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    Random dream fragments

    by , 11-05-2014 at 03:49 PM (680 Views)
    I am in a school setting, I am in a class and the bell is ringing to get out but then i realize im suppose to be in this classroom for seminar which is next. I hang out in the classroom and then ask the teacher if im suppose to go to lunch now or if he has a late lunch which would be after this class.

    I am in a car with one other person but neither of us are driving yet we are moving. I dont seem to have any clothing on and this girl is interested in my junk. She begins to beat me off and gets all excited the harder/bigger i get. She tells me she is so excited and wants her wife to come see.

    Im in a house and for some reason im still naked....but i have some of my clothing tucked under my arm this time. There is several girls watching me checking out my goods while i try and go into the corner and quickly put on some shorts and a shirt.

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    1. WTGDMan1986's Avatar
      This happens to me a lot, too - since July 18, 2008 (I don't know WHY I remember that date) - that was the first time I had a major school/teacher dream in years.

      Apparently, I have dreams of a school setting at times, but not as wild as this. Mine are colorful or feel like a scene from a teen movie.

      Speaking of a school setting, I remember one I had in the summer of 2008 involving me talking to staff of schools in California where they're also college professors. One in a dream (a male) even said to me when I went to talk to him that he also taught at Los Angeles High--despite the fact I have NEVER met a high school teacher that's also a college professor.
    2. GenFalcon's Avatar
      Interesting. I'm pretty sure i have my school dreams because I am still in college and take online class's thus bleeding into my dreams that i am in a classroom. I have become many times now from having these classroom dreams though because I dont ever actually go to a classroom for class.