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    More brief things

    by , 10-08-2017 at 05:49 PM (285 Views)
    Dream recall has still been poor lately due to inconsistent sleep patterns. I'll get it down though.

    First dream: A pale, strawberry blonde girl is flying, enveloped in a golden aura of light. Then the aura disappears, and she falls to her knees on the ground. Someone says "She is an angel, but all her light is gone."

    That was rather depressing.

    Second dream: I recall someone giving me a large pile of change, and I was excited because I wouldn't have to deal with trying to find quarters for the laundry machine for a while (because I hardly ever pay for anything in cash, so I don't have a lot of quarters IRL). Then I woke up and realized that I still don't have any quarters.

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