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    1. Food, abandoned places, and fighting creatures

      by , 04-16-2016 at 03:44 PM
      Something about a giant baked white cheddar cheeto puff being eaten like corn on the cob?

      I'm camping (or something) with my friend on this flat bit of rock. She's sleeping but I'm still awake. Someone comes over and says something that makes me.. panic? get excited? I was riled up, at least. I don't remember what I do, but I accidentally overturn lots of flat rocks and hunks of dirt, which reveal big, scary-looking insect colonies. My friend wakes up and is annoyed with me, because now we'll have to camp somewhere else before the insects come up onto the rock she was sleeping on.

      At some other point, I'm in the woods near some abandoned buildings with my friend and some of her friends. I'm running around and around, and I stop to tell my friend that "this is basically like when the cat runs around and meows for no reason" (or something like that), but I only got to "this is basically like" and she goes "yeah" (or something like that), as if what I had said was a complete sentence on its own. I get angry and stressed and tell her that she interrupted me, but now I'm too annoyed with her to tell of the rest of my sentence right now. Later, when I'm ready to tell her, I can't find her.

      I had some memory of those abandoned buildings. I don't know if I had been there earlier in the dream or in a previous dream, or if the memories had just been manufactured. There was a long walkway that was crooked, rusting, and rotting. It looked very cool to me, but I didn't go on it since it seemed structurally unsound. There was also an old barn with a large loft. I looked into the glassless window and saw a minivan or an SUV backing up in the loft, and at first I was very confused, and then I remembered that on the other side, the ground floor is still used for stuff.

      Ok I don't have the energy to write things in much detail, ok:

      Eating a bunch of stuff with my friend, sulu appeared on a couch behind us along with some other guy (my dad maybe?), we were eating live "snails" by doing something to them (probably cracking their shell, but I can't quite remember), and then getting an egg from them. We'd cup the uncooked egg in our hands, put our lips to the yolk, and just slurp the whole thing up. I got two out of one snail, but they were both gross and weird. It was a low (black?) table, low enough that you were supposed to sit on the floor.

      I'm looking for my friend by some indoor school bleachers (the bleachers are like ones I see indoors, but iirc, we were still outside). I think I see her halfway up playing pattycake with someone that I met that day, but when I go up there, I see that it's someone else. My friend has blonde hair and this someone else is brunette, so I'm confused about how I made this mistake in the first place. I comment on that to her, and she makes a sort of nonchalant "I dunno" noise, then walks off.

      At another point I'm in a cave trying to capture a difficult-to-capture battle pet (from WoW) with my friend. My parents come and keep asking me about it and somehow I look back in time and see the history of the place. There is stuff about certain types of pets being more powerful about other certain types of pets, I learn things, there's an asian bowl thing, bla bla bla whatever.

      At some other point Wander and Sylvia (from Wander over Yonder) have just had some time or adventure or whatever, but when they get back to where they had decided to settle down for the day and drop off their stuff, they were MORE excited for the food they were going to eat. I think I might have been one of them. If so, probably Wander.

      I'm sitting at a table with a person that I don't remember what I'm doing with, and another person who is showing me the basics of how to handle a gun. It's a futuristic/alien-looking assault rifle. She says something like, "always keep it pointed straight down or straight up," (unless your firing at something is what she meant) "and always shoot a little to the right." (Since apparently drifting to the left when trying to shoot a gun was something everyone did) I say something like, "okay, but why are you teaching me the basics of handling a rifle?" And she says, seriously, "because you're going to need one." (or something like that). Then I'm thrown into this scenario where a bunch of people and I are in this stone courtyard with brick walls and looping barbed wire on top. I'm told(?) that some sort of monster/alien is coming in groups. I have no idea what it's going to look like. Someone shouts "there! up there!" or something like that, and I look and see a young man crouching on the top of the wall with a look of ill intent. I'm surprised to see that the creatures look so human.

      He jumps down and attacks with inhuman abilities that I can't remember, and people are yelling and firing at him, and he's tough, so it takes a surprising amount of time for him to go down, given they're shooting him. This goes on as people call out where they've spotted the creatures, then they attack and we fire at them. We seem to be becoming overrun, though. There are just too many of them, and they're so powerful. Also, they keep shouting ominous things - especially to me, since they can see that I'm new - about how the people I'm with have tricked me; That I've got it backwards and they're the real good guys. I consider what they're saying, but don't think too hard on it for now. As the battle seems more and more lost for us, my view cuts to a supernaturally large, blue/white, ethereal-looking woman (rather like a cursed highborn from WoW or that kind of thing, really). I know that she's the leader of the group, and very powerful, with certain powers. She sees that the battle is doomed to us, so she does the only thing that she can. She raises a dagger and plunges it into her heart. This kills her, but it makes some sort of powerful thing happen that eliminates the attacking creatures.

