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    March 23, 2018 Non-Lucid

    by , 03-24-2018 at 08:47 AM (284 Views)
    To me, this was a nightmare in disguise.

    The dream was going normally, meaning in my normal dreams I'm traveling to several places. I'm in a vehicle driving on a highway near my hometown going somewhere. It warps and now I'm in a small room which is in an airplane. The idea is my father is working his job. We're in this small airplane room and there's people sitting around the room. My dad has a small badge on his arm and he's showing me how he does his job. He's walking around checking everyone's tickets but he's stumbling around and I'm feeling a little bit sorry for him. My vision zooms out and we're in a small white airplane that's trying to take off. It's bunny hopping around and turning slowly towards different runways. I can hear my dad talking about how the runways aren't clear and the pilot is arguing with him. The pilot stops the takeoff and is frustrated.

    The pilot says in the dream that my dad's arteries are clogged and he can't really see straight. I get this dreadful feeling. The idea is my dad is getting too old to take care of himself to the point where he can't work a job and it feels like now I have to take care of him and financially support him.

    Nightmares are usually of ghosts or monsters but this to me is a very adult nightmare where I'm realizing I have to take care of my parents because they are getting too old to care for themselves. Give me pennywise the dancing clown, this was disturbing.

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    Tags: dad, highway, plane
    non-lucid , nightmare


    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Yep, these "life problem" dreams are always a bummer, aren't they?