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    A decent amount of non-lucids...but no lucids. D:

    by , 08-27-2017 at 06:35 PM (635 Views)
    Dream 1: My family and I are at the airport. We have to go to the other part of it...in disguise (?) because of a fire and smoke in the nearby mountains.

    We stop to use the restroom. My dad and brother go ahead and use it, but as I'm trying to head to the toilets, this kid who used to bully me in middle school blocks me and starts kicking me, and mocking me. I tried having a normal conversation with him so that he would let me alone, but then he just starts making fun of me again. I had no idea what to do. It was a very powerless feeling and it was awful to have to relive that :/ Thankfully I woke up pretty quickly. No lucidity though.

    IRL, this kid was a prick in middle school, but he actually became a really nice guy in high school. It was weird how that worked. I went from hating him to liking him over the course of a year. I did my best to forgive him for what he had done to me in the past. So I have no idea why my subconscious wanted me to experience that again.

    Dream 2: I was at a nice restaurant with my (extended) family. We went to dinner at this fancy restaurant inside a mall. But I had to go to the bathroom, and the chef or waiter or whoever I talked to said that there wasn't a bathroom in the restaurant, so I'd have to go next door. Next door was a more casual but still pretty fancy diner with a bar as part of it. I walked past the bar and into the outdoor patio area. At this point, I had completely forgotten about using the bathroom, and went to get a drink of water instead. I sat outside with my water for a while, on a concrete step, next to a single dude on my right and a parent and their toddler-age daughter on the left. (Can't remember if the parent was male or female.) I watched a small little fountain show that they had going on. Water was leaping into the air out of the small fountain; I think it was shaped like a dolphin? Not 100% sure. A Weepinbell was there too for some reason, and it spit bubbles out of its mouth and into the air. The song "Alone I Break" by Korn was playing. When I woke up, the song was still in my head. o_o

    Dream 3: Family again. We're going home from a reunion. My dad said that he'd take me to a cool place he was thinking of, but I can't remember where. Before leaving, I start playing with some toys in this outdoor pit (part of our condo). Kaden, a former co-worker of mine, is there for some reason. We dig through this ENORMOUS mess of toys -- like it's about the size of a small house -- and we found a really cool map. This other dude who looked half-white, half-Chinese was there, and he was the one who found the map. Each time you looked at it, the map would change. The first time it had the 50 states, the second time it only had the continental 48, and the third time it had a saying or slogan or something on it in black lettering with a yellow background. Might've flipped it a fourth time; I don't really remember but if we did I believe something new was on there. There was a piece of tape on it, too, with some writing, but I don't recall what it said. We tried to find the brand so that we could buy one ourselves, but we couldn't seem to find it.

    IRL the power went out last night for just a few seconds; I can't remember which dreams it was in between but I couldn't remember anything when I woke up then. (The fans went off, so I think that's what woke me up)

    Dream 4: Some guy with long blond hair was complaining about how they wouldn't let this one girl who was a missionary use DeviantArt or Facebook or other websites ("they" being the people in charge of her, I think), and I was trying to explain to him that missionaries aren't supposed to use those things anyway at least until they finish.

    I don't know why all of these dreams involved bathrooms and my family. And I'm still trying to decide whether to keep describing my dreams in past tense or present tense. But overall it was a night with a lot of vivid memories, so that I am grateful for!

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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      Wow - great recall. Keep your mind clear and happy.
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    2. DannyCool's Avatar
      Just reading through the dreams it does seem that water and the bathroom is coming up a lot. This is likely to be linked to healing. I have been wanting to have dreams about water to show that I am healing and this has not happened. If something bad happens that used to happen it is meant to be a sign that it has come to an end or in other words there is a big stage of healing that is completed. That is what various people in the spiritual world have told me through the years.
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    3. Eveningsky's Avatar
      Thanks I'll do my best!

      And hey, that's really cool. I have never considered that before, but it makes a lot of sense. I think that a lot of the old wounds I had from growing up -- especially trusting other people -- are slowly starting to heal. I'm also starting to come to terms with some of the emotional problems I've faced in the past, and trying to figure out ways to get through them.

      That's some really powerful stuff. I hope that you start to have dreams about water as well soon. It takes time to heal from wounds, but at the same time, you absolutely do heal in time.
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