      Later, I'm in a sort of tiny town populated by these people out to defend themselves against the creatures. I think more about what they said to me during the battle, and I'm suspicious of them, but I just don't know how to really find out. Are the creatures the actual humans (albeit changed or with powers or whatever), and they're trying to eliminate this group in a proactive defense? Or possibly trying to save the people of this group from themselves/make them "see the light" or whatever? I don't know how I can tell. Afterwards, the new head of the group (a regular guy) shows me this white shelf-like thing he has on the outskirts of town under this arch. On it are a number of different small animals that look very agitated. He tells me that they're in the beginning stages of turning into whatever it is that the things we're fighting are, because it's really some sort of disease that can infect anyone/anything, even animals. He has them there to study the beginning stages of the disease. I object to this, but he says he's the leader, and he wants them, so he can have them.

      Something about floating near this shelf in the ceiling and these cloth/plushie japanese food (I can't remember what it was other than it was that) are in the shelf, and somebody below me are saying they're his and he left them there, so I toss them down to him. It takes multiple tosses since a lot of it is just single-piece felt. They fall messily but I decide not to care because he was the one that accidentally left all these little pieces up here in the first place
    2. Stressful Night

      by , 04-07-2016 at 07:17 PM
      I couldn't get myself to focus after waking up this morning and I think I ended up forgetting more than I remembered..

      I'm looking through some of my Mom's old stuff from her teenage years in the small closet in the back room of the house. There are many CD's and even some vinyl records. There's a CD of something very exciting and old that I can't remember. There's an original record of classic late-20's swing by Buster Keaton (who was an actor irl, not a musician) whom I loved. I also love swing, so I was super excited to find this. I think there was one other interesting thing I found in there, but I can't remember.

      Later, I'm trying to get ready to leave at the house - packing, brushing my teeth, etc. It's important that I do - iirc, my family and I are evacuating to somewhere safer, although I don't remember what we're running from. My brother was following me around the house, "messing around" in his terms but being very threatening and stress-inducing in mine. He kept physically making it very hard or impossible for me to get ready. When I finally made it out and regrouped with my parents, I told my mom what had happened. My brother tried to defend himself, saying I was too sensitive/overreacting and that he was just messing around. I told him seriously and truthfully that I was going to take self-defense lessons because of him. He got the point and was quiet and subdued for the rest of the dream that included him. There was something about finding a buried tank and that's apparently where we were going to hide from whatever was happening that was so dangerous. However, there was pretty much just enough room for all of us to squeeze down in there and wait for rescue. It looked unbelievably cramped and just thinking about going in there for who-knows-how-long stressed me out.

      In a different dream(?) I'm walking sideways along a slope in deep snow, looking for someone. I reach a dead-end, and double back, where I meet my friend C and someone else whom I can't remember (I'm not sure I knew them in real life) (it might have been C's friend M, though). I think I see a place where the person I'm looking for might hide, in a thick tree, but M demonstrates that they already looked there, and that while it looked like a good hiding place, she showed that it was actually a bad one, and she was easily spotted. I wanted to go and look the way they had just been, but C told me no one was down there. I thought that the person we were looking for had to be on this "map", and it wasn't my way, so I was going to check her way anyway. I walked in that direction until the snow suddenly ended at the left side of my old elementary school. It was pleasantly warm there, like it was suddenly summer in that area. There on the pavement was the person we were looking for, along with some other people I can't remember. I found it curious that my friends didn't walk to the end of their side of the map before concluding that he wasn't on that side, as obviously if they'd just walked a little farther, they would have found him. At some point I was following footprints in the snow, but I can't remember when, or if it led me there.

      In a different dream(?) I'm in a meeting of middle-aged to older men, and I'm Matt Murdock from Netflix's Daredevil. The meeting is just in an old room of somebody's house, with a long table with chairs squeezed in. The room has paneled wood walls and looks like it's out of the 70's. The meeting is over or I have to leave early - I can't remember which. I walk over to one end of the room to put on my shoes to leave. Beside me is a man in a suit sitting in an adult-sized Wild Thing, a purple spinning electric chair thing my brother and I had as kids. In the dream I could still see. Everyone in the room disliked me and thought I was a laughing stock. They (in mock friendly voices) told me I'd tied my shoes wrong and directed me how to fix them, in a way that tied the laces together. I pretended I was unaware, thanked them, and then said I'd go out to the driveway now and wait for someone to drive me home. I walked carefully so that my shoes didn't trip me up, all the while pretending that nothing was out of the ordinary. I got a little satisfaction out of thwarting their sabotage. On the driveway, the blonde woman from Daredevil (I don't remember her name) came and said she would drive me home. For a moment I felt bad making people drive me places when I could actually drive myself, but then I remembered that although I could see, I was still blind.
    3. G/T and Stuff

      by , 04-05-2016 at 11:34 PM
      Writing this hours after I woke up so I don't remember much.. But I had a G/T dream tonight, which is very very nice, and I've had one or two other G/T dreams recently too, so that's A+..

