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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. 12/07/2011

      by , 07-12-2011 at 12:06 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Dragon Hide Crafters

      I found myself walking through the forrest in the land of Aud. It was a thick forrest and quite dark as the trees didnt let a lot of light onto the forrest floor. The trees were very tall and there was a creepy feeling about. I was with my brother and a guy I didnt know, I dont really remember seeing what my brother looked like but the other guy was short and very solid, I believe he was a dwarf.

      Instead of my customary weapons I had a short bow. It was made out of wood and didnt look anything special. I was holding a bamboo arrow ready at my side. The other guy also had a bow, his was even shorter than mine and barely even resembled a bow. It was more like a slightly bent, thick chunck of wood.

      I took the lead over a small creek and up a slight incline. The track got steeper and at the top were some small coins and other junk. Nothing of any real value. We walked off and very shortly came across a dwarf couple. They were very nice and told us if we could bring them some dragon hide that they could cover our weapons or armor with it to make them far stronger. The other guy said this was not a problem getting the dragon hide but something else was a bigger problem than that, I dont remember what it was. We walked off and the dream slowly faded and I woke up.
    2. 09/09/2010

      by , 09-09-2010 at 06:21 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Brutal Gig

      Me Fraser and Reuben were walking through a parking lot. We saw a guy we met at a party and he said there was a gig on across the parking lot. It was his band playing and they could get us in for free. We walked in the doors and it was chaotic! There was a massive fight going on and there wasnt even a stage for the band. Someone got knocked out and then I started getting punched in the back. I kicked the guy down infront of Reuben and he punched him in the face twice. Blood smashed out of his nose and he was knocked out. It got even more brutal and then I woke up.

      Pool Tournament

      I was at home with dad. He was about to have a pool competition thing. He needed 200 people for his team but I could tell it was going to be dangerous. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to play. I said definatly. The house was filled with pool tables and random people playing everywhere. I went into the kitchen and there was a Nissan Laurel right where the kitchen table usually is. Dad had bought it and fixed the engine. It had an RB25de so I was pretty stoaked.
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    3. 26/08/2010

      by , 08-26-2010 at 12:14 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      New Star Wars Movie!

      I went to the movies by myself. Apparently there was a new star wars movie out. I saw some people I knew behind me and then some of my mates sat down next to me. It was cool, I hadnt seen these guys in WL in a while. We started chatting a bit and then I noticed the movie was about to start. I felt realy tired and the dream started fading. I though I was falling asleep and didnt want to miss the movie but was sooo tired! I think I woke up.


      I had driven to Masterton. I dont remember the drive but im pretty sure I did. I went up the our family farm up in the hills. It was kinda dark and there were guns around. I was being realy sneaky and owning some guys. It got brighter and changed to more of a friendly game of paintball now. There were so many obstacles and small towers and gateways. I saw my tutor at one stage asking a small boy if he was allowed to turn on the music in the house so we could all play with music, that would be cool! The kid said yea but the music never got turned on. He lived in a realy nice house up their but he was the only one home. The game ended and I was telling my brothers how I would drive home.. Then my toe felt a bit funny. I saw something under my toe nail and was able to pull my toe nail up pretty far and scape out a bunch of weird looking dark dirt. I was kinda confused and pulled my toe nail up again and looked in there. There were maggots! It was really gross! There were maggots and what looked like eggs. I tried to squeeze them out and got a few but was sure it wasnt all of them. I asked the boy if his mum had any antiseptic but she didnt. I rang a doctor and told them what happened. They were very calm and asked me how the boy was. I was confused and they just kepy saying oh the poor boy shouldnt have seen your toe like that is he alright? He'll be frightened! I was like wtf do I do with my toe fuck the kid!! Then I woke up
    4. 25/08/2010

      by , 08-25-2010 at 12:24 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Damn fragments about eating lemon chicken and rice. Was very yummy though!
    5. 24/08/2010

      by , 08-24-2010 at 02:25 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)

