that I see my German classmate. I have an analogue watch on my wrist.* There's about 40 minutes left until it's 7 pm and the wedding starts. I need to be ready by then. But we also have an exam at 7 pm. Both are in the hotel. Damn, I'm never gonna make it. I still need to study as well.

      It's dark outside and I'm in the tram in the middle of the city. I'm trying to get back to the hotel. I believe I'm travelling with someone. We have no clue how to get back to the hotel. We can't even remember the name. We ask someone if that person knows how to get there and we start pondering on the name. Sounds like... no not that.. we think hard about it.

      *The last time I wore a watch was months ago.

      This dream feels so related (like a sequel) to the previous dream that I'm not sure this was a new dream or if it continued.
      I know that I'm in London, though I can't recall how I know this for sure. I'm outside during daytime. I don't believe I'm alone, though I don't know who I'm together with. I start negotiating with a man on the price for renting a moped. This feels very Indonesian to me. We're sitting on a tram while doing so. In the mean time I call one of my classmates. I ask him something about where he is and about our campus. This is somehow relevant to whether I want to rent this moped and how desperate I am. For a moment the scene switches and I'm able to see him talking on the phone to me, as well as the setting he is in. He is with at least 1 of our classmates, perhaps even more. The scene switches back. We're at my stop and I quickly need to get out. I have a big travel backpack with me, in which I've stowed another bag. There's another bag on the floor. I wonder if it's the moped guy's bag or mine. I exit the tram, together with a different German classmate I think. I haven't paid the fare.

      I enter a different tram. I feel guilty for not paying the fare and I want to. There's a PSA about paying fares and about being an ass if you don't pay it. I'm standing in the tram. I'm with 1 or 2 persons who are seated. I'm standing near the cabin of the conductor. I think there are two. One of them is a white woman who is about to start checking for tickets. I mess around my wallet looking for 2,-. I uncover a big amount of candy though and offer her some. We end up talking in a fencing kind of way. We make snappy comments and try to best each other, but it's a lot of fun.
    6. #28: Subway / Pool. Swimming pool. / Housemate / Mom...

      by , 11-09-2015 at 09:56 AM
      I'm sitting on the subway. There are other people too, but I'm travelling solo. We're at an underground station, reaching a platform. We pass the platform and circle back to the other side. I see Anthony standing on the platform whom I haven't seen for a very long time. The subway doesn't come to a complete stop. I just jump off. There's an object in the subway that stood out to me, but I'm not so sure what it is. My best guess would be a yellow mechanical clock. I walk up to Anthony from behind. I'm just in time to see him land a sideflip. He turns around and we greet each other.

      I'm in a small supermarket, it's just a few square metres. I think I'm still inside the subway station and this is a To Go supermarket. I think it's the brand Plus, though in reality I don't believe they have a To Go supermarket. There are two or three employees inside the shop. As far as I can remember all white guys. Teenagers or early twenties. There's another white guy in the same age range, a customer. He's asking for the AH, a different supermarket which does have a To Go shop and which you'll find in/near some stations. Someone tells him where to find it, though I'm not sure if it's one of the employees. I myself was thinking that if I was the employee I'd try to sell him something.

      At the exit of the shop I'm with AJ, a freerunner. We move through a small area, supposedly parkour style, though in reality it's more like we're moving about from a low squat position and using our arms to hold onto something and then swing forward.

      Somehow this feels like it's part of the same dream. I'm working behind my laptop on something anime related, though I don't remember where I am. The programme I'm working in somehow feels similar to an Adobe programme, in that it feels very professional. I think it's an anime related game. There are 3 things for which I can change the settings. One has to do with an anime girl and the particular sound she makes. I open this setting and I click around on a map that's heavily pixelated and not much more than different shades of pink and salmon. The spot on the map where I click influences her talking. I've clicked near Tokyo (there's nothing about this map that makes it spatial, I just know it's Tokyo), though the indicator seems to have a mind of it's own and moves away a couple of times.

      Pool. Swimming pool.
      I'm at a swimming pool, nothing spectacular, just a regular rectangular one. I can't recall whether it is inside or outside. There's the normal amount of light you'd expect when in a swimming pool. I'm not so sure if I'm myself. This dream is James Bond related. I might be him. There's a woman with him/me in the pool. Somehow I'm under the impression that she's fully dressed in black. They go underwater from one end to the other end. She has a snorkel which she shares. There's something about a kid in the water. He needs to die? Or he serves as a distraction, I'm not so sure. Either way I (no longer connected to JB) jump in to help the kid.

      I'm with my housemate Karen in a room. The room isn't identical to any of the rooms in the house in reality. I think there's a grey carpet though, just like in my room. There's a mattress laid out on the floor and my mini fridge is also placed on the ground, though not in the corner. I want to put on some music, using my iPhone. I use YouTube and in my mind I've selected a Reggae Trap mix. I give my phone to Karen. I'm a little surprised and I think it's a little odd when instead I hear the album Invasion by Savant being played. I quickly let it go though.

      At some point Karen is laying down on the mattress, with her head near where I'm sitting. I sorta crawl over to get something out of the fridge, though I don't remember what. Karen places her hands on my crotch, over my pants. I don't consider this dream like strange, just regular strange and ask her what she's doing, reminding her that we're both in a relationship. That doesn't stop her. Despite me not physically protesting, it doesn't feel like I'm morally doing something wrong.