      There's this society of tinies that are in need of help, so I relocate them to this old rundown house that's been halfway reclaimed by nature already. The structure would provide them protection while the state of it would allow them to cultivate it as they see fit.. I stay for a little while and then leave.. I think there was 1-3 other people with me as well. Later, I come back, and a lot of time has passed. They're all happy to see me but maybe a little apprehensive about it, as I said I wouldn't be coming back. I don't remember what I was there for, but a tiny says to me that he's been struggling to grow enough food to feed his family, and he needs my help. I go into one of the rooms they don't use, which used to be a teenage boy's. There's a wide crack in the floor, and i dig through it until I find a couple handfuls of peanuts. Last time me and the people I was with were here, we knew there were peanuts around (we saw them on the "map" on the top right of our vision - which the dream had taken right from WoW) but we couldn't find them. I was very happy to give them to the guy. I knew that every peanut could be planted and would grow a plentiful peanut tree. A couple handfuls would be way more than enough for them at that size.

      There was some other thing about a ride that was somehow the "equivalent" of Splash Mountain from Disney World. I think there was something to do with cats on it? It was significantly less scary for me, for one thing. Splash Mountain freaks me out IRL. There was a part that was equivalent to the end of splash mountain where you go down the hill and splash into the water, except we were actually underwater for a bit. This was kinda scary to me.

      There were times during this dream (these times happen fairly regularly now) where I wasn't aware that it was a dream, but I was aware that I had some control over it, and that my expectation of reality affected reality itself. I used this knowledge to try and find a tiny out where it was more dangerous for them, at the bottom of the stairs (which were now the stairs at my house), and I was going to ask them what they were doing there, just because that would be a fun plot point or whatever. I struggled in making them appear, and I'm not sure that I actually succeeded. I think I must have to some extent, because I remember being surprised to see two children with the mother tiny, when I had just been trying to summon a single adult tiny.
    4. Short Stuff

      by , 01-02-2016 at 07:35 PM
      BUSY day today. Hopefully I can come back to this later and elaborate, but for right now, the key points:

      I'm rick, some powerful alien babies were orphaned so I take care of them

      My mom takes my snake out of his enclosure and puts him in an "enclosure" which is basically just a small dresser. It's terrible. Snake is a baby again. I go on a quest to put the snake in the right enclosure again.

      The police keep coming and I have to stop and put my hands up. I always seem to be doing something innocent but suspicious when it happens.
    5. Short but Kinda Interesting

      by , 01-01-2016 at 06:56 PM
      I of course stayed up late, but I had to get up early, so I don't remember much. :I

      There's a giant talking bear standing in front of me, and behind it is a tall ledge. I need to get onto that ledge, but I'm not nearly tall enough, and I can't climb its soft dirt surface. The bear says that he can make a bridge, but only by exploiting a glitch. I don't remember exactly what he does, but he makes some movement, and then his body twists into a horrible position (in a way that looks much like a video game glitch) that gives me a clear path to the ledge, and I take it.

      At some other point, I'm using a public restroom, and i see written on the inside of the stall door (or maybe it was the floor) that someone else had been here and used this toilet to dip their signature pee-dipped ice cream cones. For some reason that makes me worry that this stall is really unsanitary, or that I'm gonna accidentally touch someone else's pee.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Not Much

      by , 12-31-2015 at 04:09 AM
      I didn't get time to write anything down until now, like, 13 hours since I woke up, so I hardly remember anything.

      I remember that I finally got my snake to eat with a smaller-than-usual rat, which made me feel happy and relieved (my ball python hasn't been eating lately - that's normal for them though).

      I remember I was in some sort of transit station type thing - kind of a crossroads for people from all over - in space, and Han Solo was there (or I was Han Solo?) and he was talking about how he really needed money (implying to pay off Jabba the Hut) but the only job (like, gig type job, not like, a regular 5-9 job) he could find was some dentistry thing far north of the station. He said he really didn't want to do it, but he would since he needed the money.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Flying/Floating is the Constant

      by , 12-28-2015 at 06:46 PM
      I'm in an Adam Sandler movie (the horror!) about this screw-up guy who has only been able to get much money from various crime, who suddenly must take care of a number of children. I think I'm one of the children? But I'm aware that I'm smarter/more mature than the other "actual" children. I kind of secretly help take care of them the whole time, since Adam Sandler is doing such a terrible job. Near the end, he learns that being moral in his pursuits and taking care of the kids for real is what he really cares about, etc, but it's too late and his actions have caused most of the kids to be taken away from him. At my house, in my basement, with the help of Fred and George from Harry Potter (who are, in this universe, apparently both technological/programming wiz kids), I am able to get in contact with/get back a couple of the kids, though one of them is a cat (were they always a cat? I don't remember). I go out and get adam sandler just as he is about to leave in a car with some other people, and I tell him that he wouldn't believe me if I told him what was at the house, but he needed to follow me (he did, and was happy when he saw the kids).