      I was at my family home in Masterton. My brother had left an i-phone there. I took it with me, he wasnt even at home so I didnt think he would mind. I ended up at my old school, the old principle was there and he was very old. He wanted to say something to everyone so I helped him to the front of the auditorium. He started talking about i-phones. One of the kids in the audience pulled out his i-phone and started showing everyone a movie or something. The principle was impressed and I think he wanted one. The it ended and I was waiting out by the corner where I used to wait to be picked up. It was night time, my mate came over and started talking about some mushrooms on the ground, I told him they wernt the right ones and would make him sick. I started telling him about the new mushroom patch I found at home but was careful not to tell him too much as he would definatly go pick them. I told him how we took too many and lost our minds on them. I then realised it was daytime, I was sure it happened way too quickly so I RC'ed and my pinky finger didnt pop out of my hand! Dammit the first time this RC has every failed me! I ended up having an FA and writing down my dream only to wake up and do it for real haha


      I only remember a fragment. I was Drizzt Do'Urden and thats all I remember. Gutted cos this dream would have been apic as fuck!!!
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    6. 23/08/2010

      by , 08-23-2010 at 12:12 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)

      Me Dad and my brother Hayden were up on our family farm in the hills. When we got up there it was different than normal. There were lots of dodgy guys around, they were like bandits or something. There was a huge group of them in a MASSIVE truck. The truck was huge and could have fit hundreds or people. We got caught by the main guy of the operation and were hostages although we were not tied up or anything. Somehow we got to a part were we ran off up a hill and no one saw us. There was a giant tractor and Hayden hopped in and started driving it. I ran around the side and had a knife, I was running through the trees making sure the guy wouldnt sneak up behind us. I was waiting in a spot and I heard a quad bike. I saw a bit of the bike on a ledge above me and hid behind a rock to wait but the guy never came over. At that point I couldnt move and was lying on the ground. I felt realy wierd and out of it but could still kinda see out of my eyes. I heard Dad and Hayden come up behind me and take the knife from me. I came back to it and the guy didnt show up. Now it was just me and dad and I told him we should walk around the hills to get back home. The guys dont know the farm as well as us so we'll be sweet. We start walking and then end up driving in the ute along a familiar road. Then were walking again but now were in some sort of tunnel. Its wet and dark. I saw a few human skulls and bones, very creepy! Then the only way out is to hold your breath and go through a small tube to get into the next part of the tunnel where you can get out. Im a bit nervouse but have to do it, then I wake up.

      Video Helmet

      I went into a snowboarding and clothing store, they had cool snowboarding stuff their. I noticed this awsome helmet. It had a series of video clips playing in the reflection of the face shield part. The helmet looked awsome! Only thing is im sure you wouldnt be able to see out of it properly but someone said that you cant see it when your looking out, only when you look at it. I want one of those!

      Nice Driving

      I was on the home farm, there was a bunch of family and friends out by the tool shed. Some kinda zombie thing came up from the river. I didnt see it but the guys took care of it. Then we heard there was another one coming. This one was a HUGE fat thing. I was gona drive the ute past it while the guys on the back tried to kill it. I had to drive kinda fast though so the zombie couldnt get the guys on the back of the ute. I dont remember killing the zombie, maby we didnt. I remember being down the road now and Hayden was driving. I did something realy silly and I got him out and started driving myself. I reversed and did a 180 and started driving. The ute was sliding around everywhere and it was realy fuin driving. Then when I tried to stop the brakes didnt work very well! I had to engine brake, use the hand brake and normal brake and still didnt stop very well, it started drifting out but I could control it. It was realy fun but pretty out of it with no brakes!
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    7. 22/08/2010

      by , 08-22-2010 at 02:32 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Wet Pillows

      I was in a suburb just around the corner from my flat. I was staying at a flat there and tI think people were having some quiet drinks and just chilling. It started raining and there were some people sitting under a tree oblivious to the rain. I think I went to sleep and came back out in the morning. The people were gone but they had been using my pillows to sit on in the dirt and they were all wet and dirty!

