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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Dreams of the night

      by , 02-16-2014 at 03:49 PM
      Dream 1#
      Not Lucid

      I was in a retirment home and was watching over this ladies room for some reason. I went looking around and all these old people were staring at me strangly and asking me what are you doing here. I told them Im looking after my friends place. Finnaly I got annoyed from all the questions and I went into the room and was by myself for a little bit. But different people i knew began to come over and show up at this place and so I would invite them in and we began to play different kinds of games. Several people were playing uno and other card games while I was playing beer pong but with a weird twist. For some reason we had no cups and instead of the the cups we were using chips and cookies that we put frosting onto and if the ball stuck we had to eat the item. I then left the room and went back outside and it had changed.

      Dream 2#
      Not lucid

      I left the previous room and found myself in a police station instead of the retirement home there were cops and detectives walking around and drinking coffee. I walked over to a few and just kind of blended in with the crowd. Then a man came over and asked what I was doing and where I had been. He said we had some work we had to do and that we best get going. I looked at him confused and felt that for some reason he knew me and that I was his partner or something. We went out and watched some people and eventually came back to work. We were by our desks and I was looking everywhere for my bowl for lunch. I asked my partner and he began to yell at me for always forgetting stuff. I tried to explain to him that I was sorry but I know I put my bowl in this drawer and it was not there. He just kept yelling and yelling so i walked around the office and looked for my bowl. Eventually I was looking inside his desk and I found my bowl wrapped in a brown paper bag. I said see I told you I didn't lose it you took it from me. He then smirked and said well I sure did but you didn't even realize i took it from you until now. I was pretty upset at this point and left. I went outside and was hanging out on my parents old porch but the only difference was that there was a main road running directly next to my parents house and part of it turned into their driveway. I went out into the snowy street and kicked around some snow but as I was doing that My partner came back and started yelling at me about how I was not doing a good job. That I lost my bowl again and that I am a horrible dective. I tried to ignore him but he came up and got into my face and pushed us into the street. I fell down and dropped a bag of cheesecakes and a group of bikers came by and rode over it and then I noticed the brown paper bag with my bowl in it. it was in the middle of the street as well. I went to grab it but the partner kept kicking me and pushing me into the slush in the road. I got completely dirty covered in this brown slush and pushed my partner away and grabbed my bowl. I walked back to the porch enraged. I was so pissed off at this partner of mine and how much of a douche he was. As I got back to the porch my captain came over and motioned towards a snow pile. During our fight some little kids crashed their toy cars (that red bottom and yellow roof car that they stick their feet through the bottom in) The kids were dead one of which was hanging outside of the car and the other still in it. We then went into the garage and saw another kid was murdered but that we didn't know how. So we decided to cover it up to save us from the paper work and make it look like an accident. that his toy car released to many gas fumes and caused him to die of lack of oxygen. My captain called me over to the middle of the street i was at and asked why I was not doing a good job as a detective lately. I looked at him and then looked at my partner and he understood what was going on. We used some knifes and began to remove some rubber tiles from the ground in a rectangular pattern. My captain began talking to me about how we have not been able to get many people onto this case for awhile as each person was some how linked to it. That we had an old lab geek that had to be put away in a mental home because of his involvement and how my partner was believed to be the killer behind it all. The scene slowly faded away as I woke up in real life.

      Dream #3
      Not lucid

      I was now in a school I seemed to know the layouts of the building well. I was walking around the building looking for my friends. As I was doing that I saw these strange creatures and began to talk to them. They wanted to go on a mission to find some kind of ancient artifact and wanted to know if i would help them or not. I decided i would and i gave them some money to help them on the way. I gave them 1000 gold and they took off into this hole in the ground. I thought to myself about how nice they were and wished them the best of luck. I went around and opened a locker and looked at my classes for the day I was lucky it was only two of them today. I went around and looked for my class but I couldn't seem to find the right teacher or the right room. I saw my best friend leaving from a class and i asked him if he knew where it was and he told me he did and pointed it out to me. I thanked him and as i was getting to walk away this hole appeared beneath me and this evil man grabbed my leg. I asked him to let me go as i tried to pull my leg away but he wouldn't A pop up menu came up in my vision and I clicked to manipulate him for 100 gold As i clicked this the men I helped earlier came over and began to rant about how much they hated this guy and how he was going to suffer for not helping them on their quest he let go of my leg and they pulled him into the hole in the ground. I turned around and this Giant tree elf lady was floating in front of me. I looked at her woody body and asked her can you please give me a blowjob? She looked at me and smiled and went down to her knees and began to suck me off. It felt so good I was looking around to make sure nobody was coming. She just kept going at it and then I noticed a teacher walking past and she looked at us and said I hope that it was sex ed related and I smiled and said yes yes it is that's the class we have right now and I pointed to the sign next to me that said sex ed Room 101. The elf creature got scared and started to stop but i pulled her back and began to thrust in motion with her. she got freaked out still and got up and ran towards the bathroom. I followed her in and saw several people i knew I went in after holding the door for a few and went in to use the toilet. I looked around and saw lots of guys and girls going and using the different types of toilets and several of them were overflowing for some reason or coming very close to it. Several girls walked over to me and asked what this one girls problem was and that she must of never seen a lesbian before because she wasn't liking the way they looked. I made my way outside eventually and found some people i knew and began to chat with them. But as i was I woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable