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    by , 12-24-2016 at 06:56 PM (886 Views)
    I had a sort of astral projection experience where I was sleeping on my bed and could feel my astral body separating from my physical body. I could hear a faint musical rhyme that seemed to be lulling me out of my body. The only words I remember from the rhyme were "dominus invictus" yeah it was in latin and I don't speak latin. The musical rhyme was pleasant and it was a pleasant sensation being slowly pulled away from my physical body lying on the bed. I let the feeling carry me away and I started floating away through my apartment and out the door. I kept letting the rhyme and sensation guide me, letting myself be pulled or attracted to it's source.

    It's night outside and I'm drifting along above the streets below me when I reach a park. I start getting closer to the ground and I see a dark figure running really fast towards me. He jumps up and tries to grab me so I put my hand out to stop him and he bites straight onto my hand. I'm pulled down to the ground and he starts sucking the blood out of me. I can feel it being drained and getting weaker. I keep fighting him and manage to break free, then I wake up in my bed.

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    1. AstronomyDomine's Avatar
      Do you think the dark figure was an lower-level astral being?
    2. Eonnn's Avatar
      It's possible, but I'm not sure whether this was just a dream or an actual AP. I say that because I'm still unconvinced on the astral projection subject.

      I just looked up google translate for dominus invictus which roughly translates to "the invincible" it could have actually been dominus spiritus invictus meaning "the indomitable spirit"
    3. AstronomyDomine's Avatar
      Yeah, the reason I ask is because of the "blood sucking" part. I've heard the lower-level beings will try to attach themselves to your energy field and use your etheric body as a source of energy. Like vampires or parasites.