      I'm standing outside near a small building. I distinctively recall the reddish/brownish bricks I'm doing something on my iPhone. I believe selecting music. I'm standing a few metres away from the backdoor to my student home, which in reality should lead to a balcony. The door is open. I think it's a dark green door with glass in it. I can hear Karen talking to another girl. It's about her moving out to find a place together with her boyfriend. I think of how quick that is, considering that they've been together for just a few weeks. One of the two says that'll free up some space in the kitchen. They come outside. First I thought she was talking to another one of our housemates, but it's a friend of hers. I realise it may seem like I was eavesdropping.

      I'm in a different house, but somehow it feels like part of the same dream. I'm in a living room with Anthony and some other people. I think the door to the outside is open and some people are in the garden. It feels like a sort of goodbye. Anthony hugs a dark skinned girl who is playing the guitar while standing. Somehow she manages to continue playing with Anthony hugging her.

      I'm in my room at my mom's house, sitting behind my desk. It's located exactly the way it is in reality. My tv is on the desk (my little brother didn't miss a beat to put it in his room after I moved to a student home), as well as my laptop and... a very tiny laptop? I'm working on something and using my tv as a second screen. I don't think I'm using a cable to connect them though. My laptop screen itself is black. I use the mini laptop as another screen. I believe it's running on Windows XP, which makes it all the more strange that it instantly connects to my laptop, despite this being the first time connecting them and me not selecting which screen to use. It's as if it knew what to do. I think of how stupid it is though to use this very small laptop screen when my own laptop screen is much bigger but turned off.

      My mom enters my room. She is mad at me for leaving the tv on the whole day. I argue with her that I didn't do that. She holds her hand out a few centimetres in front of the tv. She starts shouting that it's hot so I must've left it on the whole day. We move to my brother's room. I tell her how ridiculous she is and that there are at least 3 reasons why she's wrong. I decide not to mention them to her. Instead I mention that I'm her go to guy when it comes to technology, so she shouldn't pretend to know anything about technology related stuff.
    7. #27: Hammock porn / Anna's friend / Epic parkour / Mansion & registration

      by , 11-07-2015 at 10:15 AM
      Hammock porn
      I'm hanging in my hammock. My hammock is hanging diagonally in the room. This is supposed to be my room at my mom's house, but it feels more like I am in my brother's room, which is right next to mine. On the desk there is a tv, which I'm watching. It's playing the start of some porn. Still very innocent stuff. My little brother enters the room and I try to alt + tab to another window. The animation you're supposed to see when you hit alt + tab is there, but because I have no other screen open it's a failure. I do manage to pause the movie though. I think my little brother goes for a bit of a cheeky face like the "I see what you did there" meme. I try to convince him that this is in fact Game of Thrones. Sounds plausible with all the porn going on in there. He leaves again and closes the door behind him. In reality there's no door there. I get out of the hammock and grab the remote, so I can do something more effective next time.

      I'm seeing three of my classmates without actually being there. It feels as if I'm spying on them remotely through something which allows me to see them from nearby. It's Kristen, Nick and Karl. They are all wearing a red blazer. Not bright red, but with a thin layer of black over it. I think they're in a mansion.

      I'm in a mall I believe. A girl I met in Indonesia is being looked for by the police. I believe they also ask me if I know her whereabouts, which I don't. I later run into her or send her a message, asking what the deal is.

      Could've easily remembered more about the situation with the cops if I had written down more than 2 words.

      Anna's friend
      I'm in a shop that has at least two storeys. Because they have a inside 'balcony' type of thing going on, you can look from one storey to the next. I'm on the lower level. I believe a store employee asks me some questions as if to sell me something. I'm not really interested and he soon notices. I look up at the second storey. There are some interesting.. statues I believe. Quite a lot of them as well. I walk up the first couple of steps of the stairs.

      I'm on the second storey, sitting on a couch with my Indonesian friend Anna, a bit of an older woman I think and perhaps someone is sitting next to the older woman as well. Anna is upset because one of her foreign friends isn't replying to her messages anymore. They used to be really close and they got close really fast. She first looks at the woman for help, but she isn't really in the helping mood you can tell. The woman passes it off onto me. Ok.. what am I supposed to do then? Anna wants to text the girl using my phone, to see if she will reply, because the girl doesn't have my number, so she won't know Anna is behind it.

      I'm sitting down somewhere with my girlfriend during the day. Somewhere in the vicinity of a bakery. I leave her for a moment and go to the bakery. Though at this point I become a bodyless observer. I'm inside the bakery and witness an inspection of sorts which shows me how dirty the place is. It's up for sale I believe.

      I only took the time to write down my girlfriend's name and nothing else.

      Epic parkour
      A few people are practising parkour. There's an apartment complex which is perhaps 3 storeys high. On the outside there are a lot of metal railings, sorta like when people have one of those minuscule balconies which are not much more than glorified windows. A group of guys, including a classmate called Len, is climbing them. They end up on the roof. In the middle of the apartment complex there's a 'hallway' to the other side. I walk through it to see how they get off the roof again. It doesn't seem nearly as high from this side. They are able to jump without even needing to roll afterwards, though there is also a ladder.

      Back to the other side, they do it once more. This time there are a couple of people with cameras who are filming them. I want to do it as well! This seems awesome. I'm kinda concerned about my knee though, so I know I won't be fast. Someone from the cameracrew wants to stop me at first, but I go anyway.

      Other side of the building again. It might look lame, but for my knee's sake I'm taking the ladder down.

      To the front side again. There's a blue barrel I believe filled with water, which some guys use. I guess to wash their faces. It's perhaps a metre to the left of the front door of a middle aged woman. Something tells me she is Moroccan. She comes out for a talk. My classmates Kristen and Nick are here as well. At one point a bat flies by. Ok, slightly scared. Who knows what kind of diseases it may have.