      In another dream, I'm in a house that sort of resembles the house I stayed in during PHP. I'm a ghost, and there's a lady there that can see me, but she's being a jerk to me, too. I keep trying to communicate with her, but she's not being patient enough with me. So I decide to have a little payback. There are a number of people in the house, and only one other person can see me - she's nice to me, and she's kept me a secret (not even the jerk lady knows she can see me). I fly around rattling doors, moving things, and being a general annoyance in a way that the events get blamed on the jerk lady. At one point I'm sitting (floating on top of?) the counter with a person who can't see me in front of me and the jerk lady to my right. I look smug as, while the jerk lady is trying to discretely glare at me, the person who can't see me talks to the jerk lady about moving their things, occasionally making oblivious gestures that send her hands right through me. At the end of that dream, I eat one of these fruity/custardy cup things that I can for some reason eat, and then I fly to another floor. Then I decide that I want one more, so I go down to grab another one, and get scared for a moment when I realize I've been caugh t- someone is looking at me with the tart in my hand - whether they can see me or not, it's bad news. But then I realize that it's the nice person who can see me, and we smile at each other, and then I fly off to another floor again, popping the tart in my mouth.

      In another dream, I don't remember much, but I can fly, and I have my phone with me. I try to chase the deer while flying so I can get video of them, but flying ends up being pretty difficult and confusing when I get going very fast at all. Some of the deer have strange markings, and I get excited about it, until I realize that the reason they look different is because they aren't deer at all - they're dogs. One was a border collie and one was a german shepherd. I decide to abandon trying to take pictures/video while flying, as flying is just too hard/hectic/scary, and trying to take video/pictures during flight is both pointless and exacerbating of the previously mentioned adjectives. I end up finding some elk in a field, which I'm very excited about, since I don't usually see elk (irl, they don't live anywhere near my area). I decide to float slowly closer so I can get some video/pictures of them. I think maybe to sit at the top of a tree, but I can't get a good handle/branch, and it's hard to keep that altitude up for long, so I float down and find some clothing racks to sit on top of. I take a few pictures, but an elk comes up behind me and starts chewing on my pants or something like that. It scares me, and after a bit of fumbling, I fly out of range. Apparently there was a forest guardian type woman off to my right who encouraged the elk to do so, since I was apparently bothering them. I felt a little embarrassed about that, but also a little indignant, since I was only taking pictures, and if I really was doing harm, then she should have just asked me to leave first before scaring me.

      There was another dream where there were two bunkbeds in a room, and I had just been assigned that room. I went up there to put my stuff away, and as I was listening to music as I did so. I thought the room was empty. I danced very enthusiastically, then turned around and saw that every bed besides mine had somebody in it, and at least one of them had seen me. One of them was giggling at me. I nervously said something about how I just dance sometimes, but I couldn't really hear myself because of the music. A little later, I tried to stop the music. I took out my headphones, and I messed with my phone that they were plugged into, but nothing could make the loud music stop. It was really stressing me out.
    8. A Little Bit of Undertale (Nap)

      by , 12-28-2015 at 01:59 AM
      I walked up to my front door. The "inside" door was open and the "outside" glass door was closed, so I could see inside. I was only like half as tall as I was in real life - apparently I was Frisk from Undertale. In the doorway I see Papyrus- but then I see that Papyrus has Sans's head. And I'm like, huh? Is that papyrus or Sans? And then I notice the strange way his top half and bottom half don't quite go together, and I see the blood seeping from his middle, and I realize that I had put Sans' torso and Papyrus' and vice versa, so now sans was tall and papyrus was short. Even though I did this gruesome thing, I was still basically a post-ending mercy-run Frisk. I had just come home from school and pap and sans were there to great me like proud parents. It was like taking them apart and putting them back together were, just, like, inconsequential but slightly annoying things that mischievous kids did.

      Also later I'm me and my parents are home instead of papyrus and sans. Some homeless people come to the window and ask for food/shelter since it's christmas, but Dad says not to let them in.

      Something at some point about running away from invading people or barricading from them or something. Something about white and then blue attacks as I'm lying on this flat couch thing in front of the window and people come up to the window. I dunno.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Key Points - Undertale Influences

      by , 12-27-2015 at 05:43 PM
      Don't really have the energy today.

      Lots of snow, old lady monster, if school was out, many monsters would play, me and them wish we could see the young child participate in that. Go to family's house, "can you fly??" "Nope!" Pass my house, there's a computer on the window ledge, partway frozen with a big cartoony caterpillar on it. I've been frustrated by that for a while. Rodents in my walls, too. I don't even know what he's doing on that red(?) computer.

      Boss fight, integral item with extremely long name that I tucked in the recliner, toriel helped. Frog fight, # of hearts, some symbols replenish them. I've been terrible at dodging attacks so I need them.

      All the kings were big and had loud, deep voices. Yep, we're next in line/part of the king's family. We just got the nerd gene, see? (shows piece of paper that had been folded up)
      Spoiler for Vague Sexual References:
    10. Many Snapshots of Different Dreams

      by , 12-26-2015 at 07:12 PM
      Alright, I'm really itchin' to go so I won't write much.

      I created (or found?) this new species of animal that was similar to a rhino. I got to sort of make up the taxonomy for it/what phylum/class/order/etc I wanted it to go in (even if it didn't quite fit for a rhino-like creature). Once I decided, it sort of changed a bit to fit the taxonomy I decided on.

      There was a rabbit-like creature that had "shadow" powers that basically enabled it to double-jump. It could also spray like a skunk. It was trying to get away from these barbaric carnivores, and there was a timer in the bottom middle of my vision, like a video game. When the timer ran out, the carnivores were no longer allowed to pursue the rabbit, so it just had to evade them for that long. (Like, two or three minutes I think.) However, when the timer had about 5 seconds left, the rabbit got cocky, and the carnivores caught it with one second left on the clock. He panicked, then.

