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    The Sunless Isles

    by , 07-20-2007 at 07:28 PM (411 Views)


    There is a sandy island or archipelago off the coast of a mainland. The population isn't very large. Life used to be normal there. Now, a few generations later, people don't know about the sun. There is only the sky, which sometimes is very dark with stars, and sometimes is light enough to see. But they don't make a distinction between day and night, there is only "the sky".
    A visitor is surprised at this and finds out that it is actually the mainland people who, in order to punish the islanders for some reason, years ago, modified the orbit of their planet so that the islanders could never see the sun, while the mainlanders could still enjoy a low sun. The visitor put things back right, and the islanders, many of whom where on the beach, facing the mainland (which is too far to be seen), are amazed at the appearance of this light ball and the heat that is emitted from it. I am one of them, and I take off my jumper (but keep my yellow tee-shirt) to go swim in the sea.

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