      I'm playing a racing game on my laptop. I remember mostly stretches of straight road and a look at the map that shows me the route I'm taking. It's extremely dark. I put my face close to the keyboard so I can see some keys. I remember seeing the F12 key. I press a key to make everything a bit brighter. Now my laptop itself exhumes a vivid dark red light.

      Mansion & registration
      I'm walking along a bicycle path near my mom's house during the day. There are a few people, one of them my classmate Luke. Next to the road we pass a mobile shop. It looks kind of like a hotdog van. My classmate Nicky is there. She joins us. There's some kind of big bulldozer like machine behind us. It's not really fast, but it makes sure we keep on walking, because else we're a goner. It's not scary though.

      We end up at a fancy mansion. I guess we're here for dinner. A few of walk down the stairs. There's a dinner table (with white cloth?) and chairs in the middle of a room . There's nothing else in the room as far as I have seen, though I didn't look around. The table fits about 8 - 10 people. The idea of the colour red is very dominant, perhaps the carpet was red. I sit down at a chair but get up again to do something. (I think I went to the late registration). When I come back again Nicky is sitting on the chair next to mine and someone is sitting on my chair. Ah come on, I wanted to sit next to Nicky. At least I can get along with her.

      The building I'm in right now doesn't feel any different from the mansion, though it looks different. Much more modest. Just simple grey. There's a computer area and there's a woman standing next to the door with a list. Only people who are on the list are allowed to enter. It's because it's a late registration event. You had to sign up for the late registration so that you can now sign up for classes you didn't register for. I'm allowed to enter.

      To the left of the perhaps 10 or so computers there's a small lounge area with a couch. I'm chilling on it with Anna. We're sitting a bit tangled up. I have a clipboard in my hand. I'm trying to get something done but she keeps messing with me a bit. At one point I say something like "how about I fuck you right here". It's supposed to scare her off, but at the same time it sounds like a challenge, though I have no intention of actually doing anything. I'm also aware of the fact that she has a boyfriend. It feels like a few minutes later, when the moment of my comment has already passed that she teasingly leans in to kiss me. I put up the clipboard between our lips and say "girlfriend. girlfriend. I have a girlfriend". Ok time to register. I walk over to one of the computers. They're all unoccupied, but somehow I manage to take the one where a girl had already gotten up but wasn't completely finished yet. Her stuff is still here. She talks to me and is annoyed that I'm taking the computer. I tell her it'll just be 2 minutes. She's sitting on my left and takes some of her stuff which are still on the desk. To my right are 2 or 3 scissors and another item which also belong to her. She leans into me excessively to get her stuff. I'm quite annoyed by her.
    8. #26: Councillor / Toilet shower / FA / Family Fight

      by , 11-05-2015 at 11:33 AM
      I'm in my student room. I believe I'm standing in front of the couch and sort of leaning over it, because I'm kissing a girl that's on the couch. Then my girlfriend enters the room. She stays in the door opening and when I turn around I'm surprised to see her and have an 'ow shit' moment. She is clearly upset. The girl I was kissing was her though. She's there twice.

      I'm in a big shop or more likely a mall. I'm by myself, though there are other people in this mall. I remember seeing some clothing for sale as well as an escalator that goes up. I don't specifically recall taking the elevator, but I do recall being on a higher floor at some point. There's a big playing area. It's colourful and I remember the colours red and yellow. It looks a bit like a bouncy inflatable area. There are no people and there is glass in front of it. I'm standing behind the glass. I am playing somehow through using the controls which are placed there. At some point there are 2 or 3 people standing besides me. On the right is a girl who works here. There's something about there being semi-dried up yoghurt on the control table. I don't remember spilling it, but I believe I apologise.

      I'm sitting on the edge of my mother's bed. My 1 year old cousin is in the bed. She crawls out and onto the ground, where she stands up. Then she decides she wants to be in the bed again, so I lift her up and place her back. I cover her with the blanket. I don't remember why, but she says my name. On the one hand I feel it's weird/impolite that she calls me by my name, without adding uncle in front of it, on the other I don't mind too much.

      I'm at my uni. I just arrived somewhere to meet with a student councillor. There is a long grey desk and I'm talking to my councillor through Skype. It feels weird to talk to a councillor who I don't even know on Skype. It feels so informal. I ask her some questions about my thesis and perhaps also some other stuff. At the end I think she asks if I have any more questions. I jokingly reply that I don't, unless she has good ideas for my thesis subject. She doesn't like the joke and would like to stop the conversation now. We kinda sit there awkwardly for a few seconds because she doesn't hang up, so I press the hang up button. Usually when I use a screen (tv/laptop/etc) in my dream it is fullscreen and I don't see anything else. I don't think that was the case this time.

      Toilet shower
      I'm in my room at my mom's house. My desk is standing where my bed is supposed to be. This is the way my room was arranged years ago. I'm sitting at the desk, using my laptop, which I don't see in fullscreen. I have Chrome open; one regular window and one incognito window. I open a porn site in the incognito window. At least that was my intention, but there is sound playing and I have no clue from where it's coming. I switch back to the regular window to find the porn site there. Then I suddenly get an extreme urge to pee. I don't recall going from my room to the toilet, but that's where I am. I'm standing in front of the toilet peeing, I think with the seat down. I can't recall aiming wrong, but in the end there is a puddle on the right side of the toilet. Somewhere high up on the left is a knob which I turn to turn on the shower. The pressure is high. I think it's a bit cold, but I don't really mind. I distinctively recall hearing the song Ghetto Gospel by 2Pac & Elton John playing somewhere in the distance.