      A person I was at TK with (can't say names, but for my own reference: she was transferred to our lodge because of a "physical altercation" and she wore a grey sweatshirt with her hair in a bun) was in my dream at some point, and she used this "outdated" device that was about, uh, like, 2/3 the size of a brick. It was white, and it was some sort of communication/sensing device, but I don't really remember what it did now. She was in the same dream as a person who I think may have also been from TK (loud voice one who likes red velvet cake and hockey?) who wanted me to back them up as they went into this criminal place where they worked in case their colleagues decided to jump them. She would walk onto this glowing colored square and disappear (apparently to her workplace), and I was to follow if she didn't come out after a little bit.

      Another time I find myself in this bathroom which is apparently a navy bathroom or something, at, like, a navy base or something, and it's freaking me out. Everything's wet, there's a whole bunch of growth on the floor lining the bath and lining a lot of other things. There's an extremely sticky reddish substance (kinda like old tree sap now that I look back on it, but even more of it comes off on you) at the base of the neck of the sink. When I look in the mirror, I see that I have a horrific wound on the right side of my forehead, though I can't feel it. It's as if the skin was ripped off roughly. It's old now, but still exposed. I don't touch it half out of disgust/horror and half just in case it might make it hurt. There are unbelievably large zits (maybe more like white boils?) on my forehead to the left of the wound. I guess they were about the size of, uh, like, an entire eraser from a pencil? Like when you pull it out? Maybe a bit bigger. Anyway- and lining my left jaw was some sort of greenish growth- like barnacles or mold, like an extremely infected wound. My hair was long, unkempt, and greasy/wet. I had to push it out of the way to look at the growth on my jaw and the wound on my forehead. I popped my zits at some point.

      I was eventually let out of the bathroom to a spartan (in decoration, not time period), grey room that was apparently part of this navy base. It wasn't so disgusting, and it was a little less dim than the bathroom. I'm apparently let out by Matt Young, an improv guy who's a part of some podcasts I listen to. There with him is the rest of the people who form Improvised Star trek, all in their Star Trek outfits. They're apparently improvising a scene, so I begin to improv with them, and I think I may have even thought that my wounds and stuff were "just improv".

      At some point I'm in this green yard in the daytime. Like, we're outside my house, but the yard is much bigger and flatter. Me and some other people are under this white, open, tent/tarp or whatever, and I don't remember what we're doing. These creatures that kinda look like big, stocky, capybara-ish people walk over. I don't know their intent, but one of them comes towards me with open arms. The people I'm with say I shouldn't interact with them, but I'm curious and hopeful. However, it turns out the "open arms" gesture led to picking me up over their shoulder and carrying me off. I call for help and my friends begrudgingly save me.

      Aaaand THAT'S the SHORT version!

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      non-lucid , memorable
    11. A Very Eventful Nap. Mostly Stressful.

      by , 02-19-2015 at 01:03 AM
      (I become lucid in the 10th paragraph, not counting this one. I guess I should start doing that color-coding thing.)

      It's the 1960's and I'm part of the civil right's movement. There's a rivalry between me and woman who's got the stereotypical tan safari clothes on, and keeps trying to kill me, treating me as if I'm a rare animal to become a trophy. I keep encountering her, fighting her, and narrowly getting away, until one night, it's me and a whole bunch of other people in the civil rights movement (I think it might have been some kind of gathering or meeting) in a room, and the safari lady comes in and shuts the door, trapping us and herself. There's so many of us that we overpower her quickly, and we gravely consider killing her, because that's the only way we think she'll stop trying to kill us (I didn't even remember the police existed at this point - though I honestly don't know how much the police would have done for civil rights activists in the 60's). While we're holding her down, she smiles/grimaces at us, saying that we've won, and we should kill her, because otherwise, she won't stop until we're all dead. Three of us are holding her down and another one hits her hard on the temple, killing her. I'm basically weeping at this point. There is a long moment of solemnity and sadness felt by everyone in the room at this point.

      However, everyone slowly brightens, and decides to celebrate instead, because apparently this was a huge step in gaining equal rights. There's partying, and down the hall they're making hamburgers with a bunch of different crazy ingredients. Since I know food often makes me feel better, I go down there and check it out. There's one person standing at the only hamburger-making space available, making hamburgers for the two or three other people in the room. They request hamburgers with nutella, peanut butter, this stuff that is like strawberry-flavored nutella, and more. I pick out a reese's peanut butter cup brand peanut butter (which is sweeter than regular peanut butter) and some chocolate spread of the same brand. However, I can't really get the chef's attention, and I feel ignored and unwanted (feelings I struggle with in real life.) I trudge back to the party room and sit behind the couch. I sit there because I want to kind of "hide" behind the couch, you know? That's where I want to be while I sulk and feel bad about myself. However, I find that the floor is too uncomfortable. I get up and lie down at the edge of the couch with one leg up over the corner of the back of the couch. I'm not really upside-down, but I am in an awkward position. I fall asleep.