      Creepy Guy

      I was trying to WILD in the morning. I could hear all the guys who had stayed over last night. I slipped into a dream and one of the guys was hooking up with a topless young asian girl. They saw me and she turned to cover up and her whole back was tattooed and even down her legs with this amazing blue sky. There were clouds and birds, it looked real. I went into the lounge and there was this guy maby a little older than me waching tv and his younger sister who was like 7 or 8. She was sitting down infront of the tv. The guy told her to do something and she did it straight away. The guy was amazed, it was like he just realised he could control her or something. He told her to pick up her doll and do something with it. Then I woke up.
    8. 20/08/10

      by , 08-20-2010 at 04:11 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Spider Thing

      I dont know where I was, I only remember a small bit of this dream as it happened early in the night but there was this creepy huge spider thing. I think I had a dagger. First I cut its head off, then I went away and came back and it was still dangerous so I cut its torso off. Then I came back again to rip the rest of it apart so it couldnt hurt anyone. It was realy evil.

      Not Enough To Go Around

      I was bartending for a friends party. I was pouring beers and wines and it was realy fun around lots of friends. Then I had to make sandwiches for everyone. All the guests were around my bar waiting. Only thi9ng was there was only enough chicken for 2 sandwiches and the rest had to be ham or something. There were lots of people and I knew that lots would want chicken. I started stressing out a bit. I told everyone about the chicken and asked who wanted the chicken ones. At first no one said anything and then everyone started putting their hands in the air. Noooooo!

      Cool Crystals

      I was at a family friends house, someone there had lots of cool big crystals. I noticed one big one that had chunks of all different colours. Each different colour had been outlined and labeled, there must have been atleast 10 different types of crystal in this one piece!

      Creepy Kiss Guy

      I was in some famous persons house. There was what seemed like the famous girl and her stuck up bf. He was wearing a sleevless slayer tshirt (it was a fucking cool shirt) The girl had a young son maby 8-10 years old and the bf was a dick to him and the mom didnt seem to care either. This wierd person came in the house a few times who reminded me a bit of someone from kiss mixed with I dont know scum haha and he would come into the house and hold the kid up by the neck while looking at me. Then he left, he did this a few times. The kid didnt seem to worried and I dont know why I didnt do anything or think anything of it. Very random!

      Shopping With Akhil

      I was in a grocery store with one of my tutors from last year who I still see around the campus all the time. Hes a realy cool guy, we stopped at a huge wall of some type of lollie things. They were realy cheap and tasted amazing! Then I noticed that they had expired in 2007! They did taste damn good though. I got heapsa other yummy food and went to the checkout. I was going to get a dozen beers but instead just got one. Haha pretty random for me! I got to the counter and got ID'd. I dont have my ID on me I told the lady. Then she asked if I know this guy and said a random name. No I have no idea who that is! Then she says sorry I cant sell you the beer.
      Tags: crystals
    9. Giant Transformers

      by , 08-04-2010 at 01:11 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      I was standing ontop of a big hill overlooking a city. I watched as two huge transformers were walking through the city smashing everything in sight. Ash, Chris and a random old lady were there with me. I was telling the guys how the scene was composited well and it looked beleivable. Then all of a sudden we were down by the water and the old lady asked us to hop on her boat. It was a big boat and we all hopped on. The old lady and Chris were saying how cool creed was, I didnt agree with them and they didnt look too happy. The water was extremly rough, the boat was rocking all over the place. All of a sudden the boat rocked up so far and I saw the water smash over the side of the boat. I woke up.

      I remember being in oblivion, I wasnt holding a sword but could see my hand out ready to cast a spell. I realised I must be dreaming but the dream instantly started to destabilize. I remembered what I did last time so I went into autopilot mode and just watched my dream self for a few seconds and the dream became clearer. I must have left it too long and slipped non-lucid. I remember a fragment being back in Oblivion and had a cool staff on enchanting. It was a wooden staff with a little leaf on the top.
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    10. Man on a horse

      by , 08-02-2010 at 09:28 PM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      I have recently started playing The Eldar Scrolls Oblivion again. Very good game!! In my dream I was in the country somewhere doing a mission for an old lady. Her husband came over on a horse with a few other guys. I cant remember what happened but I ended up with a realy cool black horse and an awsome sword.

      I remember another fragment of an Oblivion dream but dont remember what happened.

      I was playing some kind of FPS game. There were different character classes to choose, each person could fire bombs at the other and depending on your clas your bomb had different abilities like lock on or a time delay. The bombs were all a purply colour and it was realy fun.
      Tags: fps, oblivion