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    Life in an apartment

    by , 08-18-2016 at 08:16 PM (462 Views)
    Iím in an apartment complex resembling a retirement home. There was other businessís within the building though like a real estate agency and other various offices. I couldnít seem to find my grandparents apartment. Eventually I found my wife and she showed me the way to get to their apartment. At some point I left and a family friend Jenny showed me the way to the apartment. After sitting in the apartment for a while I had to move our two vehicles and park them in the garage. I parked the white focus but do not recall where as I was then next to the Orange escape and began to park that. I drove down a road bobbing in and out of my lane as it was blocked by parked cars. I drove the SUV into the complex and was driving down the hallways and found my way to some double doors and at this point I was no longer driving but looking for a spot I could pull the car through and get it back outside.

    I saw some videos in an apartment with my aunt and didnít recognize the footage as it was me when I was younger in Meijer store. I was with a chef and we were cutting up watermelons. The dream shifted and I was in the store and there was a bunch of kids checking out buying the watermelon. One said Excellent, another was Instant Cash, another said well done. I began shopping with an older individual who seemed familiar but I do not know who they were. They began looking for furniture and sweater vests. The furniture was wrapped up like a tent at a store.

    Iím on a couch inside a random apartment again. Iím sitting on the couch cuddling with 2 individuals like they are trying to sleep on my shoulders as I nuzzled my head up against one of them and just enjoyed the moment. One I seemed to recognize as a girl named Jess the other I am unaware of who it was but they appear to be male.

    I am at a county fair with a rollercoaster that spins around in a circle blasting music. The people running the ride seemed to not realize how long they had the ride going and just stopped the ride. A lot of kids got out and sat on the ground and looked like they were about to puke. I kept moving and the scene shifted and I was not at a soccer game. I am walking near the stands and notice some people I know. I noticed a German exchange student Anna was there. I accidently bumped into a kid and almost broke his sunglasses.

    Iím now playing a game but I am in the game. It resembles a driving game that we made our own carts and had to drive around. Another individual and I made Dildo looking carts that were standing straight up. It was a horrible idea as when we hit some ramps the cart would bend and wobble throwing the balance all off. One individual almost made it to the end but got stuck and couldnít finish the game.

    Iím inside an apartment or house and a party appeared to have just ended. I was going around trying to pick up various toys that were mine and on the ground. I picked them up and put them into a box. I was upset at myself for leaving them out for people to use because somebody could have easily broken them.

    Iím at a farm and I save a baby deer and put it into a pen. Then I found a donkey and we put it in a pen. We came across another donkey slightly smaller than the last. Put it in the same pen but they didnít get along and started kicking each other. So we moved the smaller one to a barn that had windows but nothing in the window. There was also a random cow in the barn and the two seemed to get along fine.

    I am looking up at the night sky and I see 5 moons. 1 is the real moon and its a lot bigger than the others the small ones were about 1/4th the size. The 4 small moons blow up and look like a firework as jets of red streaks fill the sky as they go flying by like they were an asteroid exploding in the atmosphere and burning up.

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