      In my dream-within-a-dream, I'm hanging out with Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. I don't really remember much, except that I can stretch (but not expand) like Jake, and whenever I consume certain items, I get bigger. My plan is to eat a whole bunch of these items, getting really big, and then squashing myself back to normal size. This way, I can "expand" like Jake whenever I want to (being limited by how big I can get myself from eating things). I'm having trouble finding anything I can actually eat. Finn comes over to say something to me, but right at that moment, I'm looking at a menu that projects from my forehead (like Pearl in Stephen Universe) and I see a button that says "descend from above" or something like that. I say, "hmm, what's this do?" and I press it before Finn can say anything. Objects start falling fast from the sky in blue streaks. I say, "oh, well, that makes sense." But they're hitting and hurting people (nothing serious), so I feel bad about it. I go to collect one, and it turns out that I can consume these (I don't say "eat" 'cause it wasn't really the same thing)! I pick up as many as I can, but it isn't much, and very soon the shower ends and the remaining grounded objects disappear. I have one more use left on the button, so I use it again.

      But this time, to collect them all and protect the people who got hurt by them last time, I stretch myself thin over the whole area, catching every single falling-star-thing. I'm satisfied. Finn comes next to me, and we're standing on a hill, alone, watching as the rest of my body catches the falling stars. Finn says, gently, "Hey man.. are you ok?"

      And I say just as gently, "Yeah.... Yeah, right now, I think I am."

      Then I wake up from my dream-within-a-dream back into my regular dream. It's light (when I fell asleep it was dark). I sit up. There are still a few stragglers left from the party, talking, eating their last bits of hamburger, and getting ready to leave. I get up and realize that the party was in my living room (though different from my real one save for the window and two couches). When it was dark, I didn't realize just where we were. I walk down a road downhill and I see this crazy-looking roller coaster. A guy who presumably works for whoever owns it enthusiastically comes over to me, tells me how amazing the ride is, then "shows me a video" of it in action. When he "shows me a video", what really happens is that my view is suddenly placed in an empty seat of the ride. As he describes the ride to be in false enthusiasm (the kind you hear in commercials, y'know?) I at first am only watching the view while standing where I was, but eventually, it feels like my body is actually on the ride. It kind of goes like this until I AM on the ride.

      I like roller coasters, but I don't like this one. It went so fast and hard that the weird corkscrews hurt my back, and we went upside down in violent ways that lasted too long that hurt my neck. I tried multiple methods of sitting in that seat, but no matter what, the coaster kept hurting me. Finally, it ended and we all got out. I noticed while on the ride that I seemed to be the only girl on the whole coaster. As we got out, guys were coming up to me and asking who I was, where I had come from, etc. Non-maliciously. They were just curious, since they had all come together and suddenly there was this stranger on the ride. I felt my usual stress and vulnerability as I was crowded by a bunch of older (early 20's) men, and I made my excuses and left. However, one of the guys followed me, because he wanted to talk to me some more. We go into a room and he says something (I don't remember what), and I respond in a male voice. I try to act normal, but inwardly, I'm so happy and relieved. I didn't really know I was in a dream, per se, but I knew enough that what was happening wasn't real in some way. I happily took on my role as a male, stress and fear melting away. It felt very nice to talk to a guy without worrying about the usual stuff.

      So I don't remember how it transitions, but I have this sentient object whose name I think was Sally. Sally can transform into different objects, but she rarely listens to me. I have her with me as I go to the entrance of this really fancy mansion with a closed gate. There is a tiny pond in front, outlined in rocks and surrounded then by a fancy driveway/walkway paved in shiny, smooth, white stone, the irregular shapes fitting together so you could hardly feel the cracks with your fingers. A butler passes by on the other side of the lake, leaving the mansion - I assume after a day's work. He glances into the pond and says, "oh, a turtle," and keeps walking. I, however, look into the pond, and say excitedly, "oh! A turtle!" It's a large (too large for a real one of its species, truthfully) musk turtle, and it's sitting just under the water on the rocks, so I lean over and grab it without getting very wet at all. I set it down on the pavement and look at it, and the butler guy briefly comes over and looks at it to, interested.

      There are some shenanigans with Sally that I don't really remember. She's a serious "person" and doesn't let me use her for much riffraff. At some point, me and I think the guy I met earlier, are at the door of my grandparent's house. We're there to visit my parents and grandparents because it's apparently "the holidays". It's not anything like their real door or house. However, the door has lights on it that spell out something about cutting hair or a barber shop, so I rationalize the differences by figuring that they just took the door from my grandpa's old barbershop and used it as their own. (This doesn't explain the house's differences, though my grandpa really did own a barbershop not long ago). For some reason that I don't remember, I voluntarily have Sally turn into a chain and choke me. I walk away from the door and explain to my friend that I'll be right back, but I obviously don't want my parents to see me while Sally is choking me. When she stops (I don't remember where she goes, but she's with me somehow), I go back to the door and we knock. We're quickly greeted by my grandparents, and we come in.