      I have a FA. I climb out of my high bed and perhaps even perform a RC at some point, but it fails. The idea of it being a dream is present, but not that strong. My room is definitely not what it's supposed to be. The window is made up of a huge amount of tiny windows which can all be opened/closed and the windowsills are made of wood. I see a row near the top which are all left upon. Ahh so that's the reason why my room has been cold for all these years.
      There's more to this, but I can't remember what. Nothing much happened, but the window seemed to be the focus of this dream.

      I'm in my taekwondo class. We're running laps for the warming up. There's a row of shopping carts placed in the room, so I move them to the side. I'm a bit scared of doing taekwondo, as I'm doubtful about my knee being up for it.

      Family fight
      I'm in my mom's living room. She's there, as well as I believe 2 of my cousins, a guy (20) and a girl (21). My cousins are sitting on the couch, I'm standing in the middle of the room and my mom just entered from the hallway. I'm messing with her a bit and the situation escalates. I think she's laying on her back on the dinner table. My guy cousin takes a hold of my left leg and raises it quite high, leaving me standing on my right leg. I tell him to watch out because I can't handle this situation well due to my knee surgery. In reality my right leg is my good one. This idea is present somewhere to the back of my mind, but I want him to let me go either way. I tell him that if I get injured because of this I will knock him out. My mom's boyfriend enters the room too. He's the type of guy that is always talking and always knows best, so of course he has something to say about all this. Eventually I'm walking out of the living room into the hallway, with my mom's boyfriend standing there in front of me. I'm grumpy and I don't wanna talk to him right now.
    9. #25: Trees & Trains / Holy mother of knees / WhatsApp distraction

      by , 10-31-2015 at 11:13 AM

      Dream 1: Trees & Trains
      It's during the day. I'm with my girlfriend and we're about to cross a railroad which doesn't have any protective measures. A double-decker train is approaching slowly from our left. It looks like a regular Dutch train; blue and yellow. My girlfriend pulls me back a bit because I was thinking about crossing before the train got here. She says something (can't recall what) which slightly annoys me. We pass the railway, though there are a lot of tracks. I think to our right is a platform. The scenery gives of a grungy vibe, not very neat, slight disorder. There are gonna be some incoming trains, but there are pine trees laying on the tracks, blocking them. They are laying rather neatly, in the same way that a train is on the tracks. Moving them is a matter of pushing them forwards or backwards on the tracks until there's a switch where we can push them to another track. My girlfriend and I are doing this. At one point there is one that we leave laying around for too long and it blocks a train (or 2). It also isn't laid down neatly, but stands up somewhat. Somehow all the pine needles fall off neatly starting from the top. I think we make a run for it at this point.

      Still daytime, I'm standing alone near one of the train tracks. It's like I'm in between scenarios, as I've started cooking, but a different setting hasn't fully materialised yet. I have some meat which I smell to check if it's still good. I'm in doubt. There's also some fatty parts which I remove. I end up forgetting which part is the fat and which part the good meat. I can hear K (my blond female housemate) talking from my left, a bit in the distance. It feels as if there's a door in between us.

      Dream 2: Holy mother of knees!
      I'm with a guy who is supposedly my housemate. We're chilling in his room, which is decorated like a living room. I distinctively recall the colour red. I think it's because of a red couch which appears later on. We're messing with each other a bit. I'm filming him while he delivers a speech of some sort, while standing against a white wall. He's wearing a black jacket and I think a white cap. He's a bit taller than I am. He jokingly punches me or something and I attempt to kick him in the balls. Eventually we're down on the ground and I'm in a low squatting position while he's holding me there. I tell him he needs to let me go, cause my knee can't handle this. He persists. Eventually I start crying and he sees that I'm serious. I think I might've felt my ligament snap. A moment later I'm sitting down on the ground elsewhere in the room. I'm feeling up my knees. In my mind it's the right one which is messed up, while in reality it's left. I can slide my right kneecap all the way to the right side of my knee, leaving a sort of hollow platform where my kneecap is supposed to fit. Holy f! This is not good. I check on my left knee to see what is normal. I can slide it all the way to the left side, same effect. Wtf? I tell my housemate to check it out and if he can do that too. I examine my right knee more closely. Just underneath where my kneecap is supposed to be you can still see 3 or 4 staples from the surgery (I never had staples).

      This is the moment from which I distinctively recall the colour red, though I'm sure it's not only because of the couch. My housemate has about 4 or 5 instruments. Piano, guitar, violin... not sure what else. From a distance I can hear K again. There's a small window with a slit above it through which sound passes rather easily. She is with a guy. She enters the room. It's one of my classmates, one of who I have never dreamed before; BJ (not kidding here). It feels like they aren't just friends, but it's sort of a date.They sit down on the couch, while I look around for a shoelace. When I look down at my shoe I can tell there are supposed to be 3 or 4 different coloured shoelaces in it. I'm missing a red one. I look through a small drawer I believe. In the end I must've found something, cause I sit down on the couch on the far right to tie my shoes. I feel something pushing against me. It's BJ. Because they didn't spread out evenly it's getting very cosy here. I move to another smaller couch. BJ makes a joke about missing out on this opportunity with me. K says something about how it's not comfortable leaning on BJ anymore, cause he's not leaning on me. I tell them that they don't know how to sit comfortably.

      I'm outside in an urban area, I think a residential neighbourhood. It's dark and there's almost no one on the street. I might be out jogging. A classmate comes by with his dog and they pass me. I don't recognise the guy, but I instinctively know that he's my classmate.

