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    Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal


    by , 07-12-2011 at 12:06 AM (453 Views)
    Dragon Hide Crafters

    I found myself walking through the forrest in the land of Aud. It was a thick forrest and quite dark as the trees didnt let a lot of light onto the forrest floor. The trees were very tall and there was a creepy feeling about. I was with my brother and a guy I didnt know, I dont really remember seeing what my brother looked like but the other guy was short and very solid, I believe he was a dwarf.

    Instead of my customary weapons I had a short bow. It was made out of wood and didnt look anything special. I was holding a bamboo arrow ready at my side. The other guy also had a bow, his was even shorter than mine and barely even resembled a bow. It was more like a slightly bent, thick chunck of wood.

    I took the lead over a small creek and up a slight incline. The track got steeper and at the top were some small coins and other junk. Nothing of any real value. We walked off and very shortly came across a dwarf couple. They were very nice and told us if we could bring them some dragon hide that they could cover our weapons or armor with it to make them far stronger. The other guy said this was not a problem getting the dragon hide but something else was a bigger problem than that, I dont remember what it was. We walked off and the dream slowly faded and I woke up.

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