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    The Other Side : Part 5 - Last fight with that dark guy

    by , 04-03-2015 at 02:47 PM (683 Views)
    Sorry for the delay
    So here is my last dream from my golden age of semi lucidity.
    I'm at the usual place, parking lot, supermarket. Things going all right. I just got almost lucid.
    Now I practice with the elements, I have a bit hard time with my abilities ,telekinesis is quite buggy today.
    I was thinking of strategic attacks , then I got an idea of a finishing move that also eliminates all enemy around me ,and maybe it even kills me. Tepes's Aegis - Named from Vlad The Impaler .
    Stakes falling from the sky, impaling everyone in a kilometer radius . It seemed to be a very nice idea , just in case of fighting.
    I kept walking around when I suddenly felt that something's coming . I started to walk out of the parking lot into the bus stop hoping that the thing didnt see me.
    At a point I saw him walking towards me , I tried to hide and I succeded , but then I took a bad step.
    Now he sees me , even he made an eye contact . He stops .
    Then he unleashed his anger towards me , I was able to sense it in the air, it was blazing like hellfire.
    He sent a message through telepathy and it sounded something like this.
    I was in some samurai costume , it was in a very bad state but whatever , and all I was able to summon is a rusty sword.
    The guy starts to morph into a goddamn Human-Bull beast which had horns and stuff.
    This thing was a muscly crap and scary , it gave out horrible sounds , But I knew I got to fight it. Though I almost shat my pants .
    Then in this moment I remembered the new technique I raised my hands and said" Țepeș's ęgis!"
    And the sky got darker, and so we began to fight . in the beginning All I was able to do is dodge ,dodge and dodge and hope that motherf***r won't bite me .
    Soonly I was unable to see anything because the stake rain arrived, I raised my hands and made a protecting field that brokes these stakes before hitting me , even though , I got hit by one of those on my hands and had a few scars but then it stabilised.
    But the bull beast wasn't even hurt, it was just going through it , throwing some cars into the air from anger.
    Then I saw that the steaks are made of glass , its of course unnefective on this beastie f***.
    I tried to slice him few times, but he hit me back, I almost died , and also flew 20 meters.
    Now I stopped for a moment and think , before the bull ambushed me I said "LET IT BE MADE FROM IRON"
    . IT WORKED! The bull got injured , and so I got ready to attack.
    Then It got even more mad. And so it started to run towards me crushing everything on its way.
    With a last running I raised my sword for a last blow, and then for my luck . The bull got hit again.
    The time slowed down , full adneraline , I swing with my sword ,I sliced into its neck and head .
    I did it , and then time goes back to normal. the bull falls over . That was an epic moment.
    I breath heavily , I got exhausted by the battle, I slice a few into the bulls body, then it disappears.
    - I did it , omg.

    A helicopter comes
    Guy screams , "get up there , WE got to go!"
    I get up there , we fly away
    -Where are we go?
    -I'll tell you later.

    The dream ended
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Cool dream! You had some nice tricks up your sleeve. : D
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