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    Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal


    by , 01-30-2011 at 03:27 AM (460 Views)
    Ski Lodge

    I was at a big party going on in a ski lodge. I saw a girl meg who is an amazing contact staff fire spinner. She was playing with my staff but I was too scared to go talk to her. Later I saw a friend who I hadnt seen in a while an I ran up staight to him. The instantly he was gone, i thought instantly that it wasnt possible for him to just disappear so I must be dreaming. I pinched my nose and could breathe. I tried to turn into Drizzt but I didnt transform. I walked around the lodge and found two girls fighting with long sticks. One girl had two and did an amazing contact staff move. I grabbed a stick out of nowhere and started fighting one girl. I took her down easily, then moved onto the next. I also took her down with little effort. Then the last girl I beat down threw a short stick at me, it hit me right in the eye and hurt. The pain felt so real, my eye got quite swollen. I tried to heal it by placing my hand over my eye and focusing energy to that area but it didnt work. For some reason I had a feeling that the girls must help me to heal it. I asked them and they agreed but didnt seem very helpful. We walked outside and they kinda just sat down and did their own thing talking to each other and stuff. I walked back inside, my eye still swollen. I saw my old flatmate luke and started telling him everything I copuld remember from the lucid so far so that I wouldnt forget anything. Just after I had finished I woke up.

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