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    G/T and Stuff

    by , 04-05-2016 at 11:34 PM (325 Views)
    Writing this hours after I woke up so I don't remember much.. But I had a G/T dream tonight, which is very very nice, and I've had one or two other G/T dreams recently too, so that's A+..

    There's this society of tinies that are in need of help, so I relocate them to this old rundown house that's been halfway reclaimed by nature already. The structure would provide them protection while the state of it would allow them to cultivate it as they see fit.. I stay for a little while and then leave.. I think there was 1-3 other people with me as well. Later, I come back, and a lot of time has passed. They're all happy to see me but maybe a little apprehensive about it, as I said I wouldn't be coming back. I don't remember what I was there for, but a tiny says to me that he's been struggling to grow enough food to feed his family, and he needs my help. I go into one of the rooms they don't use, which used to be a teenage boy's. There's a wide crack in the floor, and i dig through it until I find a couple handfuls of peanuts. Last time me and the people I was with were here, we knew there were peanuts around (we saw them on the "map" on the top right of our vision - which the dream had taken right from WoW) but we couldn't find them. I was very happy to give them to the guy. I knew that every peanut could be planted and would grow a plentiful peanut tree. A couple handfuls would be way more than enough for them at that size.

    There was some other thing about a ride that was somehow the "equivalent" of Splash Mountain from Disney World. I think there was something to do with cats on it? It was significantly less scary for me, for one thing. Splash Mountain freaks me out IRL. There was a part that was equivalent to the end of splash mountain where you go down the hill and splash into the water, except we were actually underwater for a bit. This was kinda scary to me.

    There were times during this dream (these times happen fairly regularly now) where I wasn't aware that it was a dream, but I was aware that I had some control over it, and that my expectation of reality affected reality itself. I used this knowledge to try and find a tiny out where it was more dangerous for them, at the bottom of the stairs (which were now the stairs at my house), and I was going to ask them what they were doing there, just because that would be a fun plot point or whatever. I struggled in making them appear, and I'm not sure that I actually succeeded. I think I must have to some extent, because I remember being surprised to see two children with the mother tiny, when I had just been trying to summon a single adult tiny.

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