      I ask someone about the dreads of a distant friend of mine called Q. I'm not sure who I'm asking, I think 1 or 2 girls I know. They tell me it looks ridiculous. Really? They say that she cut off her previous dreads and started anew, but this time she did it herself and blegh.

      I've entered a building, I believe a university building. Inside are some of my classmates. I can't recall what happened exactly, but it has something to do with our upcoming exam.

      Dream 3: WhatsApp distraction
      I'm at a train station, on the platform talking to a friend (no clue who it is though). We're leaning on the railing. I'm not sure what the conversation is about. I walk towards the tracks and back for a few seconds. On the way back I hear my name coming from my left. It's a former co-worker, who is sitting on a bench reading a newspaper. I greet him from my current position. My friend says it's ok if I go over to talk to him. I'm ok. A few seconds later the co-worker announces he's gotta go back to work. See? Issue resolved. It feels like they've switched places and I'm now talking to the co-worker. He tells me about the time he was supposed to be back at work by 12:00 but wasn't back until 14:30 or something. How?! He tells me it's cause he got distracted by WhatsApp.
    10. #23: Golfing big / Plane / Shrimp girl / Zombie apocalypse

      by , 10-29-2015 at 09:11 AM

      Dream 1: Golfing big
      I'm awake in bed. I think i just woke up. I'm sitting up, with a laptop on my lap. I still have a white blanket or pillow drawn over my lap. I have two tabs open in my browser, one of them is fb. I believe the other one is a new tab. My girlfriend is to the left of me, also in the bed. She was asleep, but wakes up now. Because she is still laying down while I'm already sitting up, her head is at my waist level. She puts her head on my lap so that she can see the screen too. The moment she woke up I switched away from fb. I didn't want her to think I'd rather spend time on fb than with her. She wants to play the game. Ok, we can do that. I see it in a full view kinda way, as if we are actually there. It's a weird combination between playing on the laptop and actually being there. It's a sort of golf game. It's on Bali (Nusa Lembongan?). Top-down view of a field of grass, which lacks any detail (just like a crappy game). There's a yellow and an orange or red player. The hole is quite big and you're supposed to guide an airplane, a tank and who knows what else in there by making an arrow that tells it where to go. Apparently this doesn't have to be a straight line, cause I consider making my plane move around a bit before going to the hole in such a way that it will also push a truck in there. At the start of the game there is a slight confusion over who has which colour, because something went wrong in the game.

      Dream 2: Plane
      There's two people, one of them is a guy, the other I'm not sure about anymore. I think I'm just a non-present spectator. I feel like the dream was cartoonish, due to a certain drawing style. I can't shake the image of humanoid cartoon mouses, but I don't think that's really what my dream was like. The two are at sea, without a boat or something. A propellor plane is after them. They duck under water for a moment. At some point they are on very small deserted island which is only covered in grass, though I'm not sure when exactly that happened. The plane sends out a message in a Morse code kind of way. The guy does the same thing using a whistle. He is... part of an organisation and has a title. It's sort of like the army, cause he has a rank. He intends to commandeer the plane I believe. Yeah... good luck. I don't recall how that ended

      Dream 3: Shrimp girl
      I'm with a guy. Apparently we're friends. Something happened, but I can't recall what. After that we end up in an elevator with partially glass doors so that you can look outside. The rest is made out of metal. I walk in and out a number of times, causing the elevator to stay where it is. When I'm done and ready to go a few people (2 girls and a guy) approach who want to join. I make sure the doors stay open long enough for them to join. The elevator is spacious like a room. One of the girls (I think she's blond, black pants and a red coat, but somehow I'm not certain) is doing something weird on the floor, which is referred to as 'the shrimp'. The guy makes a mention of joining my friend and I to our home. Yeah don't think so. He says it in a joking kind of way, as if he's testing the waters.

      We're inside the train station in my mom's city. We're walking from the back side to the front. I'm talking with my friend. There was a vote about what we're gonna do or something and I say that I bet he voted for the anime/cartoon of which I can't remember the name, also not in the dream. He laughs and says he did. There are two sets of stairs near the front, both about 5 steps. In response to the shrimp, I wanna do something fun here. Take a short run-up and take off from the 2nd step to dive over the rest of the steps and glide like a penguin. I'm a bit socially conscious about it though, as every few seconds total strangers pass through the station. I don't recall actually doing it.

      Not sure if it was before or after the last paragraph. I'm walking outside the train station, but it doesn't look the way it should. Much, much more space is dedicated to bicycle racks. I walk over, past a girl with long dark hair and a dark/greyish outfit. I walk back and forth at least once, so I pass her at least twice. The last time I look at her, her hair is covering her face like the girl from The Ring, but not in a creepy way. At some point I start thinking in a way as if the others we met in the elevator are coming home with us. I wonder how far I could go with shrimp girl. I wouldn't do anything of course, since I have a girlfriend. But I wonder what could happen, as in how attractive am I to her.

      Again not sure when this happened. I'm walking towards and then past a train. The train is yellow and has a black text written on it. I forgot the exact phrasing, but it was in Dutch and basically said you are allowed to eat in that wagon. I start to think: aren't you always allowed to eat? I look through the windows as I walk past the train and see people sitting with small tables with food on it. Right before I walk past the wagon I start to think about my ex girlfriend, though I don't remember exactly what I was thinking of.