      The inside is very reminiscent of my other grandparents' home, but smaller. In real life, my other grandparents no longer own that home, but I don't find anything odd about it then. It's very nice and warm and all-around feel-good. I greet my grandparents, and I see my mom sitting on the couch with the dog/cat carrier we have next to her on the couch. I see our old dog running around excitedly on the ground. I greet and hug my mom, and I think about how sad it is to see the dog. I always end up seeing her alive in my dreams, and on special occasions like holidays we'll revive her, but she died a while ago, so it's very sad. I think that that doesn't sound right. I think, how do we revive her on special occasions? Wouldn't the body be quite broken down by now? Then I realize that we don't ever revive her on special occasions. She's really dead for good, and this is therefore a dream. I do a reality check (hold my nose and breathe in) just to make sure, and I'm correct. I stand up and face the wall, about to leave. My parents say something about how I shouldn't go yet because I just got there, and I say something like, "Sorry, no, this is a lucid dream, bye~!". I do a reality check as I'm leaping away through the wall, just to make sure it's a dream and I'm not really ditching my parents.

      It should be noted that when I was visiting them, it was as if I was in my early 20's and living alone, so I really was just "visiting". In reality, I'm in my teens, and I'm still living with them.

      I leap through this grey-white void with light snowfall around me, and I find myself on a city street, empty except for one dog. I don't remember exactly what happens, but the dog is sentient and if I recall correctly, it (he) recognizes me as another dog, and tells me to "come on". Obliging, I get on all fours and run after him. I'm pleased with my ability to do this since it's so hard in my dreams to shape my body into one that can actually run like a dog. I'm not quite perfect at it. My legs are still a little too long and I have to run on the tips of my fingers, and I can't go very fast. My dog friend (who seemed maybe like some kind of husky, iirc) told me to hurry up, and I told him that my legs were too long. Understanding, he and I go up to a building that specializes in plastic surgery for dogs. We go in and I explain that I need my legs shortened, my arms elongated, my fingers shortened, and the "pads" on both my hands and feet to be more pronounced, all so I could run better/feel more like an actual dog. The two workers there (who were also dogs - I don't remember one of the breeds, but one was a female poodle. The one I was talking to was a male - maybe a bulldog? He was kind of stuffy) talked to me about what I needed done, and my friend went ahead and requested some improvements too, but I don't remember what. He asked us our breeds, and my friend said "husky". I had kinda thought before that I felt sort of like a great dane (though I wasn't that big, iirc). So I was going to say that, then I remembered the heart problems great danes have in real life, so I didn't feel comfortable saying that. I thought huskies were cool since they were "closer to wolves", so I said, "half great dane.... half husky." The dog I was talking to seemed to accept that begrudgingly, with a sort of "sure, okay, whatever," air.

      (At some point as we're in there, another dog flies in w/ a helicopter type of contraption attatched to her back (like dogcopter from Steven Universe) and frantically says something about how she (or maybe it was one of her pups) NEEDS an operation NOW. I'm disappointed because I assume that'll take precedent instead of my own problems, but somehow I am still able to be immediately tended to. I think 1-3 of her pups might have flown in with her? I don't really remember much. The poodle that was working there was white-furred, and I think this was a black-furred poodle.)

      We go to downstairs to his desk, which is lit only by a single naked bulb swinging from the middle of the ceiling, and a small desk lamp. The basement is mostly storage, with a small area near the stairs cleared away of boxes to make room for the desk. He sits down and slides over something that's sort of like the ink pads you press stamps into (or now that I think about it, more like those pads you press your keys into to make a copy). It was dark-colored and just wide enough for what he asked us to do. He told us to give him the prints of all four of our paws. My friend did it first, but then it busted our enemy! I think it might have been the safari lady again. My friend fought her as I quickly made the prints for my paws. There was another print that my friend had made that I don't remember him asking for, and I tried a few times to replicate it, but I had a hard time (I think I got it the last time though, thankfully, since I didn't have any more room left the make prints). I then turned to fight her. We were both struggling, but then, the plastic surgeon dogs made their move! They somehow did it remotely. As I was fighting, I felt the skin of my legs pinch together as if they were invisibly marking where they were going to operate, and the same sort of thing happened with my other body parts that needed modified.

      Then, I felt my legs snap-crunch shorter, and my arms elongated in an abrupt fashion. I was getting better at maneuvering and fighting the lady, then. My fingers shortened, my pads got more pronounced. Whatever my friend asked for happened to him to. After that, we went from struggling to dominating, and we kept fighting, pressing our enemy back. It felt very cool. I think when my modifications were complete, I thought triumphantly and half-jokingly, "now.. I am a DOG!"

      Unfortunately, I didn't get to experience much more fun as a dog, because I woke up. However, right before I did, (and I knew I was waking up soon), I remembered about the task of the month. I very quickly grabbed a green rubber toy crocodile from one of the storage boxes and set it down on the ground. I assumed it was sentient, so it was. While it was looking away, I scratched it across the side of its snout, and then as it looked back, I pointed to my friend and said, "He did it!" He looked at me incredulously and said, "What??" I knew it wasn't much, but it would have to do. Then I woke up.