      Dream 4: Zombie apocalypse
      The zombie apocalypse has occurred. I'm rather calm, as if the situation isn't completely new. My cousin, my little brother and I need to get away from here. We're just outside of a house, no clue where specifically. I tell my little brother he needs to get his sleeping bag. We may also need another bicycle, so that we all have one. I ask my cousin for an item, but I find something better: a rope. A blue one. My cousin (and little brother perhaps) isn't too excited about the prospect of staying in the woods. Well suck it up, I'm thinking about our survival. Using the rope we can put our hammocks/sleeping bags in the air by tying them to trees. This way the zombies can't reach us. We can set up a perimeter by putting up a string with tin cans on them, so it will rattle if something passes. We can use thumbtacks to pin the string to trees to prevent slack. We need to make sure it's at the right height too. Too low and the cans hit the ground and won't rattle. Too high and things might crawl under it.
    11. #22: High school / Exam / Late

      by , 10-28-2015 at 09:50 AM

      Dream 1: High school
      I'm sitting in a classroom at my old high school. There are at least 2 rows of 2 tables next to each other I'm seated at a table next to the wall, turned 90 in my chair so that my back is against the wall. The table on my right is unoccupied. Immediately behind me are 2 of my uni classmates, a Dutch guy and girl. Seated in the next row is an Indonesian female classmate. My English teacher from high school is in the class. We have to hand something in/give it back. When the guy does so, he softly says to the teacher that his other girlfriend will also give it back, or something alike (referring to the Dutch and Indonesian girls). When he says it he is suddenly sitting next to me. I make a comment about it and he tells me to speak softly.

      There are different people in the class now, people I don't know. I'm still in the same place, back against the wall. Behind (or I suppose to mu right) me is a girl and either another girl or a guy. They've taken on a challenge and start humping the corners of their tables. They moan. The teacher makes them stop. They sit down. This causes me to be able to see a blond girl with big boobs in the next row, as the other girl was blocking my view. Was that girl just masturbating? At some point the teacher makes a comment about something, to which the girl replies negatively because she is wearing a skirt. The teacher says that's her own fault, cause the girl is a Muslim and her religion forbids her to wear skirts.

      I'm walking along the hallway of my high school. I go down the stairs. Close to the exit I see a teacher from my first elementary school. Her hair has turned mostly grey, but there is some orange left. Her hair looks quite faded. I walk out the exit and think to myself that I'm too old for this. In my 20's, but still in high school. But I only have to do 1 course and then I can go back to my master and I'll have 2 master degrees.

      I don't know why I keep dreaming about this Indonesian classmate. I barely talk to her now that our group assignment is finished.

      Dream 2: Exam
      I'm in the gymnasium of my high school, with a group which includes one of my uni lecturers. I think the gymnasium is now in use as an exam hall. Today is tuesday and yesterday there was a mock exam, but I'm pretty sure I missed it. I ask my teacher if she can put the exam on blackboard. She refuses and explains that she isn't allowed to. It's a long winded explanation. I feel like at the end, as I exit class, it's a regular classroom I'm exiting, instead of the gymnasium.

      I feel like my conversation with my teacher was longer, but I can't really recall more.

      Dream 3: Late
      I'm in the room of one of my best friends. His room looks a lot like my real room looks like. A grey carpet, a lack of furniture. There's a mattress on the ground and there's someone on it. I think the teenage brother of one of our mutual friends. There's some talk about picking something up and I say I'll do it. I look at the time (I think by looking at a watch, which I don't have in reality). It's already 1pm. I won't make it, cause I have an exam at 2pm. Next thing I know my exam will start in about 3 minutes, while it's a 30 minute bicycle ride to the location. I freak out. Stupid alarm on my iPhone didn't go off. I set it to 1 hour before my exam. Fuck fuck fuck. Really time for a new phone. I leave quickly. I consider which route to take. I believe the route outside the city will be quickest. I'm suddenly biking there on my black bike. It's a road that in reality is close to my mom's home. It's a provincial road with bicycle paths on both sides. Mine stops though, turning into mud. I continue on the road and then to the other side to the other bicycle path. I get passed by a police officer on a bike. He's wearing the new uniform, black with yellow-green stripes. I look at my tire and see that it's flat. Fuck. So far to go. Suddenly I'm really close. I don't know the exact way though, as I never use this route. I'm now at the uni of applied sciences. I pass some students. I'm in an open building now? I remember passing a dude in a pink.. hoodie? It was for equality. In my mind I wonder if they will also do something about the disadvantages men face compared to women.

      I really have an exam today and I'm always a bit paranoid about being on time for exams.
    12. #19: Theoretical / Languages / Amusementpark / Wacky village

      by , 10-25-2015 at 10:09 AM

      Fragment: Theoretical
      My exam period is coming up, so I've spent most of my day studying. As I drift off to sleep, thoughts about what I studied today come to me. It's a highly theoretical subject. I'm not a 100% sure, but it definitely feels like I was dreaming instead of just thinking. I remember being impressed that [..?] knows all of these things and knows how to explain it [my course material]. I don't remember there being any images. Not real sounds either. Just.. thoughts. Something abstract. Fits well with the abstractness of the course material

      Dream 1: Washing the laptop
      I'm standing in front of a kitchen sink. I'm doing the dishes, except it's my laptop that I'm washing. It looks exactly like it should look. First I'm scared for a moment (my laptop is wet!), but then I quickly start to believe that's totally fine. It's still functioning, it's turned on. It should be turned off while I'm washing it though, for safety reasons.

      Dream 2: Languages
      I'm with one of my best friends, an Asian guy. He's really into animes, to the point where he has learned a little bit of Japanese from them. I see a couple of books on his bookshelf. One set is about learning Japanese. The other.. I believe Korean. They all look similar, as if they're from the same series of books, but on different languages. I'm quite surprised by the fact that he's learning 2 languages at once. Also by the fact that he's learning Korean. I didn't know he cared for the language.

      Dream 3: Amusementpark
      I'm with my girlfriend, somewhere outside during the day. The weather is slightly depressing, a bit dark. We're near a station. We're going to take what looks like a subway. I have to help her climb into it, as the entrance is just an opening perhaps a metre of the ground.

      We are in the amusementpark, inside a shop or another building. We've decided to stick together with a girl and a guy. Not so sure what's going on right now. We're having fun, that's for sure. I think at one point we decide to rent bicycles.

      Dream 4: Wacky village
      It's dusk and I'm on the streets of a weird village. There is no electricity. Or any other type of modern convenience it seems. I do see an electric motorcycle driving, which makes me wonder where he gets his electricity from. Perhaps he needs to go out of the village for it. I pass two people who are sitting at a round(?) table on a sidewalk. I ask them a time related question. Something along the lines of how they know that X is open or how they know if it's Sunday if there's no way to tell time. One of them replies that every villager asks themselves if the synagogue is open today. But there is no synagogue here? Yes exactly. I find the whole experience strange and can't make much sense of it.

      EDIT: remembered another dream

      Dream 5: Bars
      I'm hanging out in a bar with a couple of my Dutch friends who I met in Indonesia. Something tells me that we're in Indonesia right now. I talk to the bartender in Dutch or English and this feels odd, because I'm not talking in Indonesian. The bar we are in changes at least 1 one time. At one point I see everything as if I'm watching a video, seeing myself hanging at the bar, with some friends. At the end of the dream I walk away from the bar, and perhaps 5 people make a certain move, all together at the same time, as if they're dancing. One of my friend is sat on a barstool and doesn't join in on the movement. The view sorta zooms in on her face and the way the colours of the disco reflect on it. She is sat perfectly still, staring up into the distance.

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    13. #18: Tiny captives / Taekwondo / Dreadful dreads / Contacts

      by , 10-24-2015 at 10:45 AM

      Dream 1: Tiny captives
      A girl (my gf?) and I are tiny creatures held captive by a regular sized person I believe. We think he's a real asshole. He keeps us in what looks like a sort of small fridge. We meet another small creature there. We plan our escape. The girl and I go first. I cup my hands and am holding an orange gooyie liquid. Part of our escape. The guy that's keeping us captive (not sure but I think a white guy with a stubble beard and black nerdy plastic glasses) looks at me. I stay still for a moment. He ignores me. Ok on to the next room. We can't manage to continue there. I have to accomplish something on a macbook, but I'm fighting to correctly size the window. In the mean time the guy notices our escape. We have written a letter or something alike on the macbook, which needs to be finished. Remotely, the guy deletes a portion of the 2 page document. I delete a portion of him, hampering his attempt to catch us. Why do we always have bad luck. I open my black backpack. It's filled with a clear block of ice. Not a neatly cut one, but more natural. There are also 2 or 3 pairs of shoes in there. Ours and the basterd. Lets keep those and sell them. Or give them to a homeless person and make a picture.

      Dream 2: Taekwondo
      I have taught a girl some taekwondo moves. I specifically recall teaching her about backside and frontside kicks. At the end, she has a match. She doesn't implement my techniques perfectly, but it's not bad. Not black belt material though.

      Her moves have in actuality not that much to do with taekwondo

      Dream 3: Dreadful dreads
      I'm with a guy who is having a look at my dreads. He tells me that the person who does my dreads has messed them up real bad. It looks horrible. He tells me I should be selective in who I allow to do my dreads. I tell him I looked for the best back in Indonesia and that my friend recommended that person. He retouches a few dreads at the front, to show me what he can do. Ideally he'd cut them off and start over. He tells me to let him know if I wanna continue with him. We're on the bus. He walks to the front to exit. It's only now that I really have a look at him. A dark skinned guy (reminds me of Alfredo from the serie Elementary) with dreads that are very long, but he's got them in a bundle with a hairtie. My girlfriend is next to me. I tell her I should go to a lot of different guys to ask them to demonstrate their skills. In the end: free dreads!

      I'm at a trainstation with my girlfriend. Not sure where we're going. The system is unlike any I've ever seen. I have to make sure we take the right train.

      Normally I don't analyse my dreams that much, but the dreads and the train seem connected to me. As in having to make a choice about what to do with them. I've been doubting about what to do with them for a while now.

      The setting looks a bit Indonesian. It's daytime and I'm not taking part, I'm just witnessing this as if I'm watching tv. A brown skinned, muscular young guy surprises a bit of an older woman by giving her a hug from behind. This is his preschool and he's come by for a visit, or he ended up here by accident.

      Dream 4: Contacts
      I'm going through my phone, through my contact list. I'm surprised to see that I have the number of a girl I met in Indonesia, who I didn't talk to that much. I look at her (Whatsapp?) picture. She is wearing skates. It feels like the picture expands 1 or 2 times or changes a bit to give me more info. There's a low wall next to her, with a rail. She grinded the rail and just landed. That's why she is in this weird position so low to the ground. A girl who I don't recognise makes fun of me for looking at the picture. I continue. There's the name of a girl I went out with once. Holy shit she looks amazing. She has a thin black.. Shirt, top? Upperbody covering fabric, let's keep it at that. She's sitting on I think a barstool, holding her hands above her head. It causes her boobs to have a weird shape, cause she is not wearing a bra. But holy shit are they big!
    14. #17: Lecture / Car / Languages / Boring sunset