      I felt kind of "fuzzy", and I squinted into the warm, sunshine-colored room, not wanting to get up.

      ...And then I woke up for real, because apparently the first time was a false awakening.

      PS: Bulldogs aren't healthy breeds either, iirc. It's kind of odd to say that here but I feel like I should. At least english bulldogs aren't. I don't know much about the other kinds.

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    12. Stressful Airport Adventure

      by , 02-14-2015 at 03:52 PM
      I'm in an odd, dim, communal hotel room. It's all brown stone, with two or three steps up to the door. I don't remember what, but something causes me to run quickly out wearing a jacket but no pants, leaving behind my backpack filled with all of my stuff. Well, I tried to be quick, but people kept coming in while I wanted to go out. When I finally did get out, a Japanese girl said something to me (in japanese), and I responded without words. She asked me if I could speak Japanese (in japanese), and I pointed at my ear and did a thumbs-up, then pointed at my mouth and did a thumbs-down. I leave them go looking for something frantically, coming out of the stone, outside-looking hall into the interior of an airport, and I tie my jacket around my waist to make my lack of pants a little less noticeable.

      Eventually, I accidentally run right into some kind of restricted area, and the whole airport goes on alert, thinking some dangerous person has broken in. An airport employee finds me, and takes me to the window and tells me about why the airport needed such high security. She begins explaining as my view takes an aerial view, as if I'm watching a documentary. She tells me about all the yellow flowers in the field outside the airport. They are from a place in Europe, and they can be used to make some powerful opioids (they're not poppies, though). She tells me that a specific dangerous criminal wants to steal them and use them to make drugs and sell them. She says the reason they brought these flowers to the airport despite the risks is because they are endangered. There is a large abandoned building in the style of the airport that is out by the field, and she says that if this dangerous criminal comes, he'd hide out there. Unexplained, I am now in the building. I wait with tension to see the criminal who I feel like I know will come into view any second, and I'm waiting to report it to the lady who found me, who is still watching from the airport window, but no one comes.

      Later, I'm coming into the airport in the early morning. Many people are streaming through the doors, and for some reason, I find my cat just inside the entrance. He's in distress, and I have to catch him and hold onto him tight as he squirms and bites me. I think people are looking at me like I'm doing something wrong to this poor stray cat, and it stresses me that people are thinking that, when in reality I'm doing what's best for my own cat. I take him to a round information desk farther into the airport but still in the entrance, situated in the middle of the clean white room, with people flowing past on either side. I explain my cat, the situation with my pants and my backpack, and yesterday's escapades with accidentally ending up in a restricted section. I don't remember what happens after that.

      At some other point, possibly before all of this, I'm at a very large outside gathering. A large number of people are sitting on folding metal chairs, all facing a stage, where a single person is talking. I need to find certain books, and whenever I get close to them, something happens. I don't remember what. I'm not sure if I really knew exactly in the dream, though that wasn't a concern of mine then. The books would either disappear, or something would appear in a book that I had, or something like that. Because they would sometimes disappear, people would usually be resistant with letting me see their book, but I needed to for some reason. Everyone had a single book. I was sneaking around the very back row, trying to sneakily get near people's books behind their backs. It didn't always work all that well. Some people caught me and were pretty miffed. Whatever I was doing, I was having a hard time, and never finished. Sometimes I would find a book and nothing would happen, and it was stressful. Was something not working? Was it not a book I needed? Did I already use that one?

      Some other things are at the edges of my mind, but I can't really remember them. Something about superheroes maybe? I watched a lot of different cartoons yesterday, so it might have something to do with them. Hopefully I will come back and edit when(if) I remember.
    13. Little Bit'a GT on the Beach

      by , 02-14-2015 at 01:23 AM
      It's been a while since this morning and I haven't made an effort to remember, so I don't remember much.

      I do remember that I'm on a beach, and for some reason that is beyond my control, my size fluctuates? Sometimes I'm normal-sized, and sometimes I'm very small. A little boy has found me in my small-state and is being fairly cruel, and I try fruitlessly to get away, fearing death. A little bit later, I'm someone else, and I ask about my tiny friend (previously myself). I am horrified to hear that the boy put them in a jar and threw it out to sea.
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    14. Just a Feeling, Really

      by , 01-27-2015 at 03:53 PM
      I forgot to really recall my dreams during the nap I had earlier, so the only thing that I can remember is that I was trying to do something, and it was stressful. I figured I should go ahead and put down what I have.

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    15. At Least There Were Dragons

      by , 08-01-2014 at 07:28 PM
      Don't remember much.

      I'm in some sort of underground network, mining or digging or something with some other people. I notice a tunnel that goes very far. I wonder who could have made such a tunnel. My friends think I'm looking for the bathroom.

      I'm walking down a street and there's something about a guy telling me that his mom lets him sleep on a filthy mattress or something like that.

      There are these mini gargoyle things everywhere and I'm putting bird wings on them with the object gun from Garry's Mod. I can't get them all because I'm on the move, but all the gargoyles come with me and we fight these dragons that are on the raised walkway of a castle, like the great wall of china.
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