      by , 10-23-2015 at 09:01 AM

      Dream 1: Lecture
      I'm sitting in a lecture hall. It's one of those classrooms where the rows to the back are way higher than the rows in the front. I think the lecture was already over. There are just a few people left. I myself am somewhere halfway to the back, perhaps a little bit further. I remember a girl sitting a bit further to the back. Also a classmate whom I rarely talk to because I don't care for her too much is there. She asks me how I'm doing with the final assignment. Ow man.. I'm too busy with the exams right now to do the assignment. I walk with her a bit, down the steps. She mentions that the assignment is already due this week Thursday. Wait what?! Isn't it the week after? I'm fucked. I realise that I need to go back to my seat instead of walk out with her, cause I'm barefooted and my shoes are still at my seat. I end up having the attention of the girl in the back for just a split second, while I'm standing in a row that's further to the back than hers. I do a diveroll [parkour move] over a row of seats.

      Dream 2: Car
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in the car, back row to the right. On the left is my girlfriend. The driver's seat is on the left side of the car. Cas, someone who I haven't talked to in years, is driving. In the passenger seat is at one point his ex-girlfriend and at one point a different girl. We are driving to the airport of Jakarta. I've got a sort of comfortable foetal position going on. At one point it feels like I kinda pretend to be asleep, but eventually I actually do fade in and out of sleep [in the dream only, I didn't really wake up]. I think about having to spend 14 hours on the airplane back to Amsterdam. So long... I don't really remember the conversation, if any. At one point we were just there. I do remember being able to look at the girl in front of me as if there was no chair between us. I also remember an oddly shaped part of the car, underneath the dashboard.

      Indonesian cars have a steering wheel on the right. Also, this car [kinda beat up] is definitely not Cas' real life car.

      Dream 3: Languages
      I'm chilling with my housemate and Indonesian classmate, both girls. We're at one point at 'home' [it doesn't resemble our home] and at one point standing in front of it. My housemate has a lot of thick fantasy books, which were left behind by the last person who occupied the room. Nice for her. She has some stuff to use to her liking, or just sell or whatever. We're outside, but it feels like we're just sitting.. on the ground perhaps. My housemate spends about 90% of the time talking in Dutch to me, which I think is mean to my classmate who barely understands Dutch. I try to talk mostly in English. I don't remember my classmate talking at all. My housemate justifies talking in Dutch by saying that there's no need to talk in English if my classmate doesn't participate in the conversation. I explain that it's a vicious cycle that I've experienced myself in Indonesia: because people speak a language you don't understand, you don't participate. Because you don't participate, they continue using a language you don't understand.

      Dream 4: Boring sunset
      I'm in what's supposed to be one of the rooms I lived in during my time in Indonesia, except it's much more luxurious, with a balcony and such. There is ok-ish scenery with a sunset that is supposed to be beautiful, but right now [while writing] I don't think of it as such. I remember I promised to give my friend pictures that I made from my window. There's another guy in the room with me.. and a baby, a boy. I film the baby, who does some funny stuff.
    15. #15: Miniature fight / Grass / Ropeskip / Roadtrip

      by , 10-21-2015 at 09:04 AM

      Dream 1: Miniature fight
      There are two different forces. They are the size of insects and the scene is amidst brown grass (which is tall from this tiny perspective). One group are the planners, who are using vehicles which look like purple beetles to transport themselves through the air. The other group are the destroyers, insects. This group is closing in on a man who is sitting atop a horse drawn cart.. though I don't recall seeing a horse. It's just standing still there. The man spots the approaching insects. He takes a box from his cart and runs in the opposite direction. The planners fly over the insects and position themselves between them and the man. A battle ensues which the planners win.

      Dream 2: Grass
      It's evening. I'm standing outside. There is a wooden building which is a sort of bar. As a customer you just chill on the outside of it. It's in the middle of a grass field. I'm there with my former housemate from Nepal, an Indonesian classmate, my current classmate from Ghana and at some point two Lithuanians who I lived with in Indonesia also join for a moment. The guy is cheerful and we talk, but the girl is silent. I figure it's because we never really talked that much. They end up leaving again pretty soon. I move and am standing on the grass. I'm making circles in the grass by spinning. There is a certain detail about the grass that makes this all seem very awesome. The colour.. the grass being pushed in the ground as a result of my foot going over it. The Nepali tells me not to move. He shoots or throws an object at my leg. Ah that hurts man! He's laughing about it. The place later turns into a supermarket, but there are no other people besides us. The Indonesian mentions he's bored.

      I really liked the way the grass looked. It was just special

      Dream 3: Ropeskip
      It's daytime. I'm standing in a quiet street together with a German friend I met in Indonesia and possibly someone else. The German challenges me to a drinking game that involves ropeskipping. There was something particular about the way he ropeskipped, though I don't remember what. He tells me that it's easy to do it like that if you make sure to really lift up your legs far. I remind him I can't do that because of my knee. I end up ropeskipping the regular way, but with very small jumps. I wonder if my physical therapist would think this is wise.

      Dream 4: Roadtrip
      I'm roadtripping (hitchhiking?) to Germany with a German and an Austrian classmate. We've called it a night. I can't really remember the scene, it was half outside, half inside. As if there is a building which is missing a wall, or a big patio perhaps. My classmates are sleeping in their sleeping bags. The moment that I finally decide to also go to bed, it is time to get up.

      Yesterday I went for dinner with a group of classmates. These two were in the group.

      There was another dream.. but I don't really remember what. All I remember is being in a building with a male Dutch classmate and a female Indonesian classmate. The walls might have